July 31, 2020


[00:00:00] Josh Clemente: Time is flying by. For those of you that don’t know, I have a time complex. I spend a lot of my time being frustrated about how fast time is going by. And then I realize that I spent a lot of time thinking about time and that further frustrates me. It’s a vicious cycle. Today I am grateful for a rainy day where I can just relax and catch up on a ton of stuff. It’s been very sunny and hot here lately and it’s really quite beautiful. Actually, it reminds me of Europe and that has me at peace. So, Levels team updates, very exciting. Jen Lou Long is joining our engineering team. She’s going to come on August 8th. She’s just really awesome, I had a fantastic conversation or a couple of fantastic conversations with her and she’s going to bring just a really awesome perspective to the team. She was a data scientist at Open Door, PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics from Stanford. And I’m sure she’ll have a lot more to share with us when she joins fully.

[00:00:53] Speaker 1: Monday, the 3rd.

[00:00:57] Josh Clemente: There you go, updated, Monday, the 3rd. Even better. So she will be with us next Friday forum. And I’m sure we will be all having conversations on Slack and over the phone this week. And then our advisory team, Molly Maloof, of course is joining. She’s gonna also jump on to the Friday forum call next week. So it’ll be a full house next week. Okay, on recent achievements – so this is always a fun slide. The Wearable Challenge signups close for cohort 3. After reviewing our volumes in August, we decided not to try and push for a very large cohort. There were a few, we’re still rolling out our EHR consult system. There’s just a few things that we’re looking at, well over potentially 200 orders being delivered in August. And we’re going to continue learning, a cohort of 35 is large enough that we can get a lot of great data. We took a slightly different side of approach this cohort, where the Wearable Challenge team actually vetted every application and handpicked people who knew, clearly knew specifically what they were going to get. And we had a couple interesting participants last cohort who were obviously not interested in a weight loss challenge. They were just trying to get a budget Levels kit. This will be good.

July – so we grew our waitlist by over 6,700 sign-ups in July. We’re now at, very close to that 24,000. This is very exciting. We are, a lot of this is organic, we’re basically spending nothing on marketing. So just consider how that curve looks and the fact that we are not spending, tens of thousands, millions of dollars on marketing. And it’s quite exciting.

Thanks to David for rolling out the Levels cafe. So we’re going to have an ongoing team hangout, and this is bi-weekly right now. It’s just coffee. So just jump aboard. If you don’t drink coffee, find another drug that you can do in a work environment and join us and chat and just kinda decompress. Talk about work stuff. Talk about part personal stuff. This is going to be fun. We’re obviously going to continue to lean into ways to keep ourselves all engaged and learning about each other as we grow. Something I’m personally very excited about is Dom D’Agostino, who’s been testing and sharing Levels quite a bit on Instagram. I highly recommend following him. He’s kind of a rockstar neuroscientist and ketogenic researcher. And he’s very well connected in the world of metabolism. He’s on Peter Attia’s “the drive” regularly. Actually, if you don’t listen to that podcast, that in and of itself is a recommendation. But he, I think in the past two episodes have been a Dom D’Agostino – Ask Me Anything on Peter Attia’s podcast. So you can learn quite a bit about him, his approach to life. And I’m excited because he’s expressed interest in collaborating with us on our dataset and helping us with publication. Which is just a huge way for us to get on the radar of metabolic health community.

We’ve got a few collaboration initiatives underway with Spartan team. I was able to go up to their Vermont farm where Joe de Sena, who is pictured there in the sort of middle left of the screen with Joe Rogan, and I was able to hang out with them and talk to their team about ways that we can get metabolic health on the map for his audience. And they’re very excited about it. We’ll be able to cross collaborate. And be involved in a few cool projects like web series. One of their web series is called Next Level, conveniently. So a lot of good stuff to come there. And obviously Joe, being on Joe Rogan’s podcast doesn’t hurt his image. So this is a good time to start getting together with them.

Today we’ve got the American Volleyball Professionals qualifier finals, today at 09:20. It’s actually happening in 10 minutes I think. So Sarah and Kim will be wearing the Levels gear. That, you can see them in warmups right there. And if any of you can tune in, it might be cool to capture some live video of this, and we’ll be getting some more assets out of it.

