November 6, 2020

Friday Forum is an All Hands meeting for the Levels team, where they discuss their progress and traction each week.


Josh Clemente (00:00):

Cool. All right, kicking off, I want to welcome Matt “Delly” Dellavedova, basketball player, extremely productive startup investor and a dad to a one-year-old. So Delly, you want to say just a few quick words and thanks for joining us by the way.

Matt “Delly” Dellavedova (00:19):

Thanks for having me, Josh. Letting you guys know, I’m an investor in the company and couldn’t be more excited to be involved. From first talking to Sam to testing out the product, talking with Mike, Kevin, Josh on my podcast, watching all of these weekly updates, I think they’re an awesome thing to help investors and people feel connected to the company. And I feel like I know most of you guys from your updates, even though you haven’t met me before and just couldn’t be more excited to be involved in the company that I think already is helping a ton of people, is going to help a lot more people in the future. And I’ve learned more from you guys and the different ways that you run your company than you know. So I just appreciate you being so open and transparent and hoping you can ship to Australia soon so I can get my [inaudible 00:01:20].

Josh Clemente (01:22):

Amazing. I was on Delly’s podcast, which is taking off right now and I got to say, he’s got a blooming career in the podcast space as well. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get on that show again, but for anyone who hasn’t listened, jump in there, check out that episode, check out all the other episodes Delly’s building. And this is probably the most connected guy on our cap table for sure. Awesome work. Thanks for being a part of what we’re doing and thanks for joining today.

Matt “Delly” Dellavedova (01:51):

Thanks Josh. Appreciate it.

Josh Clemente (01:54):

Of course. All right. Second intro, super excited about this one as well. I want to welcome Mike Haney who is taking our Head of Content role and I won’t speak for him. I’ll let him introduce himself, but just suffice to say that I’m very, very excited about where our content platform is going to go. And as an avid reader from childhood of popular science couldn’t be more pleased to have Mike with his background taking us there. So Michael, I’ll hand it over to you.

Mike Haney (02:21):

Thanks, Josh. Great to see everybody I watched last week’s meeting, so I feel like I know the faces and I’ve talked to a number of you through the process, but it’s great to be here and finally to be part of the team. I’m really looking forward to building out the content arm, building on the really amazing start that you guys have had with the content. I mean, it’s already a really authoritative editorially well-produced content arm. And so I think there’s nothing but blue sky opportunity to just keep improving on that. And really just to educate the world about metabolic fitness and why it’s important. And I think there’s no shortage of things to talk about and things to say and people to bring into our sphere. So I’m super thrilled to be joining the team and just excited to get going.

Josh Clemente (03:14):

Very cool. Yeah, I want to highlight a few things here. It’s an obvious fit just given all of your background in digital platforms, in publishing, and then specifically in areas of making science approachable. So I think in that sense, it’s awesome. And then you seem to have a lot of personal interests in the areas of physical fitness and mental fitness. And so it’ll be interesting to see how you personally start to incorporate metabolic fitness. And I think that’s going to be another part of the journey and introducing into the editorial work you do with us, I’m sure. So yeah. Thank you for joining the team. I’m excited to see where things go. Anyone have any questions for Mike besides how spam is not part of his current staple at the Haney household?

Sam Corcos (04:06):

I think now the 25% of our companies is named Mike, we’re going to have to figure out some naming conventions.

Josh Clemente (04:13):

Yeah. We’ll allow Mike to offer us with a few options. And then if that doesn’t work, we’ll just go ahead and select one. All right. Cool. So jumping ahead into the achievements for the week. So this was another stellar one. Obviously, as we just talked about, we closed our Head of Content position. This is something that we’ve been looking for, for months now. We’ve interviewed certainly dozens of candidates and searched hard far and wide through our networks. And this is a really huge pickup. We’re excited obviously to get started on that next phase. We staged our fourth photo shoot in New York city this past week. I say we, but it was Stacy, Megha, Tom, [inaudible 00:04:59]. Mike, thank you for driving up there and being a part, Casey, thank you for being a part, Rodney, shout out, you don’t watch these. I send them to you, but you don’t, but thank you for driving all the way up there.

Overall, all of the assets that we’ve produced across essentially everything including the website have… Well, I won’t say all, but the vast majority have come from these super scrappy photo shoots. And I’m just amazed by the output from this most recent one. We had a real users and supporters, early adopters involved this time and we brought in video and you can see a screenshot in the top left there of the video that’s coming together, but it’s going to be really awesome. And I’m just shocked by how well this came together under short term. So thank you everyone for being involved in that project and pushing it forward so quickly, and so exceptionally well. We’re starting earnest investigations into additional analytes.

