July 3, 2020


[00:00:00] Josh Clemente: Go ahead and kick off. It is the calendar 4th of July or the observed calendar date, 4th of July. So happy 4th of July everyone. I am grateful for all the opportunity that we get to enjoy, here and abroad, and I am very excited for another year, until the next calendar 4th of July event. So I hope everyone gets out there and enjoys some celebrations and maybe gets a little barbecue in or whatever it is that you like to do on this holiday weekend. Getting started, we’re gonna hand it off to Tom who has formally started this week and is already crushing it on the partnerships and podcasts and media outreach stuff. So Tom, you wanna give us a little background about you and it looks like there’s a fun fact in there too.

[00:00:44] Tom: Sure. Thanks, Josh. What’s up everyone? Super excited to be here. I know I introduced myself last week and talked to pretty much everyone individually. So I’ll keep this tight, but I am from just outside of New York city, in a town called Palisades. I went to school in Boston. My two, kind of formative professional experiences were at an organization called Venture for America in New York and then Hill in neuroscience in San Francisco. It sounds like a lot of people here know of VFA through Andrew Yang, who I worked closely with, so that’s also a fun fact. And then you’ll see there, just a few of my interests listed. At Levels I will be focused on all things, sales, marketing, content, marketing partnerships, specifically podcasts, influencers, affiliates, and some of the professional channels that we’ll be exploring over the next few months. Tried to figure out a fun fact and I ended up with the fact that, while growing up in Little League I was a pitcher and the Bill Murray was calling balls and strikes behind the plate. A weird backstory to that one, I was not amused by it, he made a lot of jokes and as a pretty intense Little League athlete at the time, I didn’t find them funny. And then I included, happy to fill in any questions on that, and then I included a picture that is of me in Africa. I did two months wild camping with my best friend with the tent top 4×4 prior to joining Halo. And that was an incredible experience. And I think it goes in a lot of similar places to David when he was in Africa.

[00:02:13] Sam Corcos: Tom, I’m curious, I’ve always wondered what makes a burrito super?

[00:02:18] Tom: Great question, Sam. Typically a super burrito contains, just really all of the ingredients that you could have in a burrito, namely the extras, which includes sour cream, rice, beans, and guacamole. Really excited to be here. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome this week. And yeah, I just really look forward to getting to know everyone in more depth. I’m going to send out an email this afternoon that walks through just what I’ve been focused on this week and also attaches my user guide, which will be helpful to further get to know me.

[00:02:55] Josh Clemente: Best burrito in Boston is?

[00:03:01] Tom: No comment. In Boston nothing comes to mind. There’s a spot called El Pelon right by Boston college. That was pretty good but nothing compared to the San Francisco spots.

[00:03:13] Dr. Casey Means: And tell us a little bit about the mixed martial arts. Is that what the MMA is?

[00:03:16] Tom: Yes. So I have done MMA on and off. I did it pretty regularly, like 5 days a week for a couple of years in New York. I have a couple of friends who are very high level fighters, some in the UFC. I’m also just a fan of the sport. I’m not like particularly good at the sport.

[00:03:39] Josh Clemente: What’s your favorite discipline?

[00:03:40] Tom: Kickboxing or Muay Thai.  I liked that a lot better than jujitsu. I also just got injured constantly doing jujitsu and I got really sick of it.

