October 30, 2020

Friday Forum is an All Hands meeting for the Levels team, where they discuss their progress and traction each week.


Josh Clemente (00:00):

All right. Looks like we got a good number here so we can kick off. Man Dom is like five weeks for five or four weeks for four losing track. This is awesome. Okay. So kicking off October 30th, 2020. Our last Friday forum of October, somehow we’re about to be in holiday season. And with that, we have an early gift here. The Levels’ seed round has finally closed. So after an extended due diligence period, we’re super excited to announce the whole team that Andreessen Horowitz led our round. And we’ve brought in a total of $12 million that will convert on this round, including all of those names that you see here on the page. And many of whom are legends. And in fact many people who ended up on the cap table aren’t on this slide. And so it’s just, it’s really hard to express the degree to which our network has increased.

Josh Clemente (01:00):

Our signal has been raised and all of this is really due to the incredible dedication and work of everyone on this call right now. So just want to give you all a congratulations and thank you for essentially doing the work necessary to put us on the map and have a BlueChip fund lead our seed round and really bring metabolic health into the mainstream in a meaningful way. This is going to be the resource that we need to continue doing what we’re doing and to yeah. To really achieve our mission. This is a huge milestone. So thank you to everyone and appreciate all the help with the due diligence process. For those of you that had to be involved in that it was quite lengthy and a bit onerous if you ask me in terms of documentation, but we got through it and we will begin the next phase as a company.

Josh Clemente (01:52):

So I threw a quote in here from one of our investors from [Moshe 00:01:56], but basically highlighting that he’s never witnessed the team executed a faster and more efficient pace and that he sees processes and infrastructure that he would expect of a public company in a company that is one year old. And that’s really amazing to hear the pace of progress that I think everyone on this team is pulling off is incredible. But then also the intentionality that goes into it, it really resonates and everyone sees it. So once again, thank you and move on to other recent achievements. So that’s obviously the big one. This has been pulling a lot of resources for many of us, and ultimately it is now a step function improvement in our ability to our runway and our ability to grow our brand and grow our customer base and grow our team.

Josh Clemente (02:44):

So this is a huge one. Our behavior change research calls continue this week with UnitedHealth Group. So we’re continuing to improve. I think our relationship there and also the intellectual sort of, I don’t want to say…we’re expanding the scope of the potential research beyond just physiology and starting to think about behavior change specifically. That’s something that UnitedHealth Group is very interested in, and it’s somewhat challenging to get, I think, consumer products to buy into research like that because it’s a bit more nuanced and we’re very excited about that because that’s what we’re in the business of is behavior change. So really exciting conversations going on there.

Josh Clemente (03:24):

The Wearable Challenge is happening. Speaking of behavior change really great chatter happening in the community thread there. If you were in the WhatsApp group, please follow along. If not, I have a little screenshot here of like seven people basically saying, I want to keep doing levels forever, which tends to be a theme with the Wearable Challenge because they start off, they get three days of experimentation and they’re forced to be very strict. So anyway, it’s a really good learning opportunity for us for the weight loss audience. Casey has received invitations to speak at two large conferences in November, the emids Healthcare Summit and the Biohacking Congress, which is awesome. I think this will be our first speaking engagements for the company, which is huge. Sleep data import, retroactive logging, both released for internal testing, thanks to the eng team and product for getting those moving. Honestly, the event detection retroactive logging has been awesome for me. I’ve used it a few times and I’ll let David speak to more of this.

Josh Clemente (04:18):

And then ops team, Miz has tracking SLAs. So service agreements on our delivery timelines and other metrics on the ops side. These are improving quickly. And I think the continued attention and focus on the metrics is going to be awesome for our relationship with the pharmacy partner and also for our customers. And then the customer success follow through has been awesome as well. So you’ll see in the ops updates Miz sends, just a ton of high praise for the service we’re providing to our customers. So thank you to that whole team and group for continuing to shoulder, quite a bit of a burden, especially with some of the drop balls. We had a few performance covers that went out that were an old design and that’s been causing some problems, but we’re continuing to please customers, even when they have that less than ideal experience with the product. With the raise complete, we’re going to focus on key hires and growth.

