June 26, 2020


[00:00:00] Josh Clemente: Okay. Welcome everybody to June 26th. I’m excited for this week for many reasons, but we will get to the specifics. I personally am grateful for a new phase. Personally, I’m going to be moving out of my place in Philadelphia, down to the Jersey Shore for the rest of the summer, and then from there strategizing on the next big move, which will either be still in the Philadelphia region or potentially somewhere like Fort Collins, Colorado. There’s a lot of trails left to be made. Anyway, I’m just looking forward to it. I love this type of exciting change and the Shore has been a huge stress relief outlet for me lately.

So some quick announcements on the Level’s team. Hao Li is joining our engineering team, full stack ski instructor, metabolic enthusiast. He lost a bunch of weight himself by going low carb and he’s a coffee connoisseur so he fits right in with the rest of the team. I super enjoyed my conversation with him, I think everyone did and it’s just a great pickup. I unfortunately don’t have a shot of him, but I stole his sheba picture from his personal website so that’ll have to work for now. And then Tom Griffin, who’s on the call, everyone please give him a shout out. He’s going to be joining us starting next week for a three-month contract, helping out with, basically everything we need to do to grow our business dev and marketing strategies. Tom, I’ll let you say a few words if you’d like, but I’ll intro you by saying you worked at Halo on some really cool brainwave detection stuff. And a very similar and compatible audience to what we’re doing.

[00:01:34] Speaker 1: Yeah, absolutely great to meet everyone. Extremely excited to be here and to be working with all of you. Coming from science in San Francisco, where I was for a couple of years, like Josh said, a lot of overlap. We were taking a technology that was historically available in a medical setting and trying to create a new consumer market from scratch. Put simply, I’ll be working on partnerships in business development with the near term emphasis on podcasts and influencer relationships. And Hao just came in. So he’s here.

[00:02:03] Josh Clemente: Oh, awesome. Hao, I’m sorry, I had to put a picture of your dog up here cause I didn’t have a picture of you, but I was just giving you the intro. If you want to say a few words, I think everyone’s excited to hear that you’re joining us.

compatible audience to what we’re doing.

[00:02:20] Speaker 2: Sure, yeah, good morning. Really excited to join the team and looking forward to talk to everyone soon.

[00:02:28] Josh Clemente: Awesome. Love the background too.

[00:02:30] Speaker 2: Thank you.

[00:02:33] Josh Clemente: Cool. All right, so this week in particular was staggeringly positive from the investment effort, I think. We’ve seen, obviously, a slowdown in the whole equity world in the last few months. And there was this massive type of wave of calls and support, it seems like the last few days. So I just threw up some of the recent ones here, but you can basically see it’s a who’s who of VC and angel investment and all of them have been super positive. We’re going to get many of them into our program. I’m not going to name names, but the point is that there’s just a ton of interest and enthusiasm for what we’ve built thus far and the potential for what we’re building. We also had a really cool call with Molly Maloof. She’s a potential Levels advisor. I think she’d definitely be joining the advisory team and affiliate. She’s got a huge audience and essentially she’s been working in this space, particularly CGM for about 5 years. She teaches at Stanford. She has a very functional practice as an MD, and she’s also been intimately involved in CGM development efforts at multiple companies, including Sano and others that are very relevant to what we’re doing. So the point is, I think that she considers Levels to be the front runner by far and she has had experience with every other company that’s out there. So this is a big coup for her, to see that, have been involved with the others, and then realize that Levels is the organization she wants to partner with. And there’s some content stuff, I think, that’s going to be really awesome as well. She and Casey have awesome synergy and the two of them on IGTV, just talking through their respective practices and approaches to where they are now, they have similar philosophy. Casey’s all plant-based, Molly is not. So they represent a nice spectrum that is also extremely in-phase, in terms of glucose and metabolic control.

So anyway, that’s a big pickup. I spattered in some of these customer feedback and cold messages that we’ve received this week and it’s just awesome. People are begging us to take their money, they’re saying they can’t express how excited they are to see this company happening, that nothing else has ever helped them control their diet and cravings the way that the accountability of Levels has. And also a lot of, just organic notes about how enjoyable our detailed articles are. Anyone who’s been on our blog knows that it’s a slog to get through it. It’s a bit like reading a research paper and that’s deliberate, that’s by design, it’s to establish us as the knowledge leader, owning the mind share of this space. And for people to be spending as much time as they are on our blog, reading our articles, and then sending notes about them, I think we’re, we are resonating. And we still have some ground to cover in order to reach everyone who lands on our blog, we’ll definitely be pulling some of that scientific, that hardcore scientific language down to more approachability. But I’m just loving hearing that people are reading our content and enjoying it.

