October 9, 2020

Friday Forum is an All Hands meeting for the Levels team, where they discuss their progress and traction each week.


Josh Clemente (00:02):

Okay. Well, welcome to October 16th 2020. Got a lot of great people on the call today. I’m very excited for this one. We have some special guests. I’m going to kick right into that and start off by welcoming Alex Cunningham. Alex is a good friend and also one of the earliest supporters of Levels. He’s an ambassador, meaning we’ve kept him very tightly in the group. He’s been watching all the Friday Forums. He shares links with us and vice versa, and he’s a super, super successful marketing and sponsorships affiliations aficionado. We’ve learned a lot from him. I’m going to turn it over to him to say a few words, but just excited to have you on the call, and thanks for taking the time.

Alex Cunningham (00:46):

Yeah, rock on. Seriously honored to be on the Friday Forum. Yeah. My background is just business and chemical engineering. Then aged 21 to 23 realized really didn’t like chemical engineering, and I also hit a major health bottom at 23. Drug abuse is a big part of my story. Finally was able to get clean and sober at 23. Then things really changed for me where it was like, all of a sudden, I just wanted to start taking care of myself and my body and stuff like that. The way I learned to own my health was all through influencers and companies. So I’m very grateful to them because where else would people learn it? It’s certainly not from the government or the American Heart Association or anything like that. Of course, like with Dom’s podcast and just read folks’ books and blogs and stuff like that, and that’s how it happened. So now I take care of affiliate wholesale and sponsorships for Perfect Keto and Equip. Honestly, a dream job for me because I feel like I get to be on that influencer/company intersection, and that’s the path that I took too.

Alex Cunningham (02:01):

Current interest is learning about how Bitcoin works. I thought it’d be like a couple of week process, but it’s been years. But it just gets me really stoked because I feel like having a sound monetary system is possibly extremely important towards having a sound food system. You know what I mean? Just creating proper incentives and the ability to save. Then also with healthcare, the ability to issue micro rewards. I think it could be really sweet to help people be more compliant with good health practices, especially something like your blood sugar and stuff like that. But Levels has been huge for me. I’m a massive fan. They used to call me Alex Cunningyam because I used to literally bring sweet potatoes to the office, and that was my go-to source of clean carbs. Levels exposed that to me. It literally rockets me more than anything else, even if I pair it with some fat. So now I’m very low on the sweet potatoes, and if I hadn’t of seen that, I probably would have just been crushing sweet potatoes for 50 years and crushing my blood sugar.

Alex Cunningham (03:12):

I also loved learning that just adding five to 10 grams of fat totally changes a meal for me in a good way. I learned that cassava flour tortillas are A-okay. So I start my day with breakfast tacos now. Then this is my third month getting to use Levels, and I swear, I eat very similarly, and I feel like the difference is just having a lot of sunlight and maybe it being warmer months, able to tolerate my normal routine way better. Also, just like, I’m just thrilled about Levels because I feel like the enthusiasm comes through the product. It feels like the product is alive, and I feel like that comes from everybody sitting on this call today. So, yeah, just grateful to be a small part of it. So, thank you.

Josh Clemente (04:01):

Awesome to have you. Thanks for chiming in and joining us this week. We’ll have to do this more often. You should definitely loop up with David on that Bitcoin stuff. He’s the oracle of Bitcoin in my world.

Alex Cunningham (04:12):


David Flinner (04:13):

Yeah, a lot to discuss.

Josh Clemente (04:14):

Yeah. Well, I’m going to introduce Dr. Hull for us.

Dr. Allison Hull (04:18):

Yeah. Hi. Thanks to Dom for connecting me with everyone here at Levels. My passion is prevention. I’m actually dual board certified pediatrician and adult internist. So I get the opportunity to work with all ages. The goal of mine is prevention of disease. Unfortunately, in my 15, 30 minute encounter with patients, despite as much as I try to encourage, inspire and educate, that’s not enough time for people to walk away and truly develop behavior change and, of course, the epidemic of obesity, diabetes and everything that comes along with it. So I developed this program and I’ve been doing it for about two and a half years, and we’ve had tremendous success in improving metabolic health.

Dr. Allison Hull (05:03):

A key component of my passion really is behavior change because that’s the secret sauce that we really need to ignite in people. That’s what I love about the Levels product, and when I’m actually going to get to use it myself here shortly, is another tool to really promote that positive behavior change. That that’s, if we can make that happen, then that’s how we really make progress in helping people live well, live long and just improve their quality of their life and wellbeing. So I’m excited to see how Levels takes my program to the next level, I guess no pun intended there, because what I created has already been very effective, but I think having this device and having that real time immediate feedback is really going to fine-tune the process for individuals. At the end of the day, I don’t care who does it. I just want people to live better. So if I can help you guys be successful, I’m here to make that happen. That’s about it.