Josh Clemente (05:13):

And on this note, I just want to touch on real quick. We do have a continued search going for the head of content. And also I announced last week that Weiss would be joining us as head of growth. He has since had a family situation arise that is complex. And although he wasn’t intending to start until January, he’s not sure he’ll be able to do so at this point. And so we’re going to start putting feelers out for another fit for that role. So things are dynamic. Can’t always predict these types of events, but generally just wanted to let the team know that we, we will probably be turning the radar back on for that one.

Josh Clemente (05:55):

Let’s see what else we have here. We had a huge month for the wait list with over 8,000 sign-ups in October, which is kind of hard to believe because we were below 10,000 signups until May of this year. So that’s amazing. And I just also wanted to highlight that we have some really cool investors. So Mark Randolph, who’s a co-founder of Netflix, gave us some high praise here on the pace of progress and the scope of the challenge that we’re picking off. So it’s just really exciting to be in league with folks like that. Any questions on these achievements and, or the fundraising?

Mike Mizrahi (06:34):

Quick question, Josh, verify what is the fundraising announcement look like? And should we expect anything around that?

Josh Clemente (06:41):

Yes. Good question. So the fundraising announcement, I believe goes out on November 10th. Jack Taylor is currently preparing that. So we should keep this kind of low signal right now. Don’t share publicly just yet that that press announcement is going to be going out to a couple of publications and we will then boost the signal at that point. At Tom do you have any other details on that or Casey?

Casey Means (07:06):

Nope, that’s absolutely right. We’re going to hold off until after the election to announce and give us the most time for sort of intensive outreach and getting the best quotes from our partners and our and investors. And so we’ll just keep it kind of under wraps until then, and then we’ll, we’ll share it widely November 10th.

Tom (07:26):


Josh Clemente (07:28):

Awesome. Also, we had a few really cool athletes joining. So we’ve got a picture here of a Mets pro-baseball player working out in the [inaudible 00:07:37] facility. And then we’ve got Christina Birch. Who’s an MIT PhD and USA cycling athlete. Both of whom are starting to collaborate with us. And Christina, I think, is going to start writing some content for us as well. So that was some cool stuff that happened this week. All right, jumping ahead to weekly Beta Trends. We have continued to see the taper off after our big spike in October. So new orders are down. Shipment starts are down. This is giving us, I think, some breathing room in order to reassess what, what we learned from that spike and then make some improvements. Let’s see, we’ve got still great revenue generation from the top partner codes. We’ll continue to post those. And the next two weeks we’ve got about 115 orders scheduled for outbound.

Sam Corcos (08:24):

Lenny just overtook Toddrahul.

Josh Clemente (08:28):

Good call. I didn’t see that switch. Damn Lenny’s in third now. I’ve also got some fast movement from Nat Eliason as well. He’s coming in right below me. I think he’s going to displace me for next week. Cool. Sam.

Sam Corcos (08:47):

Yeah. So our revenue numbers are still looking really solid and you’ll notice we have a lot more cash now we have about 10.3 million that should give us plenty of runway to get through to where we’re ready to kick into growth phase. Once we have these hardware partnerships. Next slide. Another really strong week in terms of revenue.Not quite another record, but we’re still very much ahead of schedule on where we need to be. So a lot of that’s through Tom and the podcast efforts. So shout out to Tom on that.

Tom (09:27):


Josh Clemente (09:29):

All right. Megan.

Megan (09:32):

Lots of great chatter on social this week. I just wanted to highlight a couple of things on Twitter. We continue to see some great heavy hitters promote us. There’s a really interesting discussion on Twitter this week that I know several level staff members participated in about optimal values. And it’s interesting to see physicians like Howard Luks,that are kind of in the center of the page here, really talk about what does it mean to have optimal glucose values, for healthy individuals and Casey, chiming in and with respect to additional research needed. So it’s great to see kind of this diversity of thought and continued interest in not just like talking about how awesome Levels is, but also like more detailed, scientific discussions. We had someone call out Luis Guillorme, the New York Mets player, and also some great posts, putting levels basically in the same list as a lot of other digital health and fitness trackers.

Megan (10:29):

So lots of great stuff on social. You can go on the next slide on Instagram. Tons of great content every week, but this week seemed to be especially high with respect to unboxing videos. So I included a couple here from some folks you probably already know like [inaudible 00:10:47] The Fittest Doc, who’s been a big proponent. And then this Patrick Frost, which is who’s a really pretty well-known trainer. He has almost 100 thousand followers posting a pretty thorough unboxing video. So yeah, lots of great content.