Let’s see, our waitlist broke through 16,000 signups this week. Austin Allred hit us with another ambush with his Twitter and I think we got a 1000 signups in about 16 hours. And all just really cool, because when he tweets and when others jump in, it’s you’re seeing the, sort of VC tech Twitter engagement that you dream about. And were being named alongside Headspace, the Zero Fasting app, Eight Sleep, as one of the companies that you need to be involved with if you care about your health. So each time this happens, it signs us up for more work in the future and just really excites me. I want to call up the new activity catalog, which was, I personally love the activity catalog because it’s basically our search and filter method right now. And David and Jhon executed really awesome improvements that rolled out internally. I can’t wait to see what customers think about this when we roll them out externally. I think, essentially, today or tomorrow. We had another Levels photo shoot, so almost all of the assets that we’ve used on our social and website channels have been produced by us internally by Stacy and David. And we’ve used my brother, Mike, myself, Casey, Stacy, David, as the models. So as of now, we’ve spent almost nothing on our asset generation budget and Stacy and David executed another one this week. And yeah, thanks to them and I’m excited to see what comes out of it and get some more stuff posted up.

It sounds like we are making good progress on the Apple Healthkit integration. This has been one of the most requested features by our audience and by me, and others on the team. I cannot wait until Levels pulls in our workouts and makes it effortless, because it’s not just about knowing, it’s not just about the fitness endeavors that you’ve, but it’s also about us being able to surface insights that you may not know about. I can see a future where Levels is telling you that you had a better metabolic response because you just took 200 steps or a 1000 steps after a meal, as opposed to sitting right on the couch. And these are the types of things we can start to do when we can pull activity in. So that’s going to be huge. Another big, sort of push, somewhat painful but definitely worthwhile has been moving from our hacked together ops phone process over to ReTool, which is the front end for our database. Lots of room to improve this and certainly it’s been less than straightforward to pull together all the different data sources. But the nice thing is that we’re compiling the source of truth that we can use. It’s just going to, definitely improve our scalability options and give us what we need to get into the pre-orders and full launch stage. So thanks to Sam for all the work there, and Andrew, and Laurie, and Mike for going through the paces of working with the new system. Any questions on what we’re seeing here?

[00:07:54] Sam Corcos: I noticed you cropped the Ben Greenfield photo.

[00:07:57] Josh Clemente: Oh, that was totally accidental. Yeah. For those of you that follow Ben Greenfield, that this is an NSFW photo here that Level’s featured in. So I was totally fine with it but apparently it’s a violation for us to post a full length. Another one, Arla in the middle there. So you should definitely follow Arla, she’s got a big following. Her tagline right now is anti-bs wellness and she was using our CGM a few months ago. And she was interested and definitely engaged but at the end she kinda dropped off for a little while. But then we’ve seen this trend, and it happened with her, where she re-surfaced and was like, “Hey, I need this. The accountability was amazing and that’s what I’m lacking right now.” So we got her hooked up again and she has been just really, it’s amazing. She’s completely changed her effort to surface us and push the product and push Levels as a brand, which I think is a reflection of the changes we made to the product, the improvements we’ve made, but also the fact that she’s realized the value that it provided to her. So that’s a big, the accountability angle and the realization when you lose the data stream, that’s actually super valuable and I don’t want to give that up, is something that we may be undervalue.

[00:09:06] Sam Corcos: Yeah. That’s been a pretty consistent theme. People who used our product 2 or 3 months ago, they start using it again and they’re just blown away by how much of an improvement they’ve seen. I think we often lose sight of that since we’re so in the weeds. I may have mentioned this before, but I was talking with David Hauser, who’s, he wrote a book in the space, he’s very well connected in the world. And he and I had a conversation and he was curious about some of the challenges we were facing. So I sent him a doc about the weight loss challenge and about some of the struggles with onboarding that we had 45 days ago. And he signed up and he was like, “I don’t understand why all these people have these problems. It took me less than 2 minutes. I didn’t have any issues.”, and I was like, “Oh yeah, that was like a 45 days ago problems. We’ve solved those problems.”

