Inside look at Levels

We publish all of our historical Investor Updates and Friday Forum meetings from 12+ months ago to give people an inside look at how we operate.

Levels Investor Updates

Our Investor Updates date back to August 2019, which was the second month of the company’s existence and the first month in which we sent out an Investor Update.

These investor updates are as close to unfiltered as possible — the only information we’ve redacted is information that might be covered by a third party non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which, in practice, only affects a handful of our updates. Most updates have no information redacted.

Levels Friday Forums

Our Friday Forum meetings date back to May 2020, when we started recording our weekly All Hands meetings. They started out small and have continued to grow.

The Friday Forum updates provide a deeper look into the week-by-week changes in the company, from well before the days of product market fit.