Megan (11:01):

Thanks also, everyone for sharing your own comparisons and stories. One thing I wanted to note Stacy and I have been working hard this week to get a shoot and video going for this weekend. So we’re going to be shooting multiple Beta testers all over New York really. The weather’s looking really great, so it we’ll be able to uplevel some of our own content on Instagram and then also contribute to a 32nd video that we’ll be using for the announcement on November 10th, about our seed raise. So we’ll definitely be able to share more next Friday once we have some of the selects from the shoot, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up, but that’s on progress

Josh Clemente (11:47):

Awesome. Thanks in advance to all of you for pulling that off. We’ve been really scrappy and successful with the assets that we produce, I think thus far as a company. So thanks to Stacy and team for always leading that charge. Okay. Podcast update.

Thomas Griffin (12:05):

All right. Podcast train keeps humming. Another good week. We had five released. One of those was actually released last week two recorded and two secured. Any that I’m going to call out here, I’ll call out Sam’s because Sam hasn’t done too many, but he was on a pretty large show Mixergy podcast. So check that one out. If you want to mix things up, it’s a wide ranging conversation. They cover car repairs, metabolic health, religion, and spirituality. So if any of those things interest you that show is for you. Next week, Casey is recording two really big shows. So next week is a big week Wellness Mama and Broken Brain. Those will be released probably like three to five weeks later, but good to be tracking on those. And also we’re at like 94 or 95 total shows secured. So hopefully next week I can announce that we have hit 100, which will be a very fun and unique milestone, I think.

Josh Clemente (13:08):

Cuge. Awesome.

Thomas Griffin (13:11):

All right. So just quickly, just a little refresher on some of the key upcoming podcast and affiliate marketing events. There’s nothing really new in here, but there’s a lot happening over the next few months. This is by no means comprehensive. There’ll be a lot of other affiliate blog, YouTube, podcasts action happening, but these are some of the key names that we have all been tracking on. A lot of these dates are still TBD waiting on the partner to confirm. So I will keep everyone posted, including the ops team. Most of these will have what I would call kind of moderate sales volume estimating like 20 to 100 unit sales over the course of three or four weeks with the exception of the January podcasts, which may do a higher volume of sales in the sort of hundreds on par with Kevin Rose. Ben Greenfield is still TBD, but we’ve gotten verbal confirmation that we’ll be locking that in sometime soon.

Josh Clemente (14:14):

Nice. Any questions on podcast partner sales stuff. Cool.

Thomas Griffin (14:20):

And then we covered this at the top was anticipating Miz’s question, but yeah, we’re going to be announcing this formally on November 10th, Jack Taylor, our PR firm is going to really start outreach and earnest today. And then this stuff moves pretty quickly in terms of conversations with journalists, organizing a lot of documentation quotes from key users and investors, and then soon conversations with our founders, all in preparation of hopefully a bunch of great coverage on the 10th. And just a fun reminder that Jack Taylor does Whoop’s PR as well as Hyperice. And both of those companies have had pretty huge announcements over the last couple of weeks. So they seem very well positioned to knock this out of the park, which is exciting.

Josh Clemente (15:06):

Yeah, definitely. All right, Casey.

Casey Means (15:10):

Awesome. So it’s been a big week and as Tom mentioned, we’re recording and booking lots of podcasts and we have some of our biggest coming up next week. So gearing up for that. From a content perspective, we’ve got a few new great blog posts up. I particularly recommend this new article on iHealth and glucose that we’ve been working on with a doctor of optometry Kellen Riccobono. We also have many more posts in the pipeline from guest authors on our advisory board, including Ben Bikman and S.T Shableman quite a few customer testimonials in the pipeline and a lot of great cross posting opportunities, including zero fasting and mentioned in a new book coming out called Mind Control about health and behavior change. And quite a few others.

Casey Means (15:52):

We’ve been invited to speak at some conferences recently. So two conferences coming up in November, I’ll be speaking at Healthcare Summit 2020 next week, and then the Biohacking Congress in on November 20th and still working on a speaker role for Life Itself conference, which is next year. But yeah, quite a few exciting opportunities that are starting to come in. So that’s kind of cool to see that we’re on people’s radar. And at both these conference it’s sort of similar types of companies like Apollo Neuroscience, Keto-Mojo, Leaf Therapeutics, Whoop. So we’re starting to kind of be recognized in that crowd for the speaking roles which is great.