The first EHR consult was completed this week. Shout out Andrew, Truepill team, everyone who’s working on this on the back end as well. This is obviously taking some time and we just had to painstakingly make sure that all of our data was correct. And that when we shift over to this automated, new version of our prescription consultation system, that everything is flowing the way we intend it to, and the right people are going in at the right time. The first step of that, like finalizing that, has happened as of literally last night. And yeah, I can’t say how eager I am to see this work. Lori as well, I’m sure. I’m sure you can see the excitement on Lori’s face over there. She’s going to get quite a bit of breathing room in her life when fulfillment happens automatically.

Sam had a great conversation with Lieutenant General, Mark Hertling. I posted a link to his video here from TEDx. It’s a fantastic view into the problems facing, that the military are facing right now. And that’s from a few years back but these problems have only gotten worse since. And an initiative with the military is going to be, it’s one of our moonshots, but having people like General Hertling in our corner is only a benefit to us. He’s very closely connected with the Obama’s and their administration to try and get wellness on the map for the world. Because, frankly, when it comes to the military, about 25% of people qualify just from physical standards perspective. That combined with our conversation with Marine Force Recon Miguel Zeran this week and we are submitting an application to the Force Recon Wellness program today. Thank you, Tom, for managing that. But the application is basically to get into the conversation for the Force Recon Wellness community. So they’re looking for ways to improve their readiness, which means recovery, preparation, weight loss, weight management, a lot of stuff that’s right down our alley. This military moonshot, we may be underway a little sooner than we had expected and it’s all exciting stuff. So definitely watch it, yeah, let us know what you think.

A couple programs things, or sorry, product features. I don’t want to steal David’s thunder, but the “swipe to date” in testing. So swipe functionality is one of my favorite things about mobile apps. I do not like having to move my hand around a tap buttons. I like swiping. So this is awesome. And “jump to date” was also released for, that was released to customers. The “swipe to date” was released in testing internally. So both of these things are really cool. They’re helping to navigate among, sort of product features very effortlessly, and thanks to Jhon, David and the whole team of engineering who’s helping to make this happen. And then, yeah, we’ve gotten some real shout outs for our content, Shawn Johnson, you can see that tweet up top. I really love that – “I’ve learned more about my body in one week than all my doctor appointments combined.” That’s a huge statement and it’s really awesome. We got Joe Harris from Brooklyn Nets who just got rigged up with Levels, he’s an NBA player. And very exciting, I’m really hoping to see some more action with these athletes wearing these things, maybe posting on social very soon.

And “The organic content strategy is going to be huge for you guys. Never seen a company, this early, execute on it so well.”, that’s high praise from someone who in the startup community. And then we had a great conversation with Joe Vennare from Fitt Insider this week, and he’s got a fantastic, or Fitt Insider is a fantastic newsletter. Definitely join that. And they’re basically putting us right up there with Whoop, Eight Sleep, Hymns, all the big names, and that’s great. So people are resonating with their messaging. Anything I missed on this, I apologize. Let me know if you have any questions on what we’re showing here this week. Cool.

Okay, virtual assemblage. So last night it was a great success. Thanks all for contributing. We learned quite a bit about each other and also got some nice lightning rounds in. Tonight we’ll be doing a group dinner and game night. Quiz Breaker hosted by Evan, Jackbox TV hosted by Andrew. So tune in and yeah, it should be fun.

Milestones – so as always, we got roll out pre-orders. There’s quite a bit of work that happened this week, actually talking about queuing. So how to take our current backlog within the backlog. So we have 23, close to 24,000 people on a wait list. Then we have something like 500 orders that we have not yet delivered. And so we need to distribute that curve, that like order backlog, across the next few weeks and months, and ensure that we have a smooth and slow trajectory. We don’t want to just spike 500 deliveries in August and then crash back down the beginning of September. Thinking a lot about this, about how we’re going to use partner codes, affiliations, and make sure that we have a steady stream and a repeatable channel set for orders and deliveries, as we get lunch ready. And and then we’re going to use all that leverage we’re building to secure the next gen hardware partnership. That’s the basics of it. Any questions on that? Cool.