So part of this is a feasibility study into some qualitative or semi-quantitative reagent tests. Those are similar to a pregnancy test, or a ketone strip test, but looking at how can we get additional resolution in our models and help people ground themselves in understanding that glucose is not a panacea, and that there are other metrics that matter, and introducing that in an at-home convenient manner? So we’re looking into those additional tests. We also had a great conversation with BioSense, which is the breath acetone monitor that Dom D’Agostino works with. I think David has one, I have one, it’s a very convenient way to get an idea of your ketones without pricking the finger. So talking to them about ketone integration, more to come there, but something to think about, and certainly we will start producing some product concepts around more analytes.

And then we officially secured 100 podcasts. So this is a big milestone. It’s pretty crazy. I don’t remember when we started this push, but it feels like 10 years ago. In fact, it was only a few months ago but we’ve scheduled, recorded, or released 100 episodes so far, which is a massive milestone. I want to shout out to Tom. I want to shout out Casey. Thank you for being the motivating force behind this progress and it’s really getting our message out there and we’re not going to slow down obviously, but it’s cool to see the progress. And then our first month of affiliates is in the books. So we’ve got over 70K in cash generated for our affiliates, which is pretty huge.

And yeah, this is just cool to see such a rapid spin up of this program. I think the way that influencers and affiliates tell their stories to their specific audiences is unique and a crucial part of this product. So we’ll continue there. Thanks Tom, again for pushing that and for all our affiliates who might be listening to this episode for being a part. Two tier one podcast this week, Casey crushed both of those, Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit and Wellness Mama. Although I have not heard the episodes, I’m confident they will be fantastic. So tune in for those. These are huge audiences. This is huge, the fact that we’re knocking out double tier one podcast in a week is something we shouldn’t lose sight of. It’s really impressive. And then in other interesting and very exciting news, we’ve got Ali Spagnola’s first onboarding video draft.

This is still a work in progress, but you can see the screen grab in the middle there, she’s developing a series of videos to help us get our customers onboarded with intuitive video, something that’s quick and easy, you don’t have to read walls of text. So a first step towards a more streamlined, more productized user experience. Couple other highlights here, Casey was invited to teach a course at Stanford… Or not a course, I think just a class, but it’ll be really exciting as a guest lecturer for Casey, I’m sure, to bring this work that she’s been doing here at Levels to her alma mater. And then we’ve got some really great responses to our outreach for the PR release, which is upcoming, obviously, after the election stuff dies down. And you can see two quotes here, one from GQ, one from New York times, just showing the tier of publication that is interested and excited by what we’re doing, which is super cool.

A couple other standouts here, things are going well with Mike Bowers, you can see him up there at the top rocking Levels’ interviews with Protocol, which is a magazine publication, and then Chef Seamus Mullen, who is a James Beard finalist is joining the program. So some exciting stuff this week. And overall I just want to obviously thank everyone for all the work and sorry if I missed anything. All right, jumping ahead. I’m gonna go through this quickly. No major changes on the lead partner codes, Nat Eliason is climbing quickly. He’s gonna knock me off, I’m pretty sure, here in the next few weeks. Weekly beta trends are moving pretty quick. I mean, we’re still at a rate that is significantly higher than we were over the summer, but obviously as we’ve spoken about, things are slowing down from that peak that we saw in October that was deliberate by design.

It’s giving us some opportunity to improve on ops, a few processes, and I’ll let Miz speak to that a bit later. You can see here in the upcoming two weeks what we expect in terms of scheduled orders and yeah, jumped right ahead to financial. Sam.

Sam Corcos (10:11):

Yeah. So we’re doing great. We’ve got 10.4 million in cash. We’re on track to hit our revenue goals for November. And as the last week, we’re set to explode our revenue goal for October, so things are looking up. Next slide. And on the weekly side, this week is a little bit slower than last week, but still on track for hitting our revenue goals for the month. So we’re all set. Cool.

Josh Clemente (10:42):

All right, Megha, you want to take the Twitter?

Megha (10:47):

Sure. Yeah. We had a really interesting week on Twitter. I’m just going to call out a few highlights. Dennis Crowley, the CEO of Foursquare, someone we all, I think know and love and also fellow Manhattan Night, aspirant invite. There’s some really great conversations about pizza and pasta. I think our team was involved with many of those and I think there’s two big insights from that. I think people are very actively having a conversation on Twitter and asking for suggestions and advice and diets swaps. And I think that’s just a great insight for how we build out our communication or our member engagement features and bring theoretically… At some point maybe bring some of that conversation on platform. There was one person who even suggested something that I think David has thought about a lot in terms of a product feature distributed network of metabolic personas and transparent community metrics, thinking about how do we actually leverage the data from our community to add to [inaudible 00:11:47] the customer experience.