Josh Clemente (16:40):

Yep. Any questions on the content stuff? All right, Miz.

Mike Mizrahi (16:46):

Great. On the upside of Q quick updates some highlights pulled out, like Josh mentioned, we’re starting to track metrics with Truepill, which we haven’t had much visibility into in the past. So simple things like how many orders did we placed? How many orders did you fill? How long did it take? So the one metric that we’re focused on right now with them is turnaround time basically from when we place an order to when they ship it out the door, how much time has passed. We brought that down to about 26 hours in the last week from about 34, which is a small increase, but an increase in the right direction. This should be much, much tighter in the single digit range based on our agreements with them. So we’re working towards that. A big part of that is going to be shifting fulfillment to New York for a large majority of States, which is a bigger facility with more capacity.

Mike Mizrahi (17:34):

So that’s happening over the next few weeks, which should be fulfilling out of New York within three weeks. So some changes happening there to make that happen. As Josh alluded to a few pain points. We had some incorrect performance covers shipping. Still unclear how this has happened because we’re plenty stocked with the right five piece back in covers with the center die cut in the middle. The issue that this leads to is that those old performance covers tend to fall off and with them pull out the sensor. So we’ve had a large increase in sensor replacements over the last few weeks, we had a huge shipment of orders go out and last few weeks and all of those went with the wrong covers. So huge hats off to Mercy, to Brayden to Laurie for keeping up with all those replacements. Painful for customers, painful for us and painful for Truepill so hopefully that’s in the rear view mirror.

Mike Mizrahi (18:23):

And then triple had some network outage issues on Tuesday that basically lost a day of fulfillment. I think they had just some local network connectivity issues in Hayward that were painful. So we’re just working through those pieces. Otherwise some quick updates process updates are in the update that I posted in our ops Slack channel. So you can read in some more detail there, abit of some exciting things there. And then finally our help scout first response time, one of many metrics that we’re keeping an eye on and not one that we’re specifically optimizing for yet, but given that we pulled SMS out of the app from that chat tab and we replaced it with messaging with Help Scout. We want to make sure that we’re being responsive and quick. And the feedback from the last week subjectively from the Seaside and the bottom of each support email, it was a huge theme on just how quick we are.

Mike Mizrahi (19:09):

So you can see some of those call-outs are responding quickly. Very quick response. A response was timely, super fast, received a reply and fixed within 30 minutes. So people are loving our response times. It makes us feel it’s a nice, magical feeling. And so we want to maintain that our average, there is two hours. There’s a long tail of some other contexts that we’re not getting to as quickly, but 45% we’re handling within 15 minutes during business hours, our business hours are 6:00 AM Pacific to about 6:00 PM or I think four, 5:00 PM Pacific. So basically Eastern business hours were incredibly quick and 11% are within 15 to 30 minutes. So well over half of our contexts are being handled within 30 minutes, which is, which is awesome. So we’ll keep that up and, and yeah, perhaps to the, to the team working on that.

Megan (20:01):

Chime in there Miz and give Mercy a big shout out to because she’s been really crushing it on responding to people on social who reply providing really detailed, timely, personal responses. So nice work Mercy.

Mike Mizrahi (20:12):

Beautiful yeah. This is just helps [inaudible 00:20:15] so there’s all the social pieces, Instagram, Twitter, and a lot of wheels in motion on that side too. So thanks Maggie. I said Maggie because [inaudible 00:20:26] Thanks Megan. Perfect.

Megan (20:28):

Sorry. That’s my pen name for my other jobs.

Mike Mizrahi (20:31):

All good.Yeah, that’s it. I’ll leave it there for now.

Josh Clemente (20:36):

Awesome questions on ops. Cool. Great update Mike.

Mike Didonato (20:44):

Yeah. So it was another good week. A few things want to call out really quickly areas of focus quick, shout out to Miz who cleaned up some of the small hanging fruit. I know personally I’ve heard and seen less of the questions about how do I get the app so super helpful. And I know we have some other things planned to make that process more efficient and seamless again, education for sure. I think we all know that this is a big area to focus. You know, how do we bridge this gap without having our customers have the need that Casey has the understanding or without reading hundreds of papers or a bunch of books, like many of us have. Had an interesting conversation with David and I’m excited to see how we can continue to move that forward.