Josh Clemente (06:03):


Casey Means (06:05):

We are so excited to have you on the call, Dr. Hull. I feel like I have to share your fun fact because it is so awesome. So Dr. Hull in residency, when she was doing a dual residency of pediatrics and internal medicine, most people just do one of those two, she wanted to run a marathon and told her supervising attending physician. He, of course, thought she was crazy because residency is super, super busy, and told her this would never happen, which totally fired her up. She ended up qualifying that year, ran the Disney Marathon and qualified and then ran the Boston Marathon that year, and thought about her attending at every mile marker. So I just feel like we are so lucky to have you working with us-

Dr. Allison Hull (06:48):

Oh, thank you.

Casey Means (06:49):

… and that type of fire is just really emblematic of the Levels team. So it’s super amazing accomplishment, and I love that. Love that fun fact.

Dr. Allison Hull (06:58):

Thank you. I appreciate that. Yeah. Just tell me I can’t do something and I’ll make it happen.

Josh Clemente (07:04):

Awesome. Yeah. Very exciting progress on the research stuff. I personally can’t wait to see how this program goes and to be a part of it from a Levels perspective. So, looking forward to it. Okay. Jumping into the achievements for the week. Just to highlight right of the bat, we also had Cohort Four of our Weight Loss Challenge go from undersubscribed to oversubscribed in about two hours. For those of you that don’t know the Weight Loss Challenge, this is something that Justin Mares, who, he’s the founder of Perfect Keto, Kettle & Fire, he thought of this idea where we basically get people who are trying to lose weight to use the Levels program, keep their blood sugar within a range, and for every day that they do so they earn back a small portion of a bet that they put up. So basically, there’s a $850 wager, and then you earn back $25 per day if you stay in range.

Josh Clemente (07:58):

So this has been quite successful. We’ve had average weight loss of about 9.8 pounds across the past three cohorts. Last cohort we experimented with a different community where we used Circle community app. Prior to that we had used WhatsApp, which was very vibrant. So this cohort we sent out a note to our current wait list for those people who had indicated an interest in weight loss, and we very quickly, I think, we got about 100 sign ups, which was crazy. So we oversubscribed Cohort Four and spilled into the next month’s cohort.

Josh Clemente (08:32):

Super awesome. It shows a lot of intent from our wait list and also a lot of people who are really keying into the social chatter they’re seeing about these challenges and the successes. So this’ll be a fun one. We’re returning to pure weight loss interest. Previously, we had a few people who were in there just for ketogenic interest. They just wanted to monitor CGM and maybe trim off a few pounds. But this one is going to be for people who otherwise would likely be going to a diet program of some kind. I will also be pulling back the WhatsApp chat, which will be great.

Josh Clemente (09:02):

I want to highlight for ops. So we’ve had, you can see the chart on the right there, the daily active users. That is going up and to the right very quickly. We’ve pushed out, I think, double the orders in the past two weeks that we have in any prior week. Currently, ops is holding the line with amazing happiness scores. So the way that they’re handling tickets and keeping people moving through the process has been amazing. We’ve got a 94% happiness rating. Nobody has rated us poorly. So this is just a really huge accomplishment. Thanks to everyone, Laurie, Mercy, Mike, Braden, Miz, obviously, for just keeping this stuff moving and dealing with the tidal wave. It’s really cool to test our systems. Some things are going to fall through, but this is how we learn.

Josh Clemente (09:46):

We made some changes to the in-app chat process. So we swapped out the old SMS, well, this is internal right now, but the old SMS approach, and now we have an in-app Help Scout integration. So Help Scout is the system we’re using for ops and customer success. So now the FAQ are available and there’s chat integration right in the app. This is also on the Getting Started page, the levelshealth/start. So this’ll be a nice improvement. It should help consolidate communications and remove the additional burden of SMS. So this’ll be another experiment we’re going to be rolling out quickly to the entire user base.

Josh Clemente (10:24):

Internally, we also have released sleep syncing from Apple Health and Google Fit. So previously, we only had heart rate monitor or heart rate syncing. So now we can pull in sleep data, and this is like just a huge step change once again. So as we continue to improve the exercise and activity integrations with the wearables that you might have beyond Levels, like WHOOP or Garmin watches, we can now also pull in sleep stages and also identify things like wake up times and bedtimes, and so identify for people how short nights of sleep versus longer nights of sleep affect their metabolic control or what the dawn effect might be for them and how they might be able to reorganize their schedules accordingly. So really stoked for that.

Josh Clemente (11:04):

We’ve got a Pro Dashboard up and running now with the Detroit Redwings coaching staff. So Lisa McDowell is an NHL and Olympic dietician, and she is setting up a dashboard with a lot of Redwings players. They’re going to basically experiment with a closed cohort where Lisa guides them through improving metabolic control. They’re going to use a WhatsApp chat very similar to the Weight Loss Challenge to just see what kind of chatter we can get and see what the competitive environment is, and just learn from this as a cohort of professional athletes who are also trying to stay super fit and improve their nutrition. So this is going to be an interesting experiment as well.

