The Month in Metabolic Health: November 2022

In this monthly article, we sum up our favorite stories, research, podcasts, and videos—from Levels and elsewhere—across metabolic health.



Four Top Stories on Metabolic Insights:






Three Research Studies That Caught Our Eye

Exposure to outdoor lights at night can significantly increase diabetes risk

tl;dr: A study of nearly 100,000 Chinese adults finds that exposure to artificial outdoor lights at night can disrupt circadian rhythms, impair blood sugar control, and increase the risk of diabetes.

(Study Finds) (Original Study)

The smell of food affects metabolism in fasting mice

tl;dr: Mouse research out of Japan indicates that simply smelling food may trigger beneficial metabolic processes. Researchers found that, when coupled with intermittent fasting, exposure to familiar food odors can improve glycemic control and prevent insulin resistance in obese mice.

(The Scientist) (Original Study)

Skipping meals, fasting and eating meals too closely together may be linked to increased mortality risk

tl;dr: A large study of American adults over 40 links skipping breakfast to increased risk of death from heart disease. The study also finds that fasting and eating meals less than 4.5 hours apart can contribute to mortality risk. This research stands in contrast to studies that link fasting to health benefits, suggesting that meal timing plays a nuanced role in metabolism.

(Neuroscience News) (Original Study)


Four Things to Watch and Listen To

Watch as Dr. Casey Means prepares a frittata-and-pancake brunch that supports stable blood sugar.


Dr. Courtney Peterson discusses time-restricted eating, its effect on metabolic health, a potential role in cancer management, and more.


Dr. Chris Palmer joins Ben Grynol to discuss the connection between metabolic health and mental health—the central theme of Dr. Palmer’s new book, Brain Energy.

Dr. Lauren Kelly-Chew outlines the stakes of metabolic dysfunction, how it affects women, and steps anyone can take to optimize metabolic health.