The Month in Metabolic Health: December 2022

In this monthly article, we round up our favorite stories, research, podcasts, and videos—from Levels and elsewhere—across metabolic health.



Four Top Stories on Metabolic Insights:






Three Research Studies That Caught Our Eye

Blood glucose at admission could serve as prognostic marker in emergency departments

tl;dr: Analyzing data from over 600,000 hospital visits, Swedish researchers identified a link between glucose levels and how well patients fared. Abnormal blood sugar during admission was associated with an increased risk of death; and high blood sugar more than doubled a patient’s risk of heart disease.

(Endocrinology Network) (Original Study)

Metabolic health disparities driven by financial stress: behavioral adaptation or modification?

tl;dr: People experiencing financial stress are more likely to have poor metabolic health. A new study attributes this connection, in part, to reduced sleep and low physical activity,

Probiotics and prediabetes: Data reveals benefits across a number of common factors – new meta-analysis

tl;dr: A meta-analysis of seven studies suggests that probiotics can improve metabolic health via multiple mechanisms, including: regulating the gut microbiome, reducing insulin resistance, increasing GLP-1 production, and mitigating inflammation.

(Nutra Ingredients – Asia) (Original Study)


Four Things to Watch and Listen To

Azure Grant, PhD explains how sleep affects your appetite, insulin sensitivity, and other aspects of metabolic health.

Dr. Casey Means joins Liz Moody to discuss blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, hormones, and more.

Watch Austin McGuffie and Ben Grynol describe the challenges of raising metabolically-healthy children in a culture saturated with processed food.


Cleveland Clinic researchers discuss why rates of diabetes seem to be higher among people with COVID-19.