Josh Clemente (11:46):

Then finally, our first Bulletproof podcast ad went live on Tuesday. So this was a good experiment. I think supposedly the numbers on the conversions were quite good, I’ll let Tom speak to the specifics here, but considering it was our first one, and podcast ads typically are a process of experimentation and trial and error. So we had quite a few conversions there, and I think we have several more queued up to launch sometime soon.

Josh Clemente (12:17):

Lastly, the Wearable Challenge, we also got an offer from Zero, the fasting app, which, they’re going to donate Zero Plus, which is a premium feature including a lot of really cool educational content from Dr. Peter Attia and Rhonda Patrick. So we’ll be able to offer this to all the Wearable Challenge participants as a free bonus to being a part of the Wearable Challenge, and it’s going to be really exciting. There’s obviously a few other really interesting things here. We’ve got people from TechCrunch coming into the program this week, wait list broke 40,000. We’ve got folks from the Mets, New York Mets, MLB joining the program, being extremely stoked about it, and had a Instagram Live yesterday with the American volleyball professionals Kim Hildreth and Sarah Schermerhorn, which was pretty fun. Any questions on recent achievements? Cool.

Josh Clemente (13:17):

Jumping into beta trends. So you can see here, this week we pushed out 398 shipment starts and, sorry, I’m covering up my own screen, 404 last week, 398 this week, and brought in close to 200 orders both weeks. So things are moving quite quickly. We’re still accelerating our beta to clear the standby list. So, yeah, we’ve more than doubled our throughput in both of these weeks. We still have a lot of really awesome traction going on the partner codes that are out there, including Kevin Rose. We’ve exceeded $100,000 in revenue from that show alone. Also, The Natural State Podcast is the runner-up. So these product codes are working very well in our favor. The affiliate program that Tom set up is continuing to bring in a lot of traction. We’ve got a few investors on the top of the partner code rankings. But folks like Dom are moving quite quickly up the ranks. I think he’s going to be up here by next week. Sam.

Sam Corcos (14:16):

Yeah. So we’re still in diligence for the fundraise. We have 2.6 in cash. We’re in really good shape. The revenue for October is continuing to increase. Next slide. So somehow last week we set a new record in revenue, and we didn’t have any special promotions or anything. So that wasn’t the Ben Greenfield week, that wasn’t anything. We just seemed to be getting just broad interest on all kinds of channels. It’s really exciting to see that. Next slide.

Thomas Griffin (15:00):

Shout out to Dom real quickly. Dom, you were a big part of that last week, why we set that record. So, thank you.

Sam Corcos (15:06):

Oh, great.

Josh Clemente (15:07):

Oh, yeah. True.

Sam Corcos (15:09):

Yeah. Then we pushed everyone forward. We’re on track to just explode our October revenue goal. So ops is going to be under a lot of pressure. So if you get pinged by Miz or Mike or somebody that needs op support, be empathetic and try to help them out because it’s going to be a big month.

Josh Clemente (15:33):

Yeah. That part is tall. Great work, everyone. Any questions on finance or biz-nav stuff? All right. Megha, you want to take the social media?

Maggie D. (15:47):

Sure. Thanks also to Mercy and Stacey for a lot of this work, just on their behalf. But we’re seeing continued growth on both channels. Instagram, as you remember last week, we talked about having 7,000 followers. We have almost 7,600. So, that’s about 100 new per day. We also have been increasing the velocity of our posting, which has increased engagement. So we had almost 12% increase in post-engagement and 17% engagement on Stories, which is great. We’re seeing tons of people share screenshots and testimonials in the Stories, and that gets a lot of engagement. Tons of people reaching out to us about when it’s going to be available, release date, all that kind of standard stuff. Twitter is a platform I less actively manage, but I think just grows on its own with a lot of conversation from opinion leaders. We also have 6,300 followers on Twitter, largely without doing a whole lot to manage that channel. That’s a really great place for us to continue to be in the center of the conversation about all things wearable tech and health.

Maggie D. (16:58):

Some highlights from both platforms are on the following slides. So on Twitter, we continue to see some really great testimonials and I think comparisons with other wearable tech. That’s really exciting to see that people are kind of thinking about Levels as like the emerging brand in our category of metabolic health, comparing us to WHOOP and Eat Sleep and supplement brands, et cetera. So I think that’s just really interesting. It’s also a great place for people to be sharing testimonials that, I think, drive a lot of authenticity, because a lot of these people are very, very well-respected followers, and we’re seeing tons more people share very detailed experiences of what they’re seeing over their time with Levels and what learnings they’ve had. So, that’s been super great.