[00:09:57] Josh Clemente: Love it. Yeah, this here is a, one of the first images I’ve seen from the photo shoot this week. That’s Mike demonstrating his gymnastic prowess and there were no injured Levels employees in the shoot. So I think that, I’m sure that the processed images will be coming out this week and excited to see him. So, revamp this section, we’re just going to beat the consistent drum of milestones to track, going forward this would be like a really quick section going forward. But basically, the big things are we want to roll-out pre-orders, we need to get launch ready with our app set and experience design, and then secure next gen hardware partnership. Any questions on those big items? Cool. All right, so this is an exciting development. I was notified by LinkedIn that I have had Levels on my bio for one year now. And the fact is, that we formed the company a year ago, somehow. And this year has been amazing and it’s shocking how fast and how slow it went at the same time. But this is a little preview of, it’s a little throwback and then a preview of where we are now, where we’re going. A year ago, this weekend I think, we had our “Levels Assemblage” in Los Angeles. The goal has always been to build a world-class team. And so the first thing that we did, when assembling the company, was try to pull together all of the best people we know, who would be potentially interested in this concept, for a weekend at an Airbnb to just discuss what we’re doing. And although everyone had current going projects or opportunity costs, the goal was just to get people talking to each other and connecting them over this idea. So here’s some pictures of that weekend. You can see Sam, David, Zach, he’s been a customer and a long-time supporter. Nick over there, also involved. And then Chris and Ned who ended up not joining us, but were definitely added value to the weekend. And we just hung out, ate delicious food, and talked about the future potential of bio-wearables and CGM. And it was really inspiring and enjoyable and the, I think the foundational assemblage. And we will definitely be doing more, similar, in the future. So we did a little product sprint and just hung out and got to know each other.

And now, I just want to capture the moment for where we are today and all of the people that have contributed to our progress. These are just a random collection of pictures that everyone submitted of themselves, in this moment, these recent photos that capture this, I guess moment in time. Ideally in future years, we’ll be able to have more assemblage photos with everyone together. But yeah, this is me with my niece, my first niece, Mike with his nieces on his birthday, I think. Stacy and David enjoying some indoor dining, which is scandalous, I can’t believe that they would do that in COVID times. Casey, who is, obviously if any of you follow her on social you’ll know that she is an outstanding chef and plant-based activist, and this is a picture from one of our Levels photo shoots that Stacy’s done. That’s Andrew and Kim and they are somewhere, probably in a cave in Arizona maybe, or Utah perhaps.

[00:12:50] Speaker 3: You nailed it. Yeah.

[00:12:53] Sam Corcos: Andrew, is that where you are right now?

[00:12:54] Speaker 3: Yeah.

[00:12:56] Sam Corcos: Holy cow.

[00:12:57] Josh Clemente: Yeah. They’re standing in a ray of sunshine, which is beautiful looking.

[00:13:03] Speaker 3: Yeah. There’s a hole in the roof of the caves, it was cool.

[00:13:07] Josh Clemente: That’s awesome. This is Evan with a cat that he doesn’t own that crawled into his house and onto his chest. And he chose to take their picture with it rather than jumping up and screaming, like I would. It looks like Nick with, also a stolen animal or pet of some kind that he doesn’t own. Sam in his throne. If anyone’s done Zoom calls with Sam lately, you’ll know, as he is right now, he is typically sitting in this throne of mahogany and gold that I think…

[00:13:32] Speaker 4: Where he belongs.

[00:13:33] Josh Clemente: Yeah, it’s the appropriate position for him. And then Jhon helping his son lift this extremely heavy barbell overhead. And seems to, definitely getting an early start on metabolic fitness with his son, which I like to see. Of course there’s plenty of other people who have been involved in this effort and thanks to everyone that sent these in. This is just, like I said, a moment of time, things are going to change fast, the team’s going to evolve. The products will evolve and we’ll continue doing these check-ins, at hopefully more than a yearly cadence. But yeah, thanks everybody, this has been super exciting and definitely a life changing experience for me already.

The beta trends, prior weeks, we have outlined how people have moved through the program during the prior week. This week, because we shifted over to ReTool, I don’t have reporting tools set up just yet that I can pull numbers from easily. Just know that we’re beginning to fulfill July orders this week and we will go back to having absolute numbers sometime hopefully next week. Sam, you want to take this one?

[00:14:24] Sam Corcos Yeah, definitely. We’ve been raising at a rolling, increasing cap. We’re now raising at 18 posts. We’ve taken on some additional capital and yeah, a lot of, as Josh mentioned, a lot of very productive investor meetings this week. I actually had 10 back-to-back investor calls on Wednesday, which was a bit of a grind, but they were very productive. And I think we’re in a really good position to raise a larger round, probably late summer. Summer’s sort of a weird time to raise capital, just in general, because a lot of VCs are usually in Aspen and not paying attention, but this year might be an exception, who knows. So worst case scenario, we just ended up raising in early fall. But yeah, it’s coming together really well, we’re in a good position there.

