What is metabolic fitness?

Introducing the little known prerequisite for achieving physical fitness and long term health.


Article highlights

  • Metabolic fitness refers to cellular mechanisms functioning optimally to efficiently generate energy and power the body without excess deterioration or harmful byproducts.
  • Achieving metabolic fitness requires consistent effort and repetition, like developing any other skill through practice.
  • Everyone can improve their metabolic fitness regardless of where they currently stand.
  • Metabolic fitness levels are not predetermined but describe a dynamic state that can be continually optimized with lifestyle choices.
  • Real-time metabolic feedback from tools like continuous glucose monitoring provides data to make informed daily decisions that improve metabolic health.

Metabolism is the set of cellular mechanisms that produce energy from our food and environment to power every process in the human body.

When these mechanisms are functioning optimally, we are able to generate energy efficiently without deterioration or excessive harmful byproducts. Put simply, this means having energy to live actively while feeling our best, without undue weight gain, aging, and risk of breakdown.

This is Metabolic Fitness.

What to Know

Fit takes practice. Developing metabolic fitness requires effort and repetition. Just like the process of improvement in athletics, martial arts, meditation, or any other practice, consistency is key. With the Levels Program you can now access your biometric data in real-time and the initial results may surprise you. Don’t dwell on where you are, dwell on where you want to be. Then, let Levels help you get there.

We can all improve. Some of us are closer to our metabolic goals than others, but no one is perfectly metabolically fit. The body is a dynamic machine and metabolic optimization is a daily, continual process. Levels is here to help you hone your health and wellness no matter where you stand.

You are in control. Your metabolic fitness level is not a predetermined trait, it’s a description of your current state: constantly in flux and always modifiable. With real time metabolic feedback and insights,  you can make simple, informed decisions each day that can improve the metrics that define your metabolic fitness. Your data is the evidence.