Maggie D. (17:52):

Next slide. On Instagram, I think the biggest thing I wanted to highlight is just how many more people are sharing these screenshots to Stories, then oftentimes really commenting on what’s going on. What I’m seeing more of over the past few weeks too is people sharing not just diet insights but insights about what’s happening when they’re stressed, what’s happening when they exercise. Someone shared something the other day about what happened when they saw a scary movie. It was clearly stressful and their glucose levels shot up there. So this has been great. We’re going to be trying to do more to bring this data into the feed and I think just promote this type of behavior from our users, making it easier to put these assets into the feed and the Stories.

Josh Clemente (18:42):

Nice. Yeah. One thing that’s really awesome to see, and I just want to go back in time to the days before we had a complete app, and just watching the progress from people posting screenshots all the way through to today where it’s always Levels features that are posted. People are rally engaging with the app and then sharing it organically. That’s a huge win. Obviously, David’s product roadmap includes a lot of community and social sharing features which are going to even further amplify this effect, which is going to be exciting. Any questions on social stuff this week? Awesome. Thanks, Megha. Tom.

Thomas Griffin (19:21):

All righty. Another really strong week for podcasts. We had two released, four recorded. Actually, Casey’s got two this afternoon sandwiching a one hour onboarding call with our PR company, so God bless Casey this afternoon, and six secured, which is pretty incredible. We’re securing somewhere around five per week and at least 20 a month, which is pretty unheard of. Some cobs in the industry, other podcasting sourcing agencies, aim to secure about three to five a month. So we’re really just killing it on this front. It’s really just a testament to, frankly, our network of investors and advisors and other folks that we’re working with.

Thomas Griffin (20:09):

One I was personally really excited about this week is Big Questions with Cal Fussman. Shout out to Lemonpie who made this introduction for us. Cal is an award-winning American journalist who’s a former writer-at-large, I believe his title was, at Esquire. He’s interviewed pretty much every big name in culture, media, sports, politics, over the last 50 years, including Muhammad Ali, Donald Trump, Jimmy Carter, Kobe Bryant, Tim Farris, Jeff Bezos, the list goes on. So, Josh, you now have something, or you will soon have something in common with all of those faces. Nice work there.

Josh Clemente (20:47):

Pretty wild.

Thomas Griffin (20:50):

All right. Next slide. So I wanted to provide just a quick update on the Barwis partnership. So, as a reminder, Mike Barwis is a very influential individual in the professional sports training and player development space, has a number of companies underneath him. Again, this is primarily a brand partnership. It’s going to help us really tell the story of Levels as a premium product at the highest level professional athletes are using to optimize performance. We’re going to be doing that through a variety of marketing mediums and channels: photos, videos, blogs, social. But Mike is generally an ambassador for us and is helping us on a number of different fronts.

Thomas Griffin (21:34):

As Josh mentioned, we’ve set up a Pro Dashboard with the Redwings, which is pretty cool. It’s about 10, right now, 10 Redwings players, including one of their captains and their head coach, being managed by this dietician who’s a big deal in the Olympic and professional sports world. So, that’s really exciting. I’ll be going down there likely in early December to manage a more professional photo and video shoot, which is going to be really cool. We’ve got blog posts coming. We’re testing their actual physical gym spaces as a potential sales channel. Then we’re getting about 30 right now but accelerating number of pro athletes in one WhatsApp group, which will be athletes from NHL, MLB, UFC all in one group. It might be the Wild West in there. We’ll see how it goes, but hopefully-

Josh Clemente (22:20):

I think this is unprecedented.

Thomas Griffin (22:21):

Yeah, exactly. So, that’s exciting. All right. Next slide. Really strong week for just pushing the Bulletproof partnership forward. Some of this is recap, some of this is new. Dave Asprey is officially coming on board as an investor, an advisor. Our first podcast ad went live on Tuesday. We’ll have a couple of more coming. 11 conversions so far. We didn’t really know what to expect. I checked in with their team. They said typically you don’t really see many, if any, conversions from the first ads. So they said this was actually pretty amazing in two and a half days. So there you go. The Bulletproof Virtual Conference happened this past Saturday. Molly Maloof, one of our medical advisors, did a talk that mentioned Levels, and that drove 20 conversions, which is pretty great as well.

Thomas Griffin (23:10):

We completed a draft for a blog post, a pretty full length blog post on metabolic health. That will go on daveasprey.com, which is exciting. Then Josh has secured for an interview in January. Casey will be doing another interview on Bulletproof Radio a few months later. Then we’ve got a bunch of other social posts and ads and blogs coming up in 2021. So Dave’s going to be a huge partner of ours, and lots more coming on this front.

Josh Clemente (23:36):

Love it. Great update. Any questions on partnerships and/or podcast strategy?

Thomas Griffin (23:43):

Oh, wait. Shout out to Alex Cunningham, who’s on this call, because Alex has been just awesome. When I was first coming on board he introduced us to a ton of key affiliates and influencers in the nutrition space, advised on our affiliate strategy, and has just generally been an awesome partner. So thanks, Alex.

Josh Clemente (24:03):

Plus one.