There’s also a really interesting thread from Matt Sherman, somebody who Tom has recently made an affiliate where he asked a very simple question, “Does anybody want an invite to Levels?” And for someone who has less than 4,000 followers, he drew over 50 responses, by my count, it could have been more. So just a really interesting kind of case study and experiment on somebody who has very relevant and complimentary audience. And again, just how powerful this notion that’s curiosity is right now. Any questions? I know there’s folks on the team that were involved with this, anything you guys wanted to add?

All right. We can go to Instagram. Instagram as well, there was a lot of… We’re up to over 9,000 followers. Some highlights, Dhru Purohit added a great story. It really spoke about the actual insights that he can get from Levels. Joel Berry, someone who’s in the NBA minor leagues with over 140,000 followers asked to join, some really great posts from Wellness Mama and Phil Chester. And then something else I’ll share, I asked people a question on one of Lauren Sambataro’s post, who’s also one of our beta testers in New York, because she posted something about fasting and there was actually a fair bit of engagement, people submitting questions about fasting that I added here. So I think that could be something that we might consider with respect to content or maybe doing more targeted Q&A session on just because there’s a lot of interest in fasting within the keto community as well as the Silicon Valley investor tech network. So just thought that was interesting because when we post questions, we don’t always get a lot of organic engagement.

Josh Clemente (13:43):

Cool. Any questions on the social stuff this week? Yeah, there’s a lot to do there in terms of, I think incorporating other metabolic control mechanisms like fasting. Zero provided the Zero Plus membership to all of our wearable challenge folks for the cohort four. So yeah, we’re just scraping the surface there. There’s a lot more to do. I’m excited for it. Okay. Over to the photo shoot video update.

Megha (14:13):

Yeah. So super quick, I think Josh, you covered on it, but just wanted to give folks an update. We had a great photo shoot and video shoot last weekend. Huge thanks to Stacy, who really led the charge on a lot of the photography. And we had a videographer join us at literally the 11th hour. I think we signed this contract late Thursday night. We just to give you a sense of what we did, we had 10 models. Most of them were beta testers and Casey and Mike were involved as employees as well. We shot in 15 different locations on Manhattan and Brooklyn, including my apartment, beta testers’ apartments, bridges, waterfronts, rivers, parks, literally all over the place. We shot seven different sports and activities which was really great to get a lot of coverage.

Stacy almost ran out of the ability to take photos because she already had over 3,000 photos as of Monday afternoon and we got over four hours of video footage. This video is going to be used in I think a lot of different ways, but one of the reasons for urgency around that is to help be part of this exciting release. So I wanted to share with you guys, we can share a really initial first edit. We’re probably going to go through a couple rounds of this, but just wanted to give you guys a sense of what this looks like. So let me share my screen with you. [inaudible 00:15:41] and then I can share this quick edit with you. Can you guys all see my screen? All right. Get ready. It might be a little loud. All right, here we go.

Josh Clemente (14:13):


Megha (16:32):

Hopefully that gave you a lot of… Hyped you up for this Friday end of week. I hope you guys are really thrilled to see what you’ve built over the past year is coming together and there are some big pieces of feedback we’re working on. We want to make sure people get the point as to what Levels is and balance food, diet, nutrition shots with activity, because this is very sports-heavy right now. And we’re going to try to add some more really specific images of the app, since that’s a huge value proposition, like the data, the insight, so know that this is a very early first edit, but of course, if you have any feedback, if you want the link to the video, I’m happy to share that as well. We just have a very tight turnaround and timeline to bring this together. But let me know if you have any questions and thank you again for everyone who helped bring this together.

David Flinner (17:24):

Awesome stuff.

Josh Clemente (17:25):

Thanks, Megha. And thank you, Stacy.

David Flinner (17:28):

[inaudible 00:17:28] other surfaces too, like cutting out a few clips of that for the Levels app login page when you first opened it up.

Josh Clemente (17:35):

Yeah. And doing a voiceover one, like the [inaudible 00:17:38] video we’ve got.

David Flinner (17:40):

Huge thanks to Stacy. Really, really heavily involved with all of this. I know she’s on-screen, so I don’t want to speak on her behalf.