Mike Didonato (21:39):

Common questions, as you can see, we are continuing to see some repetition. The one in particular I do want to call out is as it relates to zones, the one there, you can see all of my meals got grouped into one score yesterday. Did I do something wrong? Is there a way to fix this? I know like longer term, we are working on a way to make this functionality better. And I think David, I’m not sure if he’s going to talk about it, but I didn’t know him and Xinlu were talking about a card to at least call this out for our customers. I think that’ll be a big help so that we can kind of anticipate that need before they even ask. And then finally the excitement, I continue to still be surprised whether I’m on a call or see a SMS text, but it’s pretty awesome.

Mike Didonato (22:29):

The one I want to call out is it’s definitely a game changer to have this big picture. It is amazing that we have these tools to enable people to avoid illnesses and optimize their own life. Personally, it has been very powerful to see how my glycaemic responses affect things beyond nutrition, like mental health. It is amazing what levels is doing for the world at large. It’s pretty awesome to see that that’s really all I have. Oh, really quickly. Just quick reminder as always call notes are available the via meeting notes and no chin, and then also the weekly write-up that I’ll send out later tonight.

Josh Clemente (23:08):

Great questions on weekly feedback and customer success. All right, David.

David Flinner (23:16):

Cool. Could you just do a quick refresh please? Thanks. Ooh. The emojis changed. Fantastic. So yeah, this week, the big push was around getting the release that’ll hopefully go out later today, finished. There is some major bugs that our customers reported. Basically a lot of the food logs were disappearing. Sometimes the glucose line was disappearing. And so John worked a lot this week on chasing down those issues. Actually, I think it was a broader team effort as well. We think we fixed them so that that fix will be going out today to customers. And then along with that, we’ve been testing the event detection for several weeks now and we think we have it at a point where it’s working pretty well. So fingers crossed. We’ll enable that as well. With this release that’s just the backend change to enable this for all customers, but once this bill goes out, we’ll kind of pair it with that mobile launch. So congrats Gabriel for that.

David Flinner (24:11):

A really cool thing that we [inaudible 00:24:17] last week was having a feedback for all the cards. So we’re going to be adding a thumbs up, thumbs down. Is this useful. You can see at the bottom of that card in the middle so that customers can tell us whether they found value in each of these cards. Yeah. And we can do some analytics on that. See what’s working, what’s not. Xinlu, who also did some analysis on cards in general.We’re currently tracking if you clicked through on the button, so we know which ones are being engaged and which ones are not to an extent. And so this will give us more insight onto whether people are getting value in them. So I’m very excited about the direction of getting that feedback and can’t wait to see what happens there.

David Flinner (24:56):

And then we’d launched a few things internally over the last few weeks, and we’re continuing to iterate on them internally. Like the metabolic score tweaks that Evan’s been, been working on in testing with each of you individually, seeing the before and after for these, these score changes, it’s looking really good. I think we’re very close to getting out of the customers and then working with the retroactive, blogging that where you can put your finger back on the graph and add something. That’s something that in the past that wasn’t an event detection. That’s very, very close to shipping as well.

David Flinner (25:30):

And then the persisting zones effort, which is largely backend effort, and there’s been lots of, lots of uncovered bugs. So I take it that its out the door on the backend should be ready for internal testing next week. So that’s the goal that we’re shooting for. That’s going to be a huge win for customers. Once we have this out, it’s going to unlock a whole bunch of different things that we can do to surface. For example, seeing all of your zones in the app, searching across all of them to be faster, to load them.All sorts of good things.

David Flinner (26:02):

And then finally, I want to call out that this is more for me, but I think it’ll also be a huge win for our customers Hao has been working on automating the month end reports. So every day at 4:00 PM, I provide month-end reports to customers currently, and this will be automatically delivered now. And the week four email. So the customer value add for this one is that they’re going to get it right away and that their end of month end up program email, that Level sends them and they’ll be able to just hit a link, download their report right away. And it’s going to be fewer dropped balls on that and a faster turnaround time for them so.