Alex Cunningham (24:04):

Dude, thank you. It’s awesome to see you all crushing it. I can not believe what I just saw in the last couple of slides.

Josh Clemente (24:11):

Neither can I. This happens every week, though. All right. Casey.

Casey Means (24:16):

Another plus one for Alex Cunningham. Thank you for everything. So I’m just going to do a SEO review, and we’re moving these to monthly now. So this is looking back at September to show our progress, and it was awesome. A lot of graphs that are going up and to the right. So in terms of backlinks, we had 102 new backlinks from unique domains in September. This was up from 69 in August. Our referring domains are just going up in that. Our traffic source continued to increase in terms of organic search. So people who are searching some search term in Google and then end up on our site, the percentage and total of those people is increasing month over month. And just looking from June to now, it’s incredible. Only 12% of people were coming to our site from organic search in June, and now it’s almost 30%. That was a difference between 3,900 people and almost 16,000 people per month. So, that’s pretty exciting that people are finding us that way.

Casey Means (25:20):

Our blog traffic is also increasing. That’s this bottom graph. So we were up 10,000 page views per month since July, and we had a total of 28,800 page views of the blog in September, which is pretty great. We’re doing virtually no marketing for that at all. Next slide. What is driving a lot of this? It’s everything, all the efforts that we’ve talked about in this call. But here’s just some of the content landscape that we had in September. We’re running a pretty awesome content operation between our blog, our interviews, our press and our user generated content. This is just a handful of some of the stuff.

Casey Means (26:06):

Then on top of that we had 15 released podcasts, many of which included landing pages on the hosts’ websites that had backlinks to Levels. Also, in terms of engagement metrics, we continue to be very strong with engagement on the blog. So our blog averages a three minute seven second reading time per post. So people are spending on average three minutes on each page. And for our top performing post by far, which is the Ultimate Guide to Healthy Blood Sugar Ranges, that’s got a five minute 58 second reading time, so people are really reading a lot of it, which is great.

Casey Means (26:44):

Next slide. Oh, we had an awesome SEO milestone this week, and so I just wanted to point this out. So, that was all September stuff. This is just this week. So we had our all-time high by far of active users on the site today, almost 6,000 people in one day. There were two main things that seemed to drive this. One was the newsletter went out, and the second is we got a really, really nice tweet about our blog from Michael Arrington, the editor of TechCrunch, or the founder of TechCrunch. He has about 250,000 followers on Twitter.

Casey Means (27:21):

So just those two things, we saw from just looking from Tuesday to Wednesday, we had 171 inbound visitors on Tuesday from social, and on Wednesday it was 1,500. Then from newsletter or from email, we had 37 people click on our site through a newsletter on the 12th and 700 on the 13th. So these are just like 10 and 20 X increases from the day before from these one-time events. So it just goes to show, really amazing work on the newsletter, Tom. Thank you for driving this forward. I think it’s clearly driving traffic. Then also just how fabulous and amazing our network is that they’re willing to post about us, and it clearly brings people to the site. So love seeing that. I think we’re firing on the right cylinders. Yeah, we’ll keep moving.

Josh Clemente (28:14):

Very cool. Awesome update. Any questions on SEO and content? Yeah. The content slide always shocks me because I remember when Casey and I were deeply involved in every post, and now I see 15 posts I haven’t read yet every week, and it’s just wild how much content’s going out. It’s so awesome. All right. Miz.

Mike Mizrahi (28:40):

Cool. Yeah. Those results are insane, Casey. It’s awesome to see. And worth mentioning, all of that website traffic and all that newsletter traffic then converts into support volume. So we have an opportunity to capture all those people who find a way to reach out to us who get excited. Wednesday was an incredibly high volume day, and it’s our chance to wow them with awesome support, with personalized support, being really fast. So we’re continuing the brand promise once they get in touch on that side, which is really cool to see the whole cycle there.

Mike Mizrahi (29:07):

Three quick updates. Josh touched on Wearable Challenge, which was awesome. Like he mentioned, I’ll just stress that point, Wearable Challenge ran their sign-ups, had some moderate adoption. Then we sent out the newsletter to our wait list interested folks, to a small sample of them, and that converted way beyond expectation. So our wait list is a powder keg, which is cool to know, especially given the numbers that are on there right now. So, that’s the Wearable Challenge bit.

Mike Mizrahi (29:33):

Support.levelshealth.com, this is the public facing side of Help Scout, so help articles to really supplement the customer experience, questions they might have, onboarding information, sensor questions. We want to give self-service opportunities to our customers as much as possible. Then if they need to contact us, we’ll make it really easy and give them answers there. So a few quick tryouts there. Andrew, thanks for implementing the Help Scout Beacon on /start. We’ve officially replaced Zendesk there. So, that was a nice unified experience.