[00:15:10] Josh Clemente: Any questions on finance and biz dev stuff? All right. Cool. So Casey, you want to walk us through the content work this week? You might be muted, Casey.

[00:15:32] Dr. Casey Means: Can you hear me now?

[00:15:38] Josh Clemente: Yeah. We got you.

[00:15:43] Dr. Casey Means: Yet another week of technical issues. Sorry. I’m on my phone.

[00:15:45] Josh Clemente: No worries. You’re good now. Uh oh, can’t hear you.

[00:15:55] Sam Corcos: I think she said reload. Is that right?

[00:15:58] Dr. Casey Means: Can you hear me?

[00:16:00] Josh Clemente: Yep.

[00:16:01] Dr. Casey Means: Okay. Perfect. Awesome. Yeah, that first slide is just some content updates. We’ve got Sarah Coffins interview up, which is pretty awesome. She had an incredible experience with Levels and really had improvements in energy, sleep, and skin health, which are things that we get a lot of search traffic for. I’m pretty excited to send this to customers and I think it would be great for our newsletter. Also some new posts on sleep and improving mental clarity up on the blog this week, so take a peak at those. Continuing a big push on getting content out there. Next slide. Yeah, another big effort we’ve been doing is podcast outreach. Nick has been helping a ton with this and Josh and I have been doing a lot of communication outreach with potential podcasts to be on. So right now, in terms of recorded and released podcasts, we’ve got 3 that are in the pipeline. We have a bunch that are scheduled and/or they’ve agreed to have us on, including Anthony Gustin, Biohacker Babes, Human OS Radio with Dan Party. I’ve got a chat with the Diet Doctor podcast today with Brett Cher. And then we’ve got a lot of warm intros in process through people in our network that Tom has been willing to do for us, we’re really super excited about, as well as a number of people Sam’s in contact with. So we’re just getting that going and really excited to see people being really interested in having us on and also starting to get some inbound interest. So this was the first week that I was reached out to, to be invited on podcasts. So that was, that’s exciting to see that, that transition. Next slide.

Yeah, so a lot going on on this slide, but just wanted to give some SEO updates. So on the left there’s a lot of numbers, but I think it’s a pretty exciting message, this is looking at clicks in the blue column, impressions in purple, and average search position in orange. And the bottom is the first week of May, that’s the bottom row, and then moving up, week after week, up to the top row, which is this week. And so what you can see is just really good trends. So week over week, since May 1st, we basically see clicks go from 235 a week to 1,100 per week, in this past week. We’ve seen overall impressions go from 4,000 in the first week of May to 45,000 this past week. And this is discrete weeks, not cumulative. And then on the far, on the right in the orange column, our average search position for search terms has gone from 35 to 16. And pretty much no step backs on any of the week, every single week it’s just improved steadily. So that’s pretty exciting. On the right you’ll see some results for common search terms like “normal glucose” and “what should glucose levels be”, and you can see where we stack up. I would say that’s a good place for us to be in organic search. So that’s pretty great. Next slide.

[00:18:55] Awesome. So just starting on the top left here, this is just showing some specific search ranking trends. So you can see for a term like glucose, we started ranking for this only about a month and a half ago, and we’ve gone from, about an average of 50 or 60 search rankings, 50 or 60 down from the top, to now being up in the 20s. And that’s a really common term so it’s not one we’re in the top 10 yet, but we’re steadily moving up. To the right of that, so top middle, you can just basically see all active users over time, TLDR, It’s continuing to move upwards. Bottom last is our acquisition channels, we’re just getting interesting acquisition to our site from lots of different places. It’s really cool to see the different channels that kind of, they changed a little bit week over week, but basically at the top there, the biggest bar is “other”, which is mostly from drift or Facebook. And then we’ve also got quite a bit of direct traffic, a lot from social, which the majority of that is coming from Twitter and linked tree from Instagram. And then organic search is just continually growing as well, which is good. Bottom middle, I liked throwing this in here just to see what the pulse is of people who are going to our site, what they’re visiting. So we had 16,000 page views last week, that’s pretty awesome, there are thousands of people looking at our blog each week, which is neat. And still, Weight Loss is the most popular blog post by far and that one has been consistent. So I think that’s a pretty interesting trend as well. And on the right here, just showing our search ranking from this past week, which is the last column, and the week before on the right, staying steady with a lot of these really important search terms and seeing some traction on the really prized ones, like glucose, they’re moving up. Metabolic fitness is moving up. And so it’s neat to see that, not even just for like niche combinations of words, it’s some of the heavy hitters, like “what should glucose levels be”, “normal glucose”, “average glucose”, “fasting glucose”, we’re moving up there. Yeah, really positive trends all around on the SEO front.