Stacy (17:52):

Everyone who joined last weekend was such a joy and the energy was really uplifting and just personally encouraged me. I know not everyone could be there, but from all of the advanced planning and location scouting that Megha did, to Tom having a wonderful contact, it totally was such a joy. And I think Megha and I were a little stressed by this very last minute, large addition to the project. And he just made it so fun. And as you can see, it’s an evolving but beautiful outcome. Our beta testers were amazing. I wish everyone could have been there just to like have that personal connection and get to see things in motion. It was really fun.

Josh Clemente (18:33):

Yeah. We’ll do some meetups surrounding photo shoot opportunities in the future, I think. It’s just cool to see it come together. Thanks everybody. All right. Jumping to podcast update, I think Tom is taking this.

Thomas Griffin (18:45):

Yep. And I will also just say that Tony said that the Levels team was such a joy to work with. So kudos to you guys, again. I actually went to high school with Tony, fun fact, and he’s just the best. All right. Podcast update quickly. Another really big week, so much so that I had to make two columns for this slide instead of one. We released two, recorded seven, secured six. The two really notable ones are Wellness Mama and Broken Brain, as Josh mentioned. Next slide. As Josh also mentioned, we hit a very fun, albeit arbitrary milestone this week, which is 100 podcasts secured, recorded or released.

And this is just super impressive, flat out shocking to a lot of people that I talked to on a weekly basis. I had a call yesterday with a leading podcast marketing agency, and he was explaining to me that at a certain point, even though we’re pursuing interviews, we’ll have to turn to podcast ads if we want to continue to in any way penetrate the podcast space because after you do “maybe 10 or 15 episodes”, that’s about all you’re going to be able to do essentially in terms of interviews.

And I told him that we had secured 100 and that was basically the end of our conversation because he just asked a million follow-up questions about how it was conceivable or possible at all that we could have secured 100 interviews. And so we continue to get that feedback, and this is just really exciting. And I would just say that I report on this, so indirectly, I probably get too much credit for this, but I would say the two mediating variables for why this was possible, one Casey and Josh just have deeply interesting, incredible backgrounds and simultaneously are very personable and relatable. So we’re just super fortunate to have the two of them as spokespeople for the company that doesn’t often or really ever happen. And then number two, I would just say that the network that Levels has built, led largely by Sam’s devotion to network theory, is really second to none. And I often tell people, it’s not a satisfying answer, but that’s largely what has driven our success here. So kudos to the team.

Next slide. Cool. So yeah, really quickly Josh mentioned about our first full month of affiliates are in the book. We did 177 unit sales and little over 70K in revenue. This is the list of affiliates who generated conversions in October in no particular order. Shout out to all of them. We’re not yet optimizing too hard for month over month growth here, we’re really just trying to set up the infrastructure and secure some of the key relationships. So without much effort, this is a really good side of things to come.

Next slide. And then lastly I have gotten some really good feedback so far on initial round of outreach from Jack Taylor. So you’ll see some pretty awesome quotes here from media outlets that you will recognize. So this is just really exciting. I’ll give you all a second to read these quotes. I’ll note that, as Sam mentioned on an email thread this morning, that GQ is actually one of Josh’s nicknames from, I believe, his rugby days. So we’re very excited about the possibility of getting him a feature in GQ. And then lastly we are holding on the press announcement until the week of 11/16. We had initially planned to announce next week, but per the recommendation of our PR agency, we’re going to hold another week and see how the whole disintegration of American democracy, et cetera, takes shape in the coming days.

Josh Clemente (22:45):

Sounds like a plan. Thanks, Tom. Great updates. Any questions on all the stuff we’ve just covered? All right. Jumping into SEO.

Casey Means (22:57):

Awesome. What a killer update. Tom, that was amazing. And yeah, the podcast thing is an exciting milestone and literally none of this would be happening without you. You’re the fire behind the whole operation. So thank you for everything you’re doing on that. It’s amazing. Okay. So just a recap of our SEO metrics for October, we saw some really good progress again this month. And so everything’s continuing to really move, albeit to the right. I would say from this slide, the takeaway is that more people are coming to our site each month and more people are finding us still by organic search. So they’re just searching different search terms in Google and finding our site. So in terms of organic traffic, we’re up to 28% of the people coming to our site from organic traffic. And this is 23,000 visitors in October, that’s up from 15,900 visitors in September.

So not only an increase in the percentage, but an increase in the total. I also want to mention that it’s not included on this slide, but we’re also getting more people from social as well. So the percentage is the same for social, 15% in September and October, but the number jumped by 4,000 people. So those referral links from social and from Twitter, all of that is driving traffic in terms of net number of people. On the top, you can just see a graph, organic search by total number of users from April until October. So we’re getting very little in April and now we’re getting over 20,000 a month. In the middle, we’re just seeing active users. So this is people coming to our site.