Josh Clemente (26:36):

I think we’re also going to have the survey right before that link. No?

David Flinner (26:40):

Yeah, yeah. So a separate feature, but we’ll launch it together. We’ve also been struggling to get high response rates for our end of Levels survey. And so we’re going to have a gentle nudge where when you hit the link, download your month end report, its going to ask you, hey before you download would you mind just clicking here zero to 10? How likely would you be to recommend Levels to a friend with a skip link as well, if you don’t want to. So hopefully that will increase engagement there.

Josh Clemente (27:09):

All right. Any questions on product design eng this week? Okay.

Sam Corcos (27:14):

I had my first event detection happened where I forgot to log a meal and then it prompted me and then I added it. It was pretty cool. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (27:23):

So awesome.

Sam Corcos (27:24):

Actually one other comment on that. So Stacy independently had an alcohol glucose card when she had red wine and she was super excited about it. She was telling me that, wow, this is amazing. It’s so relevant. I couldn’t believe it. And she didn’t know it, that we were working on it. So if that’s a good omen for other customers I think these timely based cards are really resonating. Actually. That’s what Xinlu’s analysis showed was that the cards that are paired with the events that you just did in time are much, much more highly engaged than the ones that are just programmed based. Like this one comes out always on day four, whether or not you like it. So we’re trying to shift our efforts to making things much more timely and putting the cards in context and when they happen.

Josh Clemente (28:04):

Yeah. I mean I also had an event detection for coffee and it was awesome. I mean, I was like so excited to add that log, which I otherwise would not have gone back and done. So I think this is definitely going to be great for adherence. Cool, great week onto you individual contributions. I want to, I didn’t make a slide for this, but just quickly, we are going to start planning a Q1 2021 assemblage. I’m going to send out a form to try and get availability, but essentially with the holidays coming up with the election with kind of things in the world as they are today, we’re going to go ahead and pump assemblage into a first quarter of next year. And we’re going to be looking to block off a full week. And I obviously will continue to plan and take into account world events. So we don’t yet have the details of the assemblage figured out, but we want to just get availability from everyone. So keep your eyes open for that email. That’ll come likely, but by the beginning of next week, so to kick off Sam for your individual contribution,

Sam Corcos (29:01):

Oh man, there are too many things as always. It’s one of the things that I’m most excited about right now is the something really just in the last few weeks, I’m sure Casey has felt this as well, that we went from trying to get content placed on other people’s blogs to people contacting us, trying to get placement on our blog. And that’s a pretty exciting thing that people are now… Brands that we really admire are looking to work with us and have our blog as a source of their content. So that’s one thing that I’m pretty excited about.

Josh Clemente (29:44):

Nice. Yeah. On the [inaudible 00:29:49] side, I’m just very excited that the funding round has closed and that we can reallocate those attention resources to team growth and key hires and just expanding our capabilities as an organization. And then also just the amount of signal that we’re going to gain from this is really important to note and to capitalize on it’s a big moment for us. And it really tells, I think the world that we’re a serious organization and it doesn’t necessarily require a funding round to, to create that reality, but it definitely accelerates it. So I’m excited to see where this leads and have access to the a16z network and continue to benefit from the awesome network of angels and investors that we have already today. And yeah. Grateful to be on the ride. Dom.

Dominic D’Agostino (30:38):

I’m sorry about that. Yeah. I am excited about a lot of things on the research front this last week, I got a scholarly concentration program at the medical school, so the students are very interested in glycaemic management. So it’ll give me an opportunity to talk about CGM and Levels to the medical students, which I’m pretty excited about. And I’ve been measuring my insulin levels and comparing that to the metabolic score and looking at hemoglobin A1C, insulin and average CGM and every three weeks and getting time, getting relationships for that. So, which I think is important. So I’ve been really focusing on getting inexpensive kits to measure insulin and measuring it all myself, and vetting out this technology to incorporate into the clinical trials in future.

Josh Clemente (31:30):

Very excited about that. Mercy.

Mercy Clemente (31:34):

Professionally. I’m excited because I’ve got now with an influx of either SMS messages or messages via social media or Help scout of people wanting to subscribe for longer. I think that’s a really good sign. It’s exciting to see personally, my younger brother is coming back after being away for four months for training. So it’ll be nice to see him this weekend.