[00:20:54] Sam Corcos: The read time on these…

[00:20:55] Speaker 3: I’ve never seen something so fast either. I think we’re moving so quickly on this. It took me, I think, two years to rank, for my search terms in Google. This is pretty exciting.

[00:21:05] Josh Clemente: Wow. That’s amazing.

[00:21:08] Dr. Casey Means: Awesome.

[00:21:09] Josh Clemente: Yeah, the read time, is that 6 minutes on the metabolic fitness or glucose levels?

[00:21:14] Sam Corcos:  Yeah, average time. And that’s our driest piece.

[00:21:21] Josh Clemente: That’s amazing. Awesome work. All right David, product and design stuff.

[00:21:29] Speaker 3: Cool. We pushed out a mini update last week, you can see the gif here. It just had a couple of things, one is differentiating the food negativity dots on the chart, a white and a gray dot, which is not the best, but it was a one line change, about. We need to keep doing better there, but I think this has been a long requested feature request. And then Sam made some changes to the zone show right there, with larger pictures. Jhon made it so that we can pre-select the first entry, so that you see that first picture showing up. Most zones only have one picture or one entry, so this is going to be a better state for sharing bigger pictures, more context, and some blank space where people can write their own personal note and Instagram stories. Next slide.

As Josh alluded to, this is what I’m really excited about and awesome work Jhon, for getting this out. On the left you can see some of the original concepts we had for the version two of the activity catalog, featuring search and filter and then some other stuff that we want to do with comparing roles, like end number of items, and then more dynamic exploratory pages. But Jhon did a killer job implementing both search and filter in the catalog. So now you can come in here and you can type in “eggs” and you see all the different egg meals you had, best and worst –  “Huh, why did eggs get bad on that one? That was paired with a scone? It was probably the scone.” If you wanted to drill down into the, like only the bad ones, you can do this and filter it down. I’m just generally really excited about this. It’s something that we can only augment from here. Like you can imagine if we were scoring, if you were labeling all the different entries in the backend, through Mechanical Turk, for categories, “Is this a vegetable?”, “Is this a fruit?”, or things like that, then someone could come in here and also in type in “fruits” and then see all the different fruits that they’ve had, even if they didn’t put it in there. So there’s a lot we can do in expanding the surface over the future but right now this, “search” specifically, it’s been a long time coming and one of our top tasks. So well done on getting that out, we’ll push it out to customers, or to Apple today, and that’ll probably be launched tomorrow for customers. Next slide.

Yeah, among the other, lots of other things that were going on, like the newsletters, one of the other aligned topics was a program guide. Customers have mentioned to us that at times they don’t know what to expect from week 1 or week 2, how can they get the most out of the Levels program? What should they be doing throughout each of the different points in time? So a step in the right direction, we put together a document, that Andrew and Nick left a lot of comments in, that was all about orienting people towards the key tasks and main takeaways for each week. And Josh worked with the designer to get that spiffed up and we have a deliverable now, we’re going to send that to customers and see how that helps with some of the confusion around what to do in each week. Longer term though, we want to build this out and with our next question in the Q3 product strategy I’ll be talking, you’ll see this in a day or two. We want to build a lot of this in app as well, so that no matter at what point you’re at, if you have a question, you open up Levels and magically, there is the answer to your question. Through an education card or immune response insight, or a nudge on to a suggested challenge or things like that. So good step in the right direction. And I think that’s it from my side.

[00:24:25] Josh Clemente: Awesome. Yeah, two huge changes. Andrew.

[00:24:29] Speaker 4: Yeah, by the way, those designs look fantastic, like it looks so pro. A few things to cover, candidate pipeline goes well, we are continuing to hire. The request is that I will continue to introduce people to all of you. Please chat, it’s important that we lead with who we are as a company. And I’ve intentionally waited to, where people meet a lot of people pretty quickly and so I appreciate all the conversations, the notes have been super helpful. I didn’t know Hao was coming. When Hao is going to be here, we’ll do a proper welcome then. And we covered most of the engineering features but made progress on healthcare integration. Ops automation is something I’ve been focused on this week. And Evan sent this together, so we’re progressing along how this complexity work will be incorporated into the app itself and like into a long term metabolic fitness score. One of the problems is gaps in data. And it actually shows that we have a ton of people that have sufficient data, which is really good. We’ll be able to move forward. And he also mentioned that adherence to scanning went up a ton once we pushed the reminders. Evan, do you have numbers on that?