Basically, each day now we’re getting two to 3,000 people, new users coming to our site. So that’s pretty exciting. And then just on the very bottom here, you can see in October we had 76,000 total users on the site. 71,000 of those were new users, and just as comparison, looking back at June, it was well less than half of that. So a lot of great traffic with virtually no marketing spend. So this is fantastic. People are interested. Next slide. A few others. What are the key metrics that we’re tracking? Our blog traffic was excellent. We actually had 13,000 more page views in October than we did in September. So we’re up to 41,500 page views on the blog. Again, we’re not really advertising this at all. A lot of this is organic search.

You can see a graph of our blog traffic over time from when we started in about April until now in October. The engagement continues to be really amazing. We have an average of three minutes and 40 seconds on each page on average on our blog. This is actually up from September and our top performing blog posts, which is, “What should your glucose Levels be? Here’s the ultimate guide to help your blood sugar ranges”, that has a nearly seven minute average time on page, which is awesome. And 45,000 total page views since publication. Our average search position is improving. We’re at 12.7 this month from 13.4 in September. We have more backlinks. We’ve gotten from 69 backlinks in August to 102 in September to 147 in October. And just them graphs here on the bottom right, showing that our referring domains and backlinks are increasing over time. So a lot of great stuff there and just a Testament to the whole team, just working to get the message out there, our partnerships, our podcasts, our social, everything. So our blog, it’s very, very exciting to see this and excited to see next month. Any questions?

Sam Corcos (26:46):

I’ve never even heard of a website that as traffic increases, average read time on all the pages increases. I’m not sure what to make of that.

Casey Means (26:57):

I think that some of it is that when we have some of our months, where we had more thought leadership posts, we had quite a few last month, it will drive up the time. These longer posts that are very referenced. We had a couple [inaudible 00:27:09] posts, a ophthalmologist did a really amazing iHealth post. So some of that we’ll get it to go up. And then I think the other thing is that just because of the way the SEO works, people are finding what should your glucose Levels be a lot that that post, which has a very, very disproportionately high average time on page, seven minutes, it’s just getting compounding traffic. So now pretty much if you Google healthy glucose Levels, it’s going to come up. And so I think that’s also driving that number to go up.

Josh Clemente (27:42):

Awesome. Cool. Thank you for putting that together, Casey. It’s always exciting to see the monthly SEO updates. Over to you, Miz.

Michael Mizrahi (27:52):

Great. Yeah, a lot of exciting updates and we have our work cut out for us on ops to keep up with all of the waitlist sign-ups probably coming our way and a ton more users. So gearing up and excited for that. I think it’ll be interesting to see what the inbound is after the press announcement on the consumer side after all those pieces run. So looking forward to see that. A few quick updates, the wearable challenge is ongoing with cohort four, there’s a pretty active WhatsApp chat group which on a daily basis, these 60 or so participants are just chatting about their Levels of experience. And so the kinds of insights that you can get when they’re talking to each other versus talking to us is really fascinating.

Simple things like they’re finding bugs that we hadn’t come across, to just really interesting insights about how they’re reacting to certain foods or perceiving their Levels as they shower and have a ton of effects and all these kinds of things that just the fire hose there is fascinating. So paying a lot of attention to that and it’s going very well and there should be some really good insights coming out of this cohort, which is great. On the Truepill side, I’ve mentioned this, it’s ongoing, we’re moving a pretty significant chunk of our fulfillment to their New York facility. In normal e-commerce, this is probably easier, but given that there’s pharmacy licenses involved and you have to transfer prescriptions and there’s all sorts of complexities that get involved. So we’re about three weeks out from that transition. They’re hiring some additional head count in New York to keep up with that.

And our throughput and turnaround time on orders should be much, much better in New York, given their capacity there. We’re going to keep a handful of orders on the West Coast, out of the Hayward facility for California and some other states, but majority will go out of New York. And so we’re just working through the routing there and some inventory management details. Other than that, we’re continuing to chip away at all of our internal process and automating as many emails that we previously sent manually. So over the course of the last, let’s say, two to three months, we went from manually filling orders, manually sending order approval alerts, manually sending shipping alerts to really building those in pretty programmatically. So hats off to Andrew for all the work there and the ops team for keeping up with all of this.

So more of those changes coming. The other thing we’re turning our attention to now, there’s a lot of customers in stuck states. They’ve paid for Levels, but haven’t finished their consult or their consult is stuck with a physician and they’re getting lost in all these cracks. And so we really want to clean all that up so that people aren’t getting stuck and we know where everyone is through the journey. Next update, the screenshot to the right, we’ve launched in-app chat via Help Scout, which is really cool. So thanks David [inaudible 00:30:27] for the ongoing work there. i[inaudible 00:30:29] with the Help Scout integration and officially fully replaces our SMS through Front, which was out of the app. So we’re pretty snappy there. I hopped in to test it yesterday and someone answered. And so we’ll do our best between Brady, Mercy and myself to man the chat lines during business hours.