I did not update this. The numbers are somewhere on the order of 50 new orders delivered and about 75 shipments. So that includes replacements and subscriptions. Thanks to Lori and Mike for managing our beta, still constantly chugging away to make things happen. And we’ve got some data integrity issues that we’re still working out as we switch over to EHR. So I know it’s been painful and I appreciate you guys keeping this thing moving. Any questions on our weekly trends? Sorry I did not get the specific numbers in there. Okay. Sam?

[00:09:15] Sam Corcos: Yeah. So cash position still looking good. We’ve updated our growth goals in a memo that I’ll send out on Monday. There’s still some updates to make for that, but that’ll give everyone a clearer sense of what things are gonna look like over the next, probably six months. Next slide.

We overshot our revenue goal by a little bit, this is recognized revenue. We just had a lot of people that we needed to push through sooner who were really eager to get access. It’s a good problem to have, but it’s one of the reasons why we’re rethinking our growth goals. Next slide.

And in terms of weekly revenue, it’s funny because this week looks low, but if we actually had $10,000 in revenue this week, we would be ahead of our projected revenue goals. So we had a couple, just really crazy weeks. And still in very good shape on that front.

[00:10:07] Josh Clemente: Nice. Any questions on these revenue numbers? And/or the fundraising and BizDev stuff? Cool. Okay. Casey.

[00:10:28] Dr. Casey Means: Can I get a reload Josh? Perfect. Okay awesome. So, SEO content, press updates – some interesting trends and please go with me on a little SEO journey for the next 3 slides. Cause it’s actually so interesting and really gets me excited and jazzed. So this on the left, as you’ve seen kind of week after week, this is from late May to now. Starting at the bottom, late May, week over week, search ranking clicks, impression growth. So you can see we went from 666 clicks per week in May to up to 3000 a couple weeks ago. And then the last 2 weeks we’ve stagnated and gone down a little bit. Same with the orange column, which we, basically started at an average search position of 18, we went up to 16, 14, 13, 12, and then over the last 2 weeks we’ve kinda been stagnating at 13. Some interesting things there and I don’t think anything really to be worried about. We made some huge changes, we migrated our whole website from WordPress to WebFlow. And so that happened right when we started lagging. So if you look on the right, bottom first, basically you can see exactly when our new website went live, which was July 13th. And then our impressions and clicks started going down. Also what happened, if you look at the, so at the top picture you can see that our actual average position is still growing fine. We have not like, drastically gone down in terms of our average position, we’ve just, we’re stagnating. So then the question is, why have our clicks and our impressions and our organic search gone down a little bit? So, next slide.

So the beauty is that there’s very clear reasons for all this stuff. And every reason to believe that it will quickly recover once Google gets used to our new site. So Google is a little mad that we changed things. They’re mad that we migrated our whole site. So just to give a little overview, because it’s pretty fascinating, these are some things that can acutely affect Google rankings. So one, is a recent website change, including page migrations. It could be that internal link structures change, like you change this log at the end of page and Google has to recognize it. It can be that backlinks, really valuable backlinks got dropped, let’s say Spartan or someone dropped links from their sites that linked to us, that would be a hit. It could be content changes, like your meta descriptions, Google again, has to see it and recognize it. It could be that load time got worse. It can be because of Google algorithm updates or a search engine page result changes. If they, for instance, pick a new featured snippet for the top of their search pages that bumps you way down, that’s going to affect you. It could be that your competitors are making moves and they’re increasing, which is not happening, because I’ve been tracking that. Or it can be from decrease user engagement. So in terms of root cause of what we’re seeing, some pretty clear things. So there has been a recent website change, load time got really hit. So top right, here, graph, load time hit really hard the day we changed our website. That has recovered, but I imagine that big hit on load time, the day that we moved over may have had Google raise a red flag. We also might be having a little bit of decreased user engagement on the blog, because of just the way it’s set up. There’s more animations, it’s harder to load, and that’s something that we’re working on right now. So anyway, it’s pretty interesting I think. The nice thing is it’s not a mystery, we know exactly why this happened and Google will continue to see our pages that they’re consistent. And I think this will go back up. On the bottom, I just wanted to highlight, this is our organic search, again the drop happened right when our, the day our migration to the new website happened. This is, that little peak there is July 13th. We’re still getting, we’re still pretty good on organic search with very little marketing spend at all. We’re at 19%. And yeah, every reason to believe that will go back. Any questions on me that? Okay, next slide.

