A Whole New Level: Intro

Episode introduction

Episode Transcript

Ben Grynol: I’m Ben Grynol part of the early startup team here at levels. We’re building tech that helps people to understand their metabolic health. And this is your front row seat to everything we do. This is A Whole New Level.

Ben Grynol: So as we’ve been building this podcast, we have been taking very much an MVP approach, minimum viable product. The point of doing this podcast was to create a space, create a platform, an opportunity for us to not only connect as a team, but to reach people through a different medium. One that allows for in-depth conversations.

Ben Grynol: One that allows for us to be less polished in approach. One that really paints a picture of who we are as a team, what our ethos are as a company, and how we truly value the community, how we want to connect with the community, that being you, the listeners, people who follow along with Levels and everything happening in real-time.

Ben Grynol: And so this is a bit of a trailer or a primer if you want to call it, we have some backstory on Levels, how it came to be. We’ve got some context for a few of the team members. But where this is going is that we want to tell the story of Levels in real-time, we’ve got some history and we need to get to present day.

Ben Grynol: So we’re going to go back and tell the founding story of Levels for a few episodes. We’ll meet more of the team, introduce these characters and what you’re going to hear as we move forward is very much an ensemble cast where the common thread to this podcast is that there is no thread. There’ll be team members that are introduced and sometimes come on the podcast to be the host of the show.

Ben Grynol: There’ll be times where new team members join Levels and we’ll hear about their backstory, their path to Levels and what excites them about the future of what we’re doing. And occasionally we might even have debates with thought leaders. We might even have one-on-one interviews with these subject matter experts to learn more about every corner of the world.

Ben Grynol: We’ll talk about everything from metabolic health, to being a remote company, to even just talking about important things that matter to us, both in the world that are happening and things that are interesting. And so, the common thread is that everything’s part of this story, this journey, the process of building this company in real-time.

Ben Grynol: And with you, you being the listeners that are following along with the story and supporting Levels, educating yourself about metabolic health and even being a part of the community, you are as much a part of this journey as our team is. So truly, truly thank you for being along on this ride, in the words of the great Ira Glass, stay with us.