So we’re pretty accessible to customers now via email, as well as in-app chat directly from the help tab in the app. We’re still getting some metabolic fitness questions, but we’re really trying to guide the conversation towards the kinds of things that we can support on really around the user experience, shipping orders, payment and just general product feedback questions and finally subscription flow and updates is next in our sights to figure out how to start automating a lot of that. Subscriptions is where the primary order flow was a few months ago. So we’re still very much manually handling prescriptions. And with the increase in customers coming on board, many are interested in prescriptions.

And so I know we focused on the 28 day experience. But the placement of where we offer the subscription is pretty late in the flow. And so if someone does a 28 day experience and then chooses a subscription, they have a gap between when they get their first subscription sensor placement, so moving that up earlier, making sure the communication around it is clear and making sure we can handle payments, cancellations, address changes, all these kinds of things that come with subscriptions that make it a little bit more difficult to manage. Yeah, that’s it for now. Any questions?

Casey Means (31:58):


Josh Clemente (31:58):

Super cool. Sorry, Casey.

Casey Means (32:01):

That was just awesome stuff. Really great update.

Josh Clemente (32:03):

It’s awesome to see this stuff coming together. All right, Mike.

Mike Didonato (32:07):

So yeah, it was another great week for feedback and communication with our customers. At the end of today, we will have fielded more than 30 calls with our customers. A few quick things I do want to call out on the common questions side, especially since Miz just touched on it. To continue, I think we’ve been seeing this for a little while now, I can’t believe that it’s only a 28 day experience. How can I continue? So in addition to working on the process, Miz and I talked on our call and I think it probably makes sense at this point to move it up to the week 2 email, unless anybody else has any questions or pushback, but I think it’s just the easy low-hanging fruit to just change right now.

And then really quickly on the excitement side, another week of super excited customers. One thing I want to call out since Kevin Rose is our number one producer, I think it’s relevant to say that we saw a lot of calls this week and towards the end of last week from people that signed up via Kevin’s podcast and the excitement and satisfaction is super high. In the call notes at the top, I put the sign up partner code. So if you’re interested, please do check those out. And then one quick thing that I do want to read is just one quick quote. It’s pretty cool.

I had to actually trim it down to fit it on the page, “I think Levels is possibly one of the best tools you could equip yourself with to better your health. I wish that every person in my life could have one on their arm to see how the foods they’re eating (the timing of those foods), sleep, stress, fasting, workouts, all are truly affecting their bodies, then be able to make tweaks to optimize their health. I think that it’s very…” sorry. Bad screen. I’m stuck on the slide screen. I can’t finish the quote. Long story short, that person’s is super excited, really gets it, and really just seemed to understand everything that we’re trying to communicate. Super good week.

Josh Clemente (34:24):

Awesome. Thank you, Mike. And thank you for continuing to field wall-to-wall calls every day. I know how exhausting that is. Great. Highly recommend everyone check out the meeting notes on notion. And David.

David Flinner (34:39):

Yeah. So this week we made it easier to log, fully launched event detection, and we’re getting results from that. And we’re seeing a pretty strong percentage of people actually creating logs of [inaudible 00:34:49], detecting anomalies. We launched retroactive logging so you can tap anywhere on the graph. And that’s the picture on the farthest to the left. There’s a little plus icon next to your selected glucose reading so you can easily add another log that way. We made it easier to get help, as we heard from Miz, with the in-app chat, and we fixed some UI friction points. We, also in a more larger way, fix a lot of big bugs that were ongoing due to daylight savings time with the Metabolic Score and disappearing entries. So a lot of progress there. And then we launched the new data-driven cards. Jhon has been diving into some of the data figuring out what might be driving app engagement. And we launched in-cards to help customers get that sensors replaced and to encourage customers to space out their meals so they don’t have one long zone for the entire day, but instead can properly get his own score for each of their individual meals as they might expect.

And then internally we launched persisting zones, so that’s a huge milestone. Congrats Jeremy on that. This is going to be ideally transparent to us as users of the app, but it’s a big backend change. That’s going to free us up for a lot of other interesting things we can do now that we actually have a stored entity for zones. And we’re going to be pushing out some tweaks in the Metabolic Score when Evan is back from a vacation, hopefully early next week. And then in progress how’s it making some great progress on the automatic monthly reports plus a survey integration. So you’ll get an automatic email with your monthly report.