Josh Clemente (31:58):

Nice. Jhon.

Jhon Cruz (32:01):

Excited about the funding run. Of course, I’m also excited about the fixes. We are pushing to customers today. We have been working really hard on them. And personally it’s Halloween and my son is really excited about that. We also celebrate that here in Columbia and I’m happy because he’s went to socialize with other kids and that is kind of a privilege in this time.

Josh Clemente (32:27):

Very nice. I forgot that was today. Enjoy Casey.

Casey Means (32:32):

Sure. So, so much to be excited about. I would say one thing that’s been really stimulating this week is all the discussions around composite metrics and improving metabolic fitness score and day score. There have just been so many great sort of collaborations between the team and our medical advisors about how we can improve it and just make it most useful for our customers, but also as potentially really a novel marker of underlying metabolic health. So just the opportunity there is so exciting. Personally, I’m in New York city this week. And so it’s great to be, to be back in Manhattan and feel the energy of the city.

Josh Clemente (33:10):

Nice. Miz

Mike Mizrahi (33:12):

Yeah. On the work side, we just got a draft in of the new onboarding video for slash start from Allie. So been waiting for that for a while and I think it’ll really, really improve the onboarding process. So excited to get that out the door and get some edits on it on the personal side, doing a nice long bike ride tomorrow for a friend’s birthday. So excited to be just be outdoors for some time and yeah, seeing some people.

Josh Clemente (33:38):

Awesome. Tom

Thomas Griffin (33:42):

Professionally really pumped about the funding announcement and just cautiously optimistic that we’re going to get a ton of value out of our PR firm in the coming weeks and months. So really excited about that. And then personally, I ,like Jhon’s son, I’m really leaning into Halloween this weekend, even though myself and my friends are probably 25 years older than John’s son. So I’m excited about that. We’ve got a few friends here up in Cape Cod. We’re doing a murder mystery party tomorrow and all sorts of Halloween stuff for the whole weekend. So excited about that.

Mike Didonato (34:18):


Josh Clemente (34:19):

Carry the torch, Tom. Don’t let anyone tell you anything but age is a number.

Thomas Griffin (34:23):

That’s exactly right. Josh,

Josh Clemente (34:26):

Stay away from that candy though because we’re watching Evan.

Evan (34:29):

I’m really excited about the changes to the metabolic fitness score or as we’re calling it now, the day score.We started working on it, basically everybody at Levels was a sub-elite athlete. And now that we have a lot more of the general population, it’s really great to revisit this and make something that’s a lot more relevant to more people,

Josh Clemente (34:49):

Definitely Megan.

Megan (34:52):

I’m going to hop on that. I’m very excited about the new metabolic fitness score because many of you know, I’m like probably the worst defender with respect to our team’s averages. But I am happy that I feel like I’ve made some changes that I’ve started to make a difference. Thanks to Levels personally, I’m also really excited about, I guess I’m cautiously excited about an event I’m participating in Sunday, which is like a relay race around Manhattan with my team. And haven’t done like a race type thing with a team in like seven months and professionally super excited about the photo shoot and video shoot we’re working on this weekend. It’s been awesome partnering with Stacy and just getting all the logistics and the sorted out. So we’re trying to do a lot of different content over the next two and a half days. And I think it’s just going to give us so much more to work with in terms of product marketing, brand marketing. And it’s just a really nice jump up and upgrade from, from some of the content We’ve had.

Josh Clemente (35:57):

Very cool looking forward to the outcome there, Mike.

Mike Didonato (36:03):

Yeah. It’s kind of challenging to go at the end because you hear all of these other things and it really confuses me, but I guess I’ll go ahead and piggyback on definitely the a16z and the funding announcement. So pretty huge milestone, which is awesome. Although we have a lot more work to do. And then yeah, I’m excited to get to see David and Stacey and Casey again and meet Megan and Xinlu and some of our early and loyal customers. Wasn’t really sure that that was going to happen in 2020, but it’s kind of cool.Pumped.

Josh Clemente (36:38):

Nice. Well we’re out of time here. So thanks everybody for tuning in. I appreciate everyone’s hard work, not just this week, but every week to get us to this point where we are now funded for the next phase of our progress and appreciate the work to come. So have a great weekend. Thanks for contributing today. Talk soon.