[00:25:32] Speaker 3: Oh, it’s awesome.

[00:25:34] Speaker 5: I don’t have hard numbers. I was, like every few weeks I’ll pull all the glucose data and work with it as a CSV and the graph on the right looked way more sad. And then I thought, let me get the latest data, let me just refresh this. And then it looked way better. Something like maybe, only about 60% of people we could get, we could calculate complexity for. And then I pulled in the last month of data where we’ve had more people who are more compliant and it went up to just under 80. So yeah, really happy with the results. And this is not like statistically significant. It’s me eyeballing two graphs and going looks good to me.

[00:26:11] Speaker 3: Just for context, last week we launched push reminders. So if you haven’t scanned your glucose in the last seven hours we’ll push you a notification reminding you to scan before you start losing data.

[00:26:20] Speaker 4: Yeah, so it’s all good news across the board.

[00:24:25] Josh Clemente: Awesome. Yeah. Also the complexity stuff mentioned here is a project we’re working on with the research side to be able to establish, and I’m going to use Evan’s terminology here, using fuzziness, the fuzziness of the data, we can determine metabolic fitness, metabolic health, using some really cool underline models. Evan, you want to expand on that a little bit?

[00:26:42] Speaker 5: It’s basically an algorithmic biomarker for how well your pancreas is doing. We could do something like a fasting insulin test however, that’s really hard to do. Vena puncture costs $60, and there’s a lot of research to show that the fuzziness of the signal, like how quickly your body responds to glucose, and then the glucose goes down, has been correlated with insulin resistance, it’s been correlated with this walk between health and going all the way to full blown type2 diabetes. So there’s been a lot of research on this, kind of in the theoretical, “look what we can do”,  not really productized insight yet. And I think this is the first instance of actually being able to use CGM and saying, instead of just, “Hey, look, here’s a bag of numbers and an insight. You’re high compared to everyone else.”, we can say, “Hey, here’s what your internal organs are doing. And they’re doing peachy.”, or, worse, “Not so great.”

[00:27:40] Josh Clemente: Keep doing what you’re doing, type stuff. Yeah, cool. Any questions on the engineering data stuff? All right, at this point in the meeting we typically will just have a few minutes DH, just like 1 to 2 minutes to share some thoughts on something we’re excited about. This can be personal, this can be lover Levels related. Obviously, the list is not all inclusive of the attendees on the meeting. We can run through this and then at the bottom, Tom, Hao, if you want to share something, feel free. No pressure. You can, I know this was sprung on you. So Sam, you wanna kick us off?

[00:28:10] Sam Corcos: Yeah. I think the biggest thing for me has been, in a lot of these calls that I had this week, it’s been interesting to see how we’ve become part of the zeitgeists already. One of the funds that I was talking to, they were talking about numbers of team members that we had and amount of money that we raised that were very different than reality. So I asked them how many team members do you think we have? “Given how much progress you’ve made, I would assume you have at least 40.”, I was like, “Ah, It’s more like seven.” It’s seven and we have not raised $10 million like you think, we’ve raised, at that point, it’s like maybe one and a half and we haven’t spent much of it. And it was interesting to see how he was just completely blown away by, because he’s in one of the funds that I’ve been including in our investor updates and he’s been tracking us for several months. And he assumed that the size of the team, we’re just, we’re so much more efficient than other teams that he’s used to tracking that our, even though we’re very small numbers wise, in terms of outcomes we’re doing extremely well. So that was a really exciting thing from this week.

[00:29:22] Josh Clemente: Nice. Casey.

[00:29:25] Dr. Casey Means: Yeah. Can you hear me? Okay. Yeah, I’m plus one to what Sam said,  that’s just crazy and super exciting. I honestly, like digging through all those search ranking numbers for last night, last night when I was putting that together, that’s what I’m most excited about. Like, just that we are visible, people can find us, we’re not hidden. People are searching things that are super common and they’re seeing us and that’s only going to go up. And that is just really exciting because we have a message that’s really important and we can really help people. And so I’m just really excited that we’re visible. Yeah. So that’s what I’m most excited about this week and really pumped to just keep pushing the content and the podcasts and these influencer relationships forward. Keep spreading the word.

[00:30:15] Josh Clemente: Yeah. Evan.

[00:30:18] Speaker 5: So I wanted to add, that cat in the photo I shared, apparently had been making the rounds everywhere in the neighborhood. And I saw a lost cat poster and it said, he will walk into your house, as a warning and a way to distinguish him from other lost cats. And true to his name he did. So I love that cat. And I’ve seen him before, I’ll probably see him again. He’s like a fixture in the neighborhood. And then, yeah, I’m really excited about the complexity stuff, that it’s broadly applicable to most users and of the users who it’s not applicable for, those 66 users who it’s not applicable for, or a hundred, some odd, most of them, they’re done with the program. Going forward, that’s it just going to keep growing with the scan reminders. So I’m really excited about that.