When it’s ready, you can hit that log in with your Levels credentials. You’ll get asked to tackle one question, “How likely are you to refer Levels or to your friends?” You can opt out if you want and then get access to the report online. So big win there. And Jhon started working on a leaderboard concept for Levels. So what we’re trying to do is both do some of the big rocks that we know we have to move for the user experience in the app that fix the big things that we know need fixing like the main journey and the Day Score, but we also want to carve out a lot of time to do some explorations on new concepts that we think there’s something here, but time-box it, see if there’s something in that space. So the first thing we’re trying out with community is this leaderboard concept.

And you can see on the… Here, you’ll see an aspirational mark. It’s not going to look this pixel perfect, but we’re going to have some sort of leaderboard concept in the app for the Levels employees to test out soon. And then we started work on the next version of the Day Score, so the Metabolic Score in the app, trying to think through what ways we can make it more explainable from a data modeling perspective. And also how can we make it more explainable from an end user perspective? And which zones are contributing the most of your scores? That’s an ongoing effort. There’s another aspirational mark in the center here. Probably won’t look exactly like that, but lots of good stuff underway.

Josh Clemente (37:56):

Amazing. What’s that?

Mike Didonato (38:02):

I was saying it’s a lot of things launching this week.

Josh Clemente (38:05):

Exactly. So many projects happening simultaneously. Super excited about persisting zones too. Thanks everybody for the hard work on the back end. All right. Onto the individual contributions. We have a lot of people on the call, so let’s try to stick to about 10 seconds each. And Casey, go ahead and jump in.

Casey Means (38:23):

Yeah, it was an incredible week getting to see people from the Levels team, a lot of being able to be part of the photo shoot last weekend and connect in person. It was also really fun this week, being in New York. I got to meet two of our podcast hosts in person, Lauren from Biohacker Babes, and Louisa Nicola from the Neuro Experience. And it’s just amazing. I’ve never met them in person. We just had the podcast, but it felt like old friends. So, just amazing how these networks are, or just how wonderful and strong people love what we’re doing in our product and it builds great relationships. So yeah, that’s it for me.

Josh Clemente (38:58):

Nice. Hao.

Hao Li (39:00):

Yeah, I’m just excited. The [inaudible 00:39:02] report automation is coming close and a survey. We can finally put something in front of the user and to make sure maybe they can participate. And personally, nothing much. I’m going to do some leaf blowing this weekend because we got so many oak trees around. That’s a disaster. So yeah, that’s for me.

Josh Clemente (39:28):

The fall chores are here. Enjoy. Laurie.

Laurie Morrison (39:32):

I’m really excited about the subscriptions becoming automated. That’s going to be nice. And my husband and I are planning our vacation in December. It looks like we’re going to travel cross-country with our old dog. So that’ll be interesting. But it’ll be a nice time to spend with him and we’re going to see family and end up at Hilton Head. So it’ll be a nice long trip. Really excited.

Josh Clemente (39:59):

Awesome. I used to go to Hilton Head all the time as a kid. It’s a great place.

Laurie Morrison (40:03):

It’s pretty. Thank you.

Josh Clemente (40:04):


Sam Corcos (40:06):

I’m pretty excited about Mike Haney joining the team, honestly. That’s probably the thing I’m most excited about. So there’s a lot of stuff we can do on the content side that I think can add a ton of value. So I’m really excited to take that to the next level.

Josh Clemente (40:26):

I know. Mercy.

Mercy Clemente (40:30):

Not much for me. My younger sister is having a semi-formal, her first dance as a high schooler. So I’m going to help her get ready for that. But other than that, not much.

Josh Clemente (40:41):

All right, Gabriel.

Gabriel (40:43):

For our Levels staff it’s been super exciting, looking at the stats for event detection. Some of those are really actionable, which is great. And then on the personal side, it’s still unseasonably warm and sunny in Chicago. So looking forward to spending some time outdoors this weekend.

Josh Clemente (40:58):

Awesome. Dom, I think I just saw that you’re on this call as well. It’s just great.

Dominic D’Agostino (41:04):

Yeah, I’ve been getting more data in, if you could hear me. And actually correlating Levels score with my hemoglobin A1c. And making changes in the diet and seeing how that affects hemoglobin A1c and Levels Metabolic Score. And I’m seeing some interesting relationships there. So actually working on that data today. And also working on the IRB for the research that we plan to do with Levels.

Josh Clemente (41:32):

Cool. Okay. So excited about that. So, Mike Haney, over to you.