Mike Mizrahi (30:03):

David, on these next two, we’ve got chat in the app now, so thanks everyone who’s pulled that off. It should be in an upcoming release for customers, but it’s in our internal releases now, so you can play around with that and test it. That’s all of our help articles, and you can also submit a conversation directly in the app. So we’re no longer pushing people out to SMS. We’re keeping everything directly in the Levels app there. Finally, we updated links everywhere. Feed cards, insight cards, flash start pages, plenty of videos. So a special thanks to David for catching a bunch of those links. They’re everywhere, and so I’m sure there will be a long tail with a few more.

Mike Mizrahi (30:42):

Then coming up, I mentioned a few of these last week, but continuing to work on a Truepill Physician Network expansion. We’ve got our own physicians today that we partner with, and we want to tap into their network for a lot more coverage across the country and some scale opportunities. We’re going to expand fulfillment with Truepill to one additional facility. We’re currently working out of their Hayward facility. We want to add New York for some East Coast capacity as well as fulfillment for customers on that side of the country for faster shipping times. And we’re rolling out some improvements to /start. You saw those sign-up numbers. You saw those weekly start numbers. We want to make sure that all customers are going through an experience that gets them onboarded, gets them both of the apps. It’s still quite a tricky onboarding process, and so whatever we can do there to help, we will. So a new video coming soon and some updated copy on that page as well is right around the corner.

Mike Mizrahi (31:32):

So Sam mentioned that 398 starts, next slide, Josh, sorry, but that wasn’t taking into account that the week is only partially done. We still have Saturday and Sunday and today to ship out orders. So we’re going to break through that 398 to about 460 outbound orders this week, which is pretty cool.

Josh Clemente (31:51):

That’s neat.

Mike Mizrahi (31:52):

So all this should be starting in the next week. This will relax a little bit. Remember, we fast-forwarded all of our October, November, December fulfillments so we can keep up with promos into the month of October. So we’ll have a little bit of a plateau which will be welcome, so we can work out some kinks. But, yeah, we’re just breaking through that.

Josh Clemente (32:12):

Yeah. Great point. This will stress test systems, and then we’ll have a little bit of an alleviation period where we can go ahead and iterate on stuff. So, that’ll be great. This is a very cool looking chart. All right. Over to Mike for customer success.

Mike DiDonato (32:29):

Josh, can I get a refresh? Nevermind. So October’s going to be a lot of fun. We’ve already started to see some more inbound. Area to focus, kind of unchanged, and you can see that we have some common questions coming in. The positive is that we’re working on many things to help fix this. David’s working on things, and then, as Miz mentioned, we’re going to revisit the copy and on the levels.link/start page. Then also excited for the Ali Spagnola video.

Mike DiDonato (33:12):

Then on the right, I just want to really quickly call out the excitement. Although, we’re seeing some more support inbound, as to be expected with the increased throughput, excitement and engagement remains at all time high. I don’t think there is either a call or an exchange that we had with the user where it’s, “Levels is the future. How can I be helpful? Can I work for you?” Then there’s a couple, really quickly, that I really want to call out. We heard this more. We’re hearing it a lot more, “Just canceled my membership for fitness coaching via Future. In my opinion, I think I’m more receptive to seeing CGM reads than getting pep talks to remind me to work out.” I think we’ve heard this before, people firing their nutritionists. It’s pretty awesome.

Mike DiDonato (34:02):

Then the last one, I have to read it out loud. I’ll give context. I was on the phone with this individual and they had stopped at a rest stop, and he says, “Do I want to grab Gummy Bears and Snickers? Hell, yes. But I know in the short-term I will see immediate feedback on this decision thanks to Levels, and long-term it will hurt my goals. A CGM is a CGM, but the way the app is developed, there’s a ton of power. UI is beautiful, everything makes a lot of sense.” This is from a physician and a fitness enthusiast. Shout out to the entire team, David engineering the UI.

Mike DiDonato (34:35):

Oh, and then just finally, I don’t know if it’s clear, so notes and references for these kind of the shout outs can be found on the User Feedback Slack channel and also in the meeting notes on Notion. We’re adding some more structure to these calls so that we can get better detailed feedback. Also, as we increase throughput, I’m not going to be able to take all the calls. So we’re trying to make it easy for someone else to also help out here.

Josh Clemente (35:07):

Great. Yeah, that’s a pretty powerful sort of testimonials there. Love hearing the app itself and its connection to behavior change. The UI is one thing, but it doesn’t matter if it’s a beautiful UI unless it’s actually introducing better behaviors, and that seems to be the case here. So, very cool. Any questions on customer success this week? All right. Mike, thanks for continuing to crush through those. I know I’ve seen some of your days, some of your calendar days, and they’re stacked, we’ll say that. David.

David Flinner (35:41):

Feedback calls are really helpful, though, and they’ve been getting better and better, so lots of actionable insights in them to help drive the product direction. Speaking of which, that’s the event detection, which is going live later today internally, which is been something that was a huge rock removing last quarter. I’m very excited for us all to try it out. We also pushed out sleep import, as Josh mentioned earlier, so that’s going to set the stage for some really cool stuff we can do providing context around other factors in your life affecting your metabolic fitness.