[00:03:51] Josh Clemente: It’s funny, I had the opposite experience. I did a Muay Thai and Brazilian jujitsu and found jujitsu way easier. It was like full body pain but not explicit broken things. I’d get torn up fingers and toes in Muay Thai. That’s cool. I’m very jealous of your African camping trip, that rig looks amazing. I’m a big fan of off highway vehicle camping. Awesome. Thank you and excited, very excited to have you joining. And it’s already pretty apparent how quickly we’re going to benefit from having you aboard. Thanks. Okay. Recent achievements – obviously there’s always a spattering of things on here and I don’t typically get to talk about each thing, but the big items this week, so Molly Maloof has agreed to join the medical advisory team. And she’ll be more than just a medical advisor, she will also be doing quite a bit of social and outreach and brand awareness. She has quite a following and it’s very embedded with Bulletproof and LAR, you know, big names across the spectrum of wellness and metabolic health. She’s starting her own brand, she’s writing a book. So we’re going to have an affiliate deal with her in addition to the advisory team. So that’s going to be great. We have continued to have amazing investment traction, there is so much buzz it’s crazy. We have people emailing friends to notify them about us. And these friends are people like the founder of Flat Iron Health, for example, and those friends are responding and saying, “Oh yeah, we’ve heard about them numerous times this week and are already trying to get a call.” So it’s that type of thing where there’s, probably peak frenzy situation going on, we have multiple scouts entering from one of the largest investment firms in the world. And so this type of engagement is really exciting. And it’s almost to the point where we’re unable to fit in these calls and responses with the Who’s Who of firms. So I think this is really setting us up well for our feed round, which will likely be later this summer. And Sam can have a few more words about that on the next slide.

Our waitlist keeps looking like a hockey stick. It’s at 17,500, which is about 215 signups per day, more than double the rate that we were at a month ago. And that rate continues to be steady and climbing even without significant ad spend. And so a lot of this is organic traction through our podcast and content efforts. Our first event sponsorship is in the works right now. So Kim Hildreth and Sarah Schermerhorn are our professional volleyball players that, they were using Levels earlier this year, very enthusiastic about it. And Tom’s been spearheading a formal engagement with them on an upcoming volleyball tournament. So we’re going to potentially be doing an IGTV interview. We’re going to have them with the Levels covers on during the tournament, there’s going to be a live coverage on several networks. So this is exciting, it’s our first foray into having professional athletes demonstrating the Levels product and talking about how it’s being used in their training.

The new Activity Catalog rolled out. David’s going to give us more updates on that as well, I’m sure. To customers, that’s super exciting, we got a ton of love on that from customers. And something I’m personally ecstatic about is the Healthkit exercise imports are live internally. So Jhon, killer work on that. I went for a nice backyard workout yesterday and deliberately did not log, in order to watch the magic of having it do so automatically. So that was a really awesome moment and I’m just excited for that. It worked well. It was awesome. Like start and end times are pre-populated. The fact that, obviously as we get to the point where we can start to pull in walking and other, maybe we have some threshold of number of steps, where we add it as its own discreet activity. But I think this is going to be really helpful for people who don’t by default add exercise logs, it’s going to start to surface some insights that they otherwise wouldn’t know. So for me it’s just a nice couple of minutes of saved time but for other people, I think it’s going to be, basically a doubling of the amount of value they get out.

Let’s see –  signups for the pro dashboard pilot that we’re doing with Oxygen Rally, Oxygen Rally is a metabolic fitness company as well, they don’t use the term metabolic fitness, but they primarily focus on respiratory quotient, which is like the ratio between fat and carbohydrate oxidation in the body. And they have a really cool setup, a rig that analyzes your breathing, and they focus on performance improvement and we’ll be starting a pro dashboard pilot, similar to what we’re doing with Cody Harmon right now. And so the first few signups are trickling in and excited to see what happens there and work together with them to improve the pro dashboard experience. And hope they have a long-term relationship.

And then an interesting factoid, something that we did not lean on, but 10%, pardon me, 10% of all of the Wearable Challenge participants have subscribed for ongoing service. And there are several others, I think we’re going to be close to 20% of the Wearable Challenge cohort is interested in signing up for continuing CGM use. And I think that’s a really interesting data point, because again, this is a weight loss challenge, it was not a CGM challenge, that was supposed to be a sort of a sub-line of the challenge. That’s exciting. We received 10s across the board on our net promoter score this week. We had nothing less than perfect scores. Obviously, we’re not getting 100% participation in that end of month survey, but those that are responding are loving it. And then Sam had another call with Ben Greenfield’s team, Kion partners, and we’re very close to resolving the affiliation terms and basically what we have to do in order to launch that agreement is be ready for about a 1000 orders in 24 hours. That’s the type of scale we can expect from that kind of relationship. So super exciting.