Mike Haney (41:41):

I’m just excited to get started. I’ve been starting a to-do list, which is dozens of items long, before even really talking to anybody about what we have to do. So I love making lists, but I’m excited to get started and start actually checking things off the list. So yeah, just excited to get going.

Josh Clemente (41:59):

Amazing. All right, Miz.

Michael Mizrahi (42:03):

Yeah, I’m grateful for the team and the culture we have going. Nice to see the updates, the selflessness, the collaboration, the teamwork on a bunch of these projects. So really enjoyed that this week, simple but meaningful.

Josh Clemente (42:18):

Love it. For me, I’m a very visual person and so things like these videos just really hype me up a lot. And it’s just… I don’t know what it is that gets me going. So really loved seeing that project come together in such a scrappy fashion and look so professional. And I appreciate all the background work that goes into it. So that’s what I’m looking forward to is just continuing to amplify with hype videos about becoming healthier. Delly.

Matt “Delly” Dellavedova (42:50):

Thanks for having me on the call. It was a little fun. The NBA season is coming back pretty soon, so I’m excited for that and I’m going to be wearing my Levels monitor. So I think I’m getting a little bit of trouble, but it’d be great exposure, like when I wore one, I think, four or five years ago, so hopefully that goes, well and I don’t get into much trouble. And then the second thing is Bitcoin, my wife is sick of me talking about it, but I think it’s worth looking into.

Josh Clemente (43:21):

No press is bad press, just keep that in mind. We’ll take it. Megha.

Megha (43:25):

I’m super grateful for, and I’m excited by the energy we had around the brand and the videos and the photo shoot last weekend. So just really excited to see that come together and also get all of our assets. Stacy did such a great job photographing. So just really excited to put that to work across some of our brand channels.

Josh Clemente (43:49):

Nice. Didonato.

Mike Didonato (43:51):

I was going to start with something else, but since Delly gave that update, I can’t wait to see him bawling in the Levels patch. I can’t. I can’t help but lead with that right now, but I was going to say just grateful to connect with some of our customers this past weekend and see the members of our team and meet Megha and just a quick thank you, shout out to Megha and Stacy. You guys really killed it. And there were some super long days, so I just want to say thank you.

Josh Clemente (44:24):

Yeah. Tom wrap us up.

Mike Didonato (44:27):

Yeah. What a week? Happy Friday, everyone. I’m excited about everything. I can’t pick one. I’m pumped that Mike is joining the team, really excited about that. I’m pumped that Delly joined the call today. That was really cool. What’s up, Delly? Thanks for all the help. The 100 podcast milestone was awesome. The video shoot, like Josh said, just seeing it visually is so exciting and there’s so much more to come on that front. And then to Casey’s point, the community that we’re building is just amazing. Frankly, it makes me bummed out that we’re living in a pandemic right now because I know these relationships would even be further accelerated if we could get together in person, but Louisa Nicola, the podcast host who Casey had dinner with last night texted me after and she was just so pumped to spend time with Casey. And yeah, we’re just building so many amazing, authentic relationships. So can’t wait to see how this all evolves in the coming months and years.

Josh Clemente (45:22):

Yeah. I’m glad you mentioned there at the end getting some in-person time. I’m sending along a form today to start getting the availability for Q1 assemblage. There’s a couple of things we can do to maximize the chances we can get together in person, like COVID testing and advance or things like this. So we’re going to try and optimize around the week that most people have available and we’ll just continue to schedule. So look for that form in your inbox today. And to close out, I know John’s not on the call, but I just wanted to highlight, we’re getting to the point where we have people hitting one year anniversaries. And this week we had two folks, actually, it’s been a little over a week for John. Sorry, John. But just want to highlight these two amazing people who are helping us build Levels and have been since the early days. He has done an unbelievable job, I think, in the app and has really just been a force for us.

And this is a picture of him and his son doing CrossFit in the backyard, which I think is one of his personal passions. And then Laurie, thank you for continuing to just pull us like a freight train through all of the manual processes that we’ve had, all the different systems we’ve jumped around to. It’s just been awesome and you’ve kept things turning for a year now. I can’t believe it’s been that fast, but yeah, I just want to shout these two out and we’ll have more of these coming in over the coming weeks and months. I think Mike Didonato is up next, potentially. So yeah, more every week, potentially. All right, everybody. We don’t have a story of the day. I just wanted to make space for that. Look out for the assemblage form coming through and thank you for an absolutely killer week and to everyone who joined our call today. Delly, thanks for joining, Dom, thanks for joining. Mike Haney, excited to have you starting. Have a great weekend. Talk to you guys later.