David Flinner (36:18):

You see a demo of the in-app help that Miz mentioned over there on the right. So you can quickly send a message to the team or explore some of the top articles. It’s just a much more rich experience than we had before. Jhon worked over the last week on some app speed improvements. So if you’re on an android, you’ll notice that it’s loading twice as fast now just to open up the app, which is key towards promoting logging adherence. You’ll also find that it’s pretty snappy on iOS too. I was surprised by the speed improvements that we eked out there.

David Flinner (36:49):

Then something that you won’t see but that the eng team worked on is a new much better infrastructure for running some of our automated tasks. So there’s now a distributed task queue system on the background that’s going to support our efforts to scale and take on more customers and provide more reliable job processing. So some great stuff there all around this week. We’re making great progress still on some of the final edge cases on persisting zones. So another good week.

Josh Clemente (37:18):

Awesome. Any questions on product design eng this week? Awesome. Yeah, there’s a ton more happening on the background, as usual. It’s always hard to concisely state as just bullet points, but thanks, everyone, for continuing to crush it and moving forward quickly. We’re in the individual contribution section. So the way this works, we each spend 10 seconds on something we’re excited about. Always encourage some personal feature to this share. We’ll start off with Casey.

Casey Means (37:49):

Yeah. So my personal thing is that I am going back to Portland this Sunday. I have been in Pennsylvania now for five weeks. It was supposed be a one week trip, but it was so wonderful here and the leaves were so beautiful, we stayed for over a month. So I am excited to get home and see people there. Then professionally, gosh, excited about so many things. Really happy to have Dr. Hull on the call and for all the movement with the research projects and the willingness to try something new and participate in this with us. So thank you so much for being here.

Josh Clemente (38:28):

Yeah. I’m excited to be back on the East Coast. I had an awesome trip out West this past month. I was gone for about three weeks. Drove through the night. I’m a little bit tired right now, but made it back to Virginia. My dad’s 60th birthday is this weekend, and I’m going to meet my nephew, which is going to be exciting. Dom, sorry, Alex, you want to jump in?

Alex Cunningham (38:49):

For sure. Personally, it’s I’m about to move out of my place and then live nomadically for about a year. Then going to settle down in Austin after that, but really stoked about that.

Josh Clemente (38:59):


Alex Cunningham (39:00):

Then professionally, man, it had to be this call. I was looking forward to it for a couple of days, and if it wasn’t this I’d say it’s that Perfect, we came out with a seasonal pumpkin spice bar. So definitely stoked about that.

Josh Clemente (39:12):

Yeah, I have to get a case of those myself. All right. Yeah, thanks again for joining us. Dom.

Dominic D’Agostino (39:22):

I’m quite excited about a lot of things this week. We joined an incubator space for startups, and it has a podcast room. So I’m excited. I’ve got five podcasts next week.

Josh Clemente (39:33):


Dominic D’Agostino (39:33):

And, yeah, I guess just excited about the momentum that Levels has, and seeing all the synergy between different entities as it expands its platform.

Josh Clemente (39:47):

Amazing. Thanks for joining again this week as well. Mercy.

Mercy (39:53):

I’m excited to be back from my trip in Montana. It was absolutely beautiful. If anybody ever has a chance to go, I definitely recommend. Then I’m also going to be meeting my nephew this weekend, and my dad’s 60th birthday. So, it’s exciting, yeah, for me.

Josh Clemente (40:10):

Nice. Jhon.

Jhon Cruz (40:14):

Yeah. There are some interesting features and bug fixes that we will be pushing to customers in the next release. We have made good progress in the last few days and a lot of this makes the app and platform more robust and stable. So that’s something I’m excited about. We also have a new build system for the mobile application. Kudos to Josh [Mudave 00:40:38] for setting that up in a beautiful way. That means that instead of waiting 90 minutes for a build to complete, we just wait 20 or 30 minutes, and that’s especially great for testing.

Josh Clemente (40:55):

Awesome. Laurie.

Laurie Morrison (40:58):

Friday’s always exciting. I get to hear things that I don’t know about during the week. Honestly, I just kind of float through the next few hours. It’s very exciting to hear from every one of you. And I see more people here at one time than I do at home, so that’s always exciting. Personally, we’re still trying to conquer our yard. I’ve got a 12 by 18 foot fish pond that my husband dug for me, and he poured 2,000 pounds of concrete on his own. It’s just beautiful. It’s also wild, so we’re going to get in there and clean. I’m excited for the result. The actual cleaning process-

Josh Clemente (41:42):

Process not so much.

Laurie Morrison (41:44):

… is, yeah, it’s something. But it’s good to tame your yard and your space. So personally, I’m kind of excited about that.

Josh Clemente (41:51):

Well, enjoy the project.