A couple of quotes in the middle of the page, people like the CEO of TB12, saying that he’s super impressed with what he’s seen and very excited to continue the conversations. I love the quote from a partner at Sequoia that our team is, did not realize that our team is so “Small and fierce.” I think that’s an exceptional way to describe what we’ve done here, same as that, a few anecdotes where people who are very familiar with the world of startups have assumed, based on what they’ve seen, that we have something of the order of 40 people at the tea. And their jaws hit the floor when they find out that we just brought on our 8th person. It’s just awesome, keep doing what we’re doing, I think, is the lesson learned there. I had a great call with Ian, who runs the brand services group at Nike. And this is a global initiative to talk about the future of Nike, and their collaborations with future products, and this is called Nike Rise and they love what we’re doing. He’s gonna test the product and yeah, maybe some potential future there. And then the Spartan group, they run a Spartan race series obstacle course racing, they’re very enthusiastic. We have a few testers coming in from their team and they want to get us some Spartan podcast and potentially on this web series that is focused entirely on behavior change for performance. It’s called Next Level, ironically, and we’re not ironically, interestingly. And so yeah, lots of huge interest from very large brands and firms. So anyway, great work, everyone. Any questions on any of this? Anything I missed? Cool. All right.

One of the surface to see assets from the photo shoot that Stacy and David held for us last week, again we focused on a little more than the athletic space, although we did get some great athletic shots. And I think these are gonna be super useful for our more casual, and the content that’s focused more on mood and clarity and business performance and things like that. Getting a little diversity into our imagery and it’s still amazing that these are, all but free, in terms of how cheap this is compared to getting a professional group to do this. Obviously Stacy is a professional through and through, but just like paying someone else to produce assets, I don’t think we get nearly the quality of the thematic substance and the pace. So just want to continue reiterating that the scrappiness is paying off and thank you to Stacey. By the way, the link to the full photo shoot is in this page. Real quick…

[00:11:22] Speaker 1: That photo of Rodney running, I think is one of my favorites.

[00:11:24] Sam Corcos: Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

[00:11:27] Speaker 1: The full horizontal photo is just, yeah. Nice and blurry in the background. It was very professional I think.

[00:11:31] Josh Clemente: Yeah, it’s beautiful. And I love it when the Levels patches, I don’t know, almost a detail, it’s not front and center. It’s, you notice it, but it’s not, yeah, it’s a detail. Okay, so virtual assemblage. I talked last week about the original assemblage that we had in 2019. And we came up on a year since then, a few months ago we had a virtual assemblage because we’re obviously dealing with coronavirus and quarantine, we were not able to get the team together, unfortunately. So we did one of these virtual team meetings, we did a product sprint and some lightning talks and some other interesting stuff, the game nights. We’re going to try and do this again in about two weeks so look out for a calendar hold coming soon. I’ll send the full agenda out as well, but these are the approximate times that we’re going to try to lock this down, so the Thursday and Friday, 16th and 17th. So look out for that. Today I’ll send out the calendar holds and let me know if you have any thoughts for how you’d like to engage on this. I’m certainly open to suggestions but, definitely optional, not for suggestions, but hopefully everyone can join us for this. This one’s just quick, again big milestones – roll out pre-orders. I think a subset of this is operational scalability, so getting onto the EHR for [unclear] so that we can fulfill orders quickly, getting launch ready, app and feature set. And then next gen hardware partnership, always on the horizon.

Sam has set up, in our root ReTool dashboard, an ability to track weekly data trends. So we used to pull these from clothes and they were much less reliable. I think we still have some data adjustments to do to get maximally, we’ll just say, to ensure that this data is reflecting what happened in the past week. This is going to continue to get better and better as we move to ReTool for 100% of our ops processes. But you can see we shipped 27 subscription orders last week, 48 new orders, total shipments on the order of 54. So that’s a little bit of, basically it’s tailing the orders that we submitted fill requests for. And then about 9 users started the program. So we will continue to have these available and surface these, with probably some visual trends as well in the coming weeks. Sam.