[00:31:06] Josh Clemente: Totally good point. Yeah. I’m excited about 2 main things, both relating to the growth of our network. Specifically, the growth of the team is really exciting. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished with such a small agile tactical set. There’s this thing called a force multiplier and when you add people of like-mind you can continue to re-double efforts and it’s just awesome to have people coming on board that I think are exceptional at what they do. And I couldn’t be more psyched to see how things continue to evolve and accelerate as a result. Secondly, I’m excited about how our secondary effects of this expanding network are working. Casey and I, and Nick had been working on this podcast outreach effort, I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but it seems like there is a route to everyone on the page. It’s just a matter of shooting out a few emails, shooting out a few messages and people are happy to help. And yeah, I’m seeing great results this way. We’re one degree of separation from everyone in the industry now, all of a sudden. And we’re on the phone with Molly Maloof and she’s telling us that we are blowing her mind with how well we’re doing in the space that she’s been in for 5 years has not been able to see anyone produce traction. And she just looks at us as the future of the space, all of a sudden. And yeah, it’s killer. Yeah, that’s it. Nick.

[00:32:17] Speaker 6: Cool. Yeah. Personally, two things I can tell you that I’m excited about. Number one is, I guess at midnight or tomorrow or whatever, a launch of Dark season 3, I have seen one review for it. The headline is “Dark season 3 review, maybe the best series finale in sci-fi history.” So I’m pretty excited, because so many sci-fi series finales are duds that it’s actually exciting to think that some show runners put thought into the endings of the show and not just at the beginning. Super pumped about that.

[00:32:39] Speaker 5: What’s the premise of Dark, for those of us who aren’t familiar?

[00:32:42] Speaker 6: Oh, that’s going to take too long. Just look at Andrew.

[00:32:44] Speaker 5: Fair enough.

[00:32:46] Speaker 6: It is a German time travel drama. Think like a Williams…

[00:32:50] Speaker 5: That’s all I needed. German time travel drama is perfect.

[00:32:54] Speaker 6: It’s excellent. It has its own sci-fi channel here. Think like William Faulkner meets Back to the Future, I guess is the best way I could put it. So that’s coming up, really pumped about that. I’ve been looking forward to that for more than a month. Second thing that was interesting, I’m a huge Nintendo fan and started writing code when I was a kid after getting an NES, wondering how video games were made. So this week, after it finally became available because it was just sold out. I bought this thing, it’s called the Ring Fit Adventure. It’s a connected Pilates ring. So you have one controller in the Pilates ring and then one connected to your leg. And my original thought was like, “This is dumb, but it’s getting good reviews and I’m curious about it.” Long story short, I’ve been very sore for the last few days. It’s actually not the worst experience I’ve ever seen. It certainly lame that they try to have a story, but like it’s oddly been, it has overperformed by expectations. It was on the high end of amounts of money that I would spend out of curiosity, but I’m actually finding myself having a good time of using it, especially since the gyms are closed and I’m getting tired of running. It’s like my only mechanism of exercise. Professionally or as it relates to as the team, I was really delighted I had the call with Casey and Josh earlier this week and we’ve now concluded that we want some of the podcast varying stuff to be faster. Whenever we put together the first version of something, it is speculative. Maybe it’s useful. Maybe it’s not. But seeing as how we’re actually getting some serious traction here, looking to make that faster, over the weekend I was goofing off with name diming recognition using Burke. So I think we’re going to try to use that to extract names out of the descriptions so that we can actually go after the second order effects and say, “Hey, this person shows up as a guest on a lot of these podcasts. Maybe we can network with them and then use them to get into some of these places that we want to be.”