Some other interesting trends I just wanted to highlight – so on the left, this is showing flow through our site. From basically what they, what people land on to whether they sign up and we’re doing really well on this. So if people start on the blog, especially the Ultimate Guide to Metabolic Fitness, they’re going to usually have another interaction. And then they are, they’re pretty likely to sign up. So we have about a 10% from landing on a blog page to actually signing up for our waitlist, which is quite good. So that’s just an interesting flow that we’re tracking, of what pages get people to sign up. And the Ultimate Guides tend to be the ones that get people to go to another page. Also exercise posts tends to get people to go to another page. On the right, just wanted to show some fun trends – we are still doing great on our user engagement with our blog posts. So our Weight Loss and our Ultimate Guide to Glucose Levels, people are spending 6 1/2 minutes on them. And we’re still getting well over a 1000 people per week, going to those pages organically. Bottom right, this is just showing drop-off rates and our drop-off rates for some of our pages are really good, like 50%. So basically, people who come to the page, like 50% will go to another page. So that’s very strong. Next slide.

Okay, so now moving in more into content. And that was just giving you an overview because there have been some changes, trends and changes in SEO and just wanted to highlight some of the root causes. But I think we’re in really good shape. So podcasts, still booming. We have booked 6 new podcasts this week. We have had 2 podcasts air this week and we have 10 that are, also scheduled and/or already recorded  and released. So get ready to hear lots of Josh and I talking about metabolic fitness. We are shooting high. We want to do, probably somewhere around the order of a 100 this quarter. And we are well on our way to doing that. We also had our onboarding with Lemon Pie, which is a group, an agency that’s going to help us even get on more podcasts. And we’re really excited to work with them. We are onboarding this week and they’re going to be putting together some really great pitch materials for us to do what they call their “podcast tour” for Josh and I. So I’m really excited to be out there spreading the word about metabolic fitness. Next slide.

Just wanted to highlight a few new things on the blog – so 3 new blog posts this week, check them out. And then on the right, I’m experimenting with, just a sub section of the blog where these are tagged with metabolic journeys. So we have tons of testimonial content right now. 1, 2, 3, we’ve got 9 right now and we have 5 interviews that are also done and basically just need to be edited and loaded to the site. So these are so powerful, talking about people’s experiences with Levels. And if you need a daily dose of inspiration I would just read one of these because it is so powerful. These are lives being completely changed and they are super excited to talk to us about their experience, which I think says a lot. So these are busy people taking the time to share their joys of their 1-month with Levels. Next slide.

Just a couple of things about press – we had a nice piece in Startup Beat, 10 Hottest Health Tech Startups to Watch. And then we’ve been working this week on our press release for Molly Maloof’s joining. We’re so excited she is coming on board. So we’re going to be shopping around this press release to different outlets and Molly will be joining us in saying “hello” on the forum next week. So that’s all for me. Any questions? Okay.

[00:17:24] Josh Clemente: Those insights are awesome. Super interesting about the website. I think we migrated from WebFlow to WordPress.

[00:17:32] Dr. Casey Means: What did I say?

[00:17:32] Josh Clemente: It’s okay. I think it was, I heard it as backwards, but maybe I was just mishearing. So we are now up and running and I think it was a totally worthwhile hit. Personally, I think the new website is, it’s really interesting that the expectation, I don’t think we were thinking about SEO at all when we were considering the original website and the migration to the new website. Just assuming that we would not be number 2 on Levels on Google. So I think we just had like, unexpectedly high rates of growth before being able to switch to the new website, rather than anticipated problems throughout the process. So anyway, very cool.

[00:18:02] Dr. Casey Means: Yeah, it’s a fascinating game. And I feel like it’s getting to know Google as a friend and like, we’re doing it. I think we have all the resources to make it happen.

[00:18:13] Josh Clemente: I feel like they should give you an option to just be like, “Hey, look, we’re migrating our website. Can you give us a break for the next two weeks until we get our page, give us time to figure it out?”

