The Month in Metabolic Health—June 2022


In this monthly article, we’ll sum up our favorite stories, research, podcasts, and videos—from Levels and elsewhere—across metabolic health.


Four Top Stories on Metabolic Insights:






Three Research Studies That Caught Our Eye

Multi-tasking wearable continuously monitors glucose, alcohol, and lactate

tl;dr: Researchers at UC San Diego built an enzymatic microneedle sensor that tracks multiple analytes.

(ScienceDaily) (Original Study)

30-year study links childhood obesity and fitness to midlife cognition

tl;dr: A study that tracked more than 1,200 people since the 1980s found that better performance on physical tests in youth predicted better cognitive health in mid-life, regardless of other factors.

(ScienceDaily) (Original Study)

Only 20% of U.S. adults have optimal heart health

tl;dr: A new study of 23,000 people showed that 80% of people do not meet eight core metrics of cardiovascular health.




Four Things to Watch and Listen To

Why we get sicker and fatter the more we spend on health care


A look back at three years of Levels!


Dom D’Agostino, PhD, on metabolism, keto, protein and health monitoring


Levels Head of Research Dr. Taylor Sittler on biological resilience