And then the other thing that’s really come up, having had conversations with David now, and others, is this idea of product primitives. I’m really thinking about proper nouns and verbs in the company. We’ve been at the science stage were we spent a lot of time really thinking about how do take the science that we have and use it to help people understand that their actions that they can take that will improve a whole range of outcomes in their life. And by using Levels in a CGM they can make these invisible signals visible. I think as we productize this, the next step is to really take the proper nouns and verbs that are intrinsic to Levels and really elevating them, not just in the product, but then really in marketing. So one place where this is visible is on the landing page. We are now thinking about taking the word the Zone Score, and really making that front and center. So maybe the first thing that you see is about metabolic health, but subsequent things that you really start to see are specific intrinsic things that are Levels unique. On the podcasting front we’ve talked about this a little bit. How can we, basically take the story of how we’ve learned things in metabolic health and then, not selling, but like dropping, “That’s why we introduced the metabolic score in the app and here’s how it’s going to be useful to you.” So this is very early stage and it’s like a basket of conversations right now. But I’m really interested to think about ways in our product and marketing we can just make this so unique and 10X better than all of our competitors and really thinking about what the moving pieces are going to be. And that’s going to turn into complexity and that’s going to turn to other product features. But super exciting to realize that we’re at that fulcrum point of going from science to really owning these things in the product and in the marketing and thinking about how we fill the roadmap to work together on that.

Anyway, stuff I get excited about, I will end rant, but a lot of stuff.

[00:36:11] Josh Clemente: I only watched one episode of Dark by the way, but it’s got me hooked. I just need to find more time for it. Mike.

[00:36:22] Speaker 7: Yeah, I wake up every day with this mindset of what I did or what I accomplished yesterday doesn’t matter. And it’s not necessarily that it doesn’t matter, I think it’s more of a reminder that complacency is an enemy of progress. And Josh’s photo request gave me the opportunity to think and think about seeing the project come together from nothing to a piece of paper to where we are today. And it was milestones for me personally, being asked to work with the team in November, and then that picture, it was my birthday celebration, but it was also a few days after I was asked to join the team formally. And I think one of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned is to always keep pushing forward through the good and more importantly, the bad. And I’m just so excited for all the amazing things that we’re going to be doing and even the challenges.

[00:37:10] Josh Clemente: Yeah, Mike was my sounding board when, there was a pre-entity called Frontier Biometric, that was CGM based that I was working on. And Mike heard a lot of rants and he had to hear a lot of, yeah, we’ll call them rants, before where we are today. So, thanks Mike. And also for helping our customers, Jhon.

[00:37:32] Speaker 8: Yeah, personally, I’m excited about having some friends coming here as we can. I live like in a private complex, visitors are not allowed to get in until today. Besides, next Monday is a holiday here in Columbia so it’s going to be great to have some time off. In fact, that’s something great about Columbia. we have a lot of holidays. I think we are still the second country with the most holidays in a year after India, so that’s great. And Levels related, you already know that we’re working on the Healthkit integration, and this is new to me. That means that I’m learning a lot of things and I’m excited about that. Also, being an Android user, Apple Health is something new for me. I don’t generally like Apple software, products, but this time I have to admit that Apple Health is way better than Google, way better.

[00:38:33] Sam Corcos: You knocked that out so quickly. I think he did it, you said in 6 hours. That would have taken me probably 2 weeks to even get up to speed on that.

[00:38:43] Speaker 8: Yeah, was thinking the same. I said, “It’s going to take me like a week or two weeks to make this.”, but it was really easy.

[00:38:51] Josh Clemente: Also, we’re running slightly behind here and I don’t want to put anyone on the spot, but Tom or Hao, if you’d like to jump in and offer something you’re excited about, please do. Tom, you wanna kick off, if interested?

[00:39:00] Speaker 1: Yeah, totally. So on the Levels front, needless to say, I’m just incredibly excited to be working with this team and really just grateful for the opportunity. It’s clear you’ve assembled a world-class team and I feel just really lucky to be a part of it, in any capacity. And on the product front, I’ve said this to a few of you, but I’ve really just never been so excited, enthusiastic, about really any product that I’ve gotten to use. And I’ve been talking everyone’s ear off who will listen to me about the science and the product. And I’ve now heard, I think 3 times in the last couple of weeks, after talking to people about it, they say, “You have got to go work for this company.”, which is, I think, a good sign. And it’s always cool when your personal interests can align with the professional opportunities. And then on a personal front, yeah, I was in San Francisco for a couple of years and just got back to the East Coast, which is home for me. And have really just enjoyed spending quality time with my parents and siblings, which is unique given what the world is going through, but trying to cherish it as much as possible.

[00:40:01] Josh Clemente: Love it. Love it all.

[00:40:03] Speaker 1: Awesome. Thank you.

[00:40:04] Josh Clemente: Hao.

[00:40:05] Speaker 2: Yeah, just, I want to say I’m really happy to see everybody in face and I really enjoy the presentation, overwhelmed. Can’t wait to start know everybody a little bit more and the team and the product. So yeah, just excited. Thanks.

[00:40:26] Josh Clemente: Awesome. Thanks everybody for participating and have a great weekend. Talk to you all soon. Bye.