[00:18:21] Dr. Casey Means: And huge props for David for helping me with my SEO knowledge growth and everything and walking me through this stuff. He’s had websites for years and is really like, helping me figure out how to track this, so huge props.

[00:18:33] Josh Clemente: Yeah, for a future Friday forum weekly share, David is going to have to catch us up on his secret side-gig of owning the internet’s flashlights and stuff like that. David.

[00:18:44] David: Yeah, for sure. Lightning talk for another day. That actually would’ve been a good one last night. Real quick, this week we released a couple features – on the left, you’ll see “swipe to change day”. Now that we have the optimizations with the day slider and the graph, that has been loading pretty fast from last week. This was a pretty easy feature that Jhon was able to sneak out. And then right now, in development is, as you swipe we’re going to be making the day slider also move along with your fingers so you can see exactly what’s happening while you’re swiping. And then a popular request from customers was, do you jump to a date? If you go to your activity catalog and load up any zone and you’re curious to learn more about the context, previously you couldn’t actually load the day that zone happened very easily. You had to go back to the dashboard and then remember what day it was from the catalog and then scroll back in time. So now you can just tap on the date once you’re in the catalog and that will jump you back to the dashboard so you can see the content. We also, with this week, have a new opportunity, a good time to improve quality assurance and bug bashing before we release. Along with these 2 features we also released a bug, unfortunately. But it’s okay, we’re moving fast. But one of the live bugs right now is, you can’t get to “today” when you wake up in the morning without a refresh, without force quitting the app. We want to step up our, like a lightweight process for quality assurance. And what that looks like, right now, and I’m open to feedback, is I’m just going to, before any release goes out, post a whole bunch of different test scenarios in our Slack channel. And it would be awesome if the whole team could upgrade their app to that release candidate and just try as many of the steps that I suggest as you can to pressure test the app, to make sure that it is as bug free as we can get it. Yeah, I’m excited about that, thanks for Casey and Andrew for jumping in on this round, we found a couple extra bugs that are important to solve before the next release goes out. So excited about that opportunity. Let’s see. Next slide.

Cool. So if you’ve been here, like you have for the last several weeks, I’ve been talking about our scale 10 X efforts. So this is still underway. Jhon made some great progress on improving the pending state. So you can see here, on the left, my concept in Figma. On the right, some, oh, the text is gone. There, it should be, okay, there was a text explainer up there. That’s behind the scenes, very much work in progress, on the underlying chart libraries that Jhon’s been working on. If you look closely, in the lower right of that picture, you’ll see the pending state label and tick marks, in the lower part of the graph, coming to life. So I’m excited to see that continue to take shape, that’s going to help our customers understand. If we do take on a 1000, 2000 customers all at once, and we have some temporary data abilities, it’s going to be, we’re much more embracing the delay and helping give context as to why something might be slower to load information.

The weekly report is also making progress with Jeremy. He’s been porting the current, we currently sent it to every customer on Monday, but we’re going to be changing that descendant based on the day that customer is in their program. After you complete week 1, on day 8 of your program, you’ll get the first weekly report. On day 15 you’ll get your second weekly report. And so on. So this will be really nice way to start moving the program towards something that feels right for the customer. And then pretty soon we’re gonna start working on some of the backend infrastructure for our data sinking mechanism. And we will also be automating a whole bunch of the other program emails alongside the weekly reports. So you can think about the emails that Mike currently sends manually at the end of week 1, 2, and 2. Next slide please.

And then, no fancy graphics here, but we’ve been trying, we’ve been marching towards this decision to the more card-based feed for the app. That provides much more context around education and specific insights around how your behaviors affected you so you can close the loop faster. We’ve had this concept, there’s different categories, information about where you are in the program, information about metabolism, 1-on-1 education, event-based information, like maybe your first spike, we give you a card that helps you understand what is a spike? Is it bad? Is it good? That kind of stuff. And then later on, in this quarter, closing the loop on your actions. Like if you had only gone for a walk your zone score might’ve been improved by 2 points or something like that. We finished a draft of all the content for these cards. This is something that is not yet in progress, but as we look towards this August, we’ll be starting to move into implementation of the engineer, well, design on the engineering side for the cards’ framework and getting that out. Next slide. That’s it. Great, Andrew.