[00:13:34] Sam Corcos: Yeah, we raised a little bit of additional capital from some really great angels. And we still have about one and a half million in cash. Continuing these conversations with some of the larger funds for a larger raise later the summer. I think the goal is to build as much momentum as possible in the next few weeks or few months even, so that we can raise on really good terms. So let’s keep that in mind and figure out a way to get to scalability.

[00:14:08] Josh Clemente: Yeah. Anyone have any questions on finance and bis dev stuff?

[00:14:12] Speaker 1: Do we have that one and a half? Cause this one says 1.1.

[00:14:16] Sam Corcos: I think we have 1.1 right now, although I know that we have another, probably 300 that signed for that just hasn’t been wired yet.

[00:14:24] Speaker 1: Hasn’t wired yet. Okay.

[00:14:27] Josh Clemente: Cool. All right, Casey.

[00:14:31] Dr. Casey Means: Cool. Actually, Josh, can you do a refresh?

[00:14:34] Tom: This section so exciting. I was looking at the numbers this morning myself,

[00:14:36] Dr. Casey Means: Putting this together, so our top row here, I think I’m going to do this every week cause it gets me really excited. But basically, this is week over week and I just deleted the bottom one and added our new one, week over week from May 7th to now. So our clicks have gone from 296 per week to 1,500 impressions, 4,000 to 61,000 per week. And then our search position took another little step function change up, so 24 to 14 is our average search position, so a big jump from last week. Yeah, basically averaging about two points per week. Some exciting stuff, page one for the word “levels”, we are now right below a VICI’s song Levels, which is yeah, personally as an electronic dance music fan, this is very exciting to me. Yeah, we just were at the bottom of page 1 and all his songs are below us so we’re just going to keep creeping up, be right next to his music video Levels. Anyways, so that’s exciting. We’re also just like, going up and up for “glucose”, the term. So “levels” and “glucose” are both going up, pretty cool. And we’re at the top of page 2. So just, yeah, some exciting trends. Next page.

So on the left here, so glucose overall, over the past two months, we were 26. We started around 40 in May and we’re 17 now. In the middle here, active users, but the slope of this line is just continuing to increase. And then some fun stuff on the page drill down. I just, it’s fun to check these things out and see what people are doing. People are now, this past week, people have spent an average of almost, 6 1/2 minutes on our weight loss posts. Atill doing about 5 minutes on our Ultimate Guide to Glucose Levels, which is the one that’s the highest rank for us. And yeah, just really engaging. We’ve had over 50,000 total unique views on our blog over the past couple of months, which is pretty good. And over a 10,000 for some of our pages, this is just a one week trend. Yeah, continuing to get good traction on that and the majority of our views on Levels is on the blog, which is cool. So

****[00:16:38] Sam Corcos: I have a quick question, actually, so Nick, I know you have a lot of experience with the stuff. I’ve never seen numbers of time on blog posts, like this high. Is this something you’ve seen before?

[00:16:49] Nick: No, it’s very unusual. I think what’s really remarkable about what we’ve done here is actually create authoritative content. And that’s just going to pay off dividends, right? Because we, the content flywheel here seems to be – create authoritative content that starts to define and own terms like metabolic fitness. Then those become back into the zeitgeists and they feed back into the actual content. And this is going to, I think this is going to work out, right? This is one of the key growth plays here. I haven’t seen numbers like this often. And we, I honestly think that it just is a reflection of the fact that as this increases in people’s awareness, we actually have content worth reading, which is a great indicator.

[00:17:34] Josh Clemente: Yeah, I didn’t highlight it, but there was a quote on the first page from a Twitter user who basically said, “I’ve been trying to explain metabolic health to my family for years and sharing your content is the first time it ever clicked.” And that’s, I think that’s the point here, is that people are reading and understanding and understanding how it can apply to them.