Laurie Morrison (41:53):

Thank you.

Josh Clemente (41:54):


Sam Corcos (41:56):

Yeah. Mine’s going to be kind of boring. I hit inbox zero on my personal and work email for the first time since September 1st, so pretty excited about that.

Josh Clemente (42:06):

That’s a feat. For those of you that don’t know, Sam is ranked in Superhuman, the email clients, I think he’s top three for using snippets. That’s how much volume he’s putting out. So, that’s a super human effect right there. Miz.

Mike Mizrahi (42:21):

Yeah. Thankful for this team. I think it’s awesome to see everyone come together. So, that’s giving me some good energy. Also, the user excitement is hard to not get energized off of. So some of those snippets from Megha, but also, yeah, just generally what we’re seeing come through. Then on the personal side, starting to think about what the fall looks like in terms of travel and COVID and family time and all that kind of stuff. So, excited for the planning process and some good things to look forward to.

Josh Clemente (42:49):

Amazing. Tom.

Thomas Griffin (42:53):

Yeah. So much. I think I’ll keep it quick. I got a glucometer for the first time. So I finally don’t feel like a fraud on all of work, where I pretend like I’ve been pricking my finger and measuring ketones my entire life. I got a ton of different energy and protein bars and sports drinks, and I’m just going to do a ton of testing, unfortunately, over the next week or so. So hopefully, some good screenshots will come of it.

Josh Clemente (43:20):

Nice. Yeah. Tom visited the moon, the lunar orbit with the Clif Bars the other day, so that was fun. Dr. Hull, do you want to share something with us?

Dr. Allison Hull (43:30):

Sure. Personally, I have two boys that are nine and 11, and I get to watch some soccer in this cooling Florida weather, so that’s wonderful. Then, gosh, professionally, I mean, I have so many balls in the air right now. I just submitted for trademarking and copywriting for my program. I officially got my LLC yesterday. I have been functioning under my company that I work for as a physician, and I got the rights to take all of the intellectual property. So, that’s fantastic. Then I’m just so excited about the opportunity to connect with you guys and with Dom, and really for the perspective of creating research that will prove to the medical community that we shouldn’t be eating a gazillion pieces of bread every day and the benefits from a low carbohydrate diet, ketogenic diet. So I’m really excited about the opportunity to help pave the way to lead others to the real way to achieve medical health and wellbeing. And I’m just grateful to be a part of this forum today.

Josh Clemente (44:37):

Awesome. Thank you. Evan. Oh, there you go.

Evan (44:39):

Yeah. I’m excited about, I just got my ballot a couple of days ago to vote for this upcoming election that’s happening, and I’m doing my patriotic duty as a Californian of making a policy decision about dialysis clinics. So I get to learn all about dialysis clinics and make a decision as every two years we do out here.

Sam Corcos (45:00):

Got to love propositions.

Evan (45:02):

I know. Anybody can put something on the ballot if you’ve got a few hundred thousand dollars. It’s amazing.

Josh Clemente (45:08):

Wild. Megha, I think the text is white on yours, for some reason. It’s fading out. So-

Maggie D. (45:17):

Oh, no worries.

Josh Clemente (45:18):

… it says Megha there, though.

Maggie D. (45:19):

I thought I had a hall pass.

Josh Clemente (45:21):

Nope. No hall passes.

Maggie D. (45:25):

So much professionally. I think it’s been really exciting to see all the partnerships come to life and to be, I think, just at the forefront of how a lot of health and wellness experts are thinking about the next phase of nutrition. I’m really excited too, I think there’s a lot of opportunity to expand beyond the traditional hypo or very focused keto audience, and I feel like we’re kind of at that precipice of expanding the value proposition. I’m also super excited to see Tom’s experiments. I think it’ll just be really fun and funny, and there’s an opportunity to promote those on social.

Maggie D. (46:11):

Personally, I’m at home right now in Chicago visiting my parents, and I think them seeing, or at least my mom, who’s a type 2 diabetic, seeing the ways that I’ve been changing my diet and thinking about how a typical Indian diet can be extremely bad for insulin resistance I think is slowly starting to change their mindset. So I’m just really personally invested in helping them change and live a better life.

Josh Clemente (46:42):

Awesome. Mike.

Mike DiDonato (46:47):

Yeah. As always, grateful for a lot. Alex, if you’re on the call, I’ll say I’m grateful for the new Perfect Keto flavors. I just ordered six boxes and I think they’re out for delivery. So, I’m so excited about that. Then definitely big highlights would definitely have to be the customer engagement. It continues to be pretty amazing to hear these things.

Josh Clemente (47:12):

Nice. Awesome. Thanks for joining. Thanks for staying a little bit long. In particular, Dr. Hull, Alex, thank you for setting aside time today. Dom, always appreciate having you on the Friday Forum. Everybody have a great rest of your afternoon and a wonderful weekend. We’ll talk soon.