[00:23:08] Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, very brief – we have several new app improvements that are out. And then in several in the process of going out. This includes, like, the unified monthly report logic, which is really nice. It will be a lot more maintainable in the future, performance improvements and stuff like that. Everyone’s help testing all the new app versions is very much appreciated. Try to break it, be as close to a normal user as possible and do weird things. And then, also just as this was mentioned before, but celebrating the first human consult, like real person, went through the EHR yesterday. We’re still waiting on the pharmacy to confirm it. And as soon as they do we’re going to be pushing a bunch of people through. Yeah, a lot of movement this week and some excitement coming up.

[00:23:52] Josh Clemente: Awesome. Thanks everybody for the great week. Okay. We’ve reached the individual contribution. So again, 60 seconds roughly, personal encouraged. Sam.

[00:24:02] Sam Corcos: I think the thing that I’m most excited about is the hiring plan that Andrew put together for engineering and how it’s really come together. And we’ve had some really excellent people joining the team. Several of whom are on the call now, which is great. And several of whom will be on the call next week and the week after. And hiring is a very hard thing. And Andrew, at least from my perspective, seemed like it was very easy and went seamlessly. So I appreciate all the work that went into that. I’m very excited for increased capacity in engineering.

[00:24:35] Josh Clemente: Yeah, it should be noted, I think we’re at 100% success rate on our offers to hire engineering, which is, in my experience, unheard of. And I’m not even in the software world. Andrew, can you confirm?

[00:24:52] Andrew: Yeah, it’s unusual. It’s good. People are excited. I think it’s less of the process, more of the company and our mission, but yeah.

[00:24:59] Josh Clemente: Awesome. Jhon.

[00:25:01] Jhon:  I just want to say thank you for the virtual assemblage. I know the prep for this takes time and I think it’s a great moment to learn more about different stuff and more about the team. And I’m looking forward to the one this evening.

[00:25:19] Josh Clemente: Yeah, thanks for participating. We’ll kick over to Lori.

[00:25:26] Lori: Who needs another cup of coffee? Hi, it’s exciting to see the growth, it’s crazy to see the growth actually. And even though I’m not personally involved in that part of the company, it’s really fun to see it. Personally, I did not pick up scissors and cut my hair, which I really wanted to do. So I’m excited about that. And I started making little masks. So, I’m not a seamstress, so that was a big deal for me. And it’s a mess, but it’s something to work on. So I’m enjoying the interaction with the customers when I fill-in and deal with any issues with tracking. So that’s also something I’m excited about.

[00:26:05] Josh Clemente: I’m excited for Truepill to resolve their inconsistency on getting orders out the door. So for some context, yeah…

[00:26:14] Lori: Yeah, excited about fixing it, yes. Excited about the issues, no.

[00:26:18] Josh Clemente: So here’s some context – Truepill oscillates between getting an order out the door within 2 hours, to not getting an order out the door for 4 days. So poor Lori, who is trying to send tracking information to the customer, is like, having to manually check these things. And every once in a while, the order is already on their doorstep by the time she gets the tracking number. Or it’s 2 days away from going out the warehouse.

[00:26:39] Lori: Yes. It’s a challenge right now.

[00:26:41] Josh Clemente: She’s a hero.

[00:26:42] Lori: Thank you.

[00:26:44] Hao: Yeah, I enjoyed the virtual assemblage yesterday as well, and really interesting topics. I learned a lot. And also excited about more team members onboarding next week. And I’m going to try to find a camping spot tomorrow. S, we’ll see.

[00:27:04] Josh Clemente: Nice. Take some pictures. Tom.

[00:27:08] Tom: So on the note of a growing team, I’m really excited that, as of this week, I will be officially joining the team full-time, which is super exciting. And yeah, among other things, I’m just incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with all of you and just continue to kick butt over the next few months. I’ve had a number of friends and professional contacts urging me to chat with other wearable companies that you would all know in the space. And it was really fun, the last few days to text them all back and emphatically tell them, “No” and that I’m officially, Team Levels. So, super pumped.