[00:17:54] Dr. Casey Means: Yeah, and I think that this post, which is the, “What should my glucose levels be?”, that’s the one that’s highest ranked. And that’s putting us on page 2 for “glucose” and it’s, I don’t actually know for sure, but I imagine the time spent on this page is probably helping with that. Like, this one’s almost 5 minutes, so we’ll keep doing what we’re doing. People are definitely requesting shorter form content and we’re trying to accommodate that, we’re working with Alex Moskov to do that, but I certainly don’t think giving up on some of this long form, detailed stuff is, I think a mix of both is always going to be part of our strategy because people seem to be responding to it. So definitely do want to address the many users who want the shorter form stuff. A blend will be part of it. So next slide.

[00:18:35] Tom: One more comment there, I would also just say, having with some of the numbers too, this is just a snippet of some of the awesome stuff going on on the content. There’s a whole bunch of other really exciting terms that we just don’t have the ability to put onto this short summary that we’re also starting to rise for. It’s scary how many interesting things, like we’re starting to rank for the word “health levels”, just like general terms that may be tangential and could be super killer. Can you imagine if we were like on page 1 for the word “health” someday? So this’ll be where we will be in 2 years.

[00:19:07] Dr. Casey Means: JV SEO strategy is like, “I look at these every day and then I’m like, which one should I include more in our next blog post?”, and like, “How do we put these in the slog and just keep pounding it as much as possible?”

[00:19:20] Tom: We’re finally also starting to rank for CGM now as well, just the three characters CGM, which is new. Yeah, lots of good stuff.

[00:19:26] Dr. Casey Means: Yeah. Okay, next slide. Yeah, a couple of new blog posts up on the blog. I love this photo of Josh. You look so, you look very bad-ass. But yeah, so this is an interview with Josh, kind of the origin story of Levels, and then this a great post I’ve been working on with Tony Castillo about a performance dietician’s perspective on CGM. He loves Levels, really wants to be involved and contribute as much as he can for us. Next slide.

Had some good podcast success this week, I was on Veggie Doctor Radio. And then Queen Cast, which I am just highlighting here. These are the 2, I’ve recorded that recently.  There were a lot of great comments on Instagram on this podcast. And yeah, I think it was my favorite one yet. We had a good chat with one of the podcasts hosts that I’m going to be on in August and she sent a really enthusiastic follow up saying, “I can’t even explain how excited I am.” Just a lot, again, like so much enthusiasm from people, it’s really addictive. And then Josh recorded the Natural State this week, which is really exciting, that in like the top 30 for nutrition podcasts. And next up for Josh and I podcast is here. And then we’ve got a couple that have been reported to be released. So moving full steam ahead and big thanks to Nick and Tom on helping with that. Next slide.

[00:20:40] Tom: Yeah, that Veggie Doctor podcast was really great Casey. You had some awesome responses to some tough questions.

[00:20:47] Dr. Casey Means: Just a little bit of press stuff – Sam gave a talk on Thursday at the USC Marshall Greif Incubator with Founder Institute and there were a couple of press releases on that, so awesome. And actually Conrad, the head of our PR group, wrote and said it was one of the most exceptional talks he’d ever heard. So congratulations to Sam on doing that. And I was featured on another one of the tech lists that we’re pushing for. So like, top 5 tech leaders, so more backlinks to Levels and just keep pushing that stuff. That’s it for me.