[00:27:42] Josh Clemente: Awesome. Yeah, I was planning to have that, so we’ll have that announcement in the next forum as well. But yeah, for those of you that don’t know, Tom is joining full-time. Really crushed it in the first 2 months here, contracting with the partnership stuff, taking on podcasts, taking on collaborations, affiliations, and so plenty of good stuff in the future there. Thanks Tom, for all the work.

[00:28:00] Sam Corcos: It’s only been one month, by the way.

[00:28:02] Josh Clemente: See, I told you, time pathetic. It feels like 4 months, so I don’t know how that’s possible, but all right, I’ll take it. Mike.

[00:28:13] Mike: Yeah, plus one on the assemblage. And I’m excited for it tonight. I’m definitely excited for the virtual cafes and the more engagement with the team. A great idea. Thank you for everyone that set that up. I’m really excited for the EHR to go live. I had a great call with Andrew, I’m excited about the additional resources and the capacity as well. And the other thing, I think Sam sent a tweet out, about like people that have been helpful, like our partners and our investors. And it’s a good time to pause and think about that because we do have pretty amazing investors that are really willing to help and are always more than willing to open up the Rolodex and make connections. So really grateful for that as well.

[00:28:58] Josh Clemente: Nice. Nick.

[00:28:59] Nick: I tracked down a bicycle last weekend. I schlepped all the way to Orange County and bought it. It is passable, I’m not delighted about it, but now I have a bicycle. I look forward to riding it. I also only got about 4 hours of sleep last night and I look forward to sleeping.

[00:29:14] Josh Clemente: Nice. Casey.

[00:29:17] Dr. Casey Means: That’s awesome about the bike Nick. So for me, I am so excited. I’m going to reiterate a couple of things that people have said, but so excited about the growth of our team. I have been working most closely with Tom and I’ve just been actually, just absolutely blown away by how much he gets done. I also feel like it’s been 2 or 3 or 4 months, but it’s just been a month. Huge props to Tom, really professional and positive vibe that he brings to all the interactions. So I also, the virtual assemblage yesterday was incredible. I love learning more about Jeremy and Hao and I’m totally inspired to up my coffee game. And so that was just incredible and I’m really excited for tonight. Every single talk was interesting and at the end of it, I was like, “I don’t want this to end. I want this meeting to just keep going.” Like, it was amazing. Personally, this weekend I’m excited to head down to Canby, which is like an hour outside of Portland. And I’m staying at this idyllic little blueberry-you-pick farm. My partner’s aunt owns it, and there’s a little ADU that we can stay at. And so I’m excited to just relax and get some writing and reading done and catch up on emails in a cute, beautiful blueberry farm.

[00:30:22] Josh Clemente: So for me, personally, professionally I’m, yeah, just extremely, overwhelming excited about the team growth and the caliber of people who are attracted to Levels and end up deciding that this is what they want to do with the next phase of their professional lives. And that just super excites me. Some of my best friends in my life have been colleagues and former, yeah, former coworkers. So it’s not just professional, it’s also personal and I’m looking forward to just, the force multiplication that happens there. And then personally, I’m heading down to Virginia tomorrow. My sister’s baby shower is this weekend. And yeah, it’s crazy, my family is growing. It seems like equally fast. I can’t believe that it’s already been, I don’t know, somehow, I went from not being an uncle to now having a niece and nephew in a matter of weeks. So, it’s always exciting and yeah, it’s gonna be good to see the family.

[00:31:14] Sam Corcos: Yeah, when your base rate is 8 siblings, that all happens very quickly.

[00:31:17] Josh Clemente: Yeah. I guess that’s the secret, huh? But yeah, it’s going to be great. With that, we’re actually going to cut it a bit short today. Because we have all the assemblage stuff we don’t wanna spend too much time and take Andrew’s time to do his weekly share this week. So we’re gonna kick that to next week. So we’ll do a bi-week on the weekly share and end a bit early here. That means we have a few minutes here for Q&A if there’s anything specific, any topic anyone wants to discuss, please feel free to bring it up. Otherwise we’ll end.

Cool. Once again, really appreciate a stellar week. These things are ripping by, I always can’t believe it when I’m behind on my calendar demand, that I send out the slides, as I was this week. Yeah, let’s keep crushing it. Appreciate it. And we’ll talk to you guys later today.