[00:21:21] Speaker 3: Cool. Little light on the slides today, but just want to call out that on the product side, we’re starting to get into conversations around Q3 planning. It’s really going to be about, now that we have a really well stand-alone app that is getting high NPS and it’s also in the foundational things, we really want to push the ball forward into helping people close the loop on how their actions are actually affecting them, by giving them more actionable data in real time, as they make choices, whether it was good or bad. So that we’re hearing a lot about, as we seek to scale to the next order of magnitude if we had Ben Greenfield start to come on with 1000 orders, what things need to change with the product to support that. So more in-app education, program guidance, so that you don’t have to reach out the Mike to figure out what’s going on. Things like that, and then polishing up all of our reports, those kinds of areas. So I’ll include a link to this in the sheets, you can see what some of the things we’re noodling on are. And then getting specific real quick here on one future area, I’m starting to brainstorm out what all the different cards might be for the different steps in the program, the different types of educational material that we’d want to give you, whether that is appropriate for all users or a certain, like only weight loss users or only performance users, how that would be triggered. So if you have any ideas on something with your experience with Levels, you thought you would have liked more context or education,

you can feel free to drop it in here or can brainstorm on Slack about it. But what are some small, simple win nudges that we can give, one that’s relevant to people? So yeah, that’s, what’s on my mind right now. And then I’ll leave it to Andrew to talk about the features we just launched.

[00:22:51] Josh Clemente: Cool. Yeah, everyone should find David’s posts on Q3 product strategy, he put it in Slack and read through that, it’s really good.

[00:23:01] Sam Corcos: It’s long, but it’s worth it for sure.

[00:23:03] Speaker 3: 43 pages. It’s not a summary.

[00:23:14] Speaker 4: Sweet. Yeah, the biggest new thing that’s out is the native integrations for workouts. This will continue to grow, ideally we’ll be able to slip in a lot of stuff in the future, like sleep and other meals that people log. So this is just the beginning. Definitely try it out if you have another wearable and we want to make sure that it is a value add and that is doesn’t add complexity and that it is easy to use. So definitely try that out. And then I think Josh mentioned the new Activity Catalog earlier. Besides that, hiring continues to go well. Hao is joining next week and then we have a few more people that are later in the pipeline. So I’ll continue to be introducing people to all of you guys. And I think that’s most of it.

[00:23:59] Josh Clemente: Awesome. Any questions on engineering, data stuff? Or product for that matter? Cool. Quickly before jumping into this section, I just want to flag that while we’ve been on this call, in the WhatsApp chat, for the Wearable Challenge, 3 more people have asked to continue subscribing to Levels. They’re panicking because they’re going to lose access in 5 days. So we’re now at like 25% of people asking to subscribe. Okay, so with that being said, as the team grows we need to be a little more efficient with our time, potentially. I’m trying to do better to make sure this meeting moves well. We love hearing a lot from each of us each week, but I think we’re going to try to structure this a bit more. So we’ll speed through these individual contributions, try and do about 60 seconds on something you’re excited about. We all love hearing something personal, feel free to weave in Levels, but yeah, just on the order of a minute or so each.

[00:24:53] Sam Corcos: I’ll try to say personal thing, but in my life that’s a pretty fine line between personal life and Levels. I’m excited to have a weekend where I don’t have to take a lot of phone calls.  I’m going to be able to, maybe be able to focus and do some writing. I had a good call with David, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the Levels theory of behavioral change. Something we have in the back of our minds, but we haven’t really put on paper. After some conversations with Casey and with David and really thinking a lot more about it, I’m really excited to put that on paper. So that should be a fun weekend.

[00:25:31] Dr. Casey Means: Yeah, plus one on that behavioral change stuff, I think it’s super interesting. For me, I’ll go with personal stuff, I am, for 4th of July, we’re gonna do another, like big biking a day. So tomorrow doing 55 miles, basically due west of Portland to this beautiful rural area called Vernonia. And there’s this old railroad track that’s now been converted into a bike trail, that’s 25 miles long, just pristine. So going to go check that out, it’s called the Banks Vernonia Trail. And then, I was looking at some campsites to camp tomorrow night and all of them were booked for 4th of July or closed because of COVID. But I discovered this website called Hip Camp, which is like my new favorite thing in the whole world and everyone should have it on their radar because it’s basically, people’s beautiful private land that they rent out like Airbnb for campsite. And some of the places are so magical and spectacular, like people with 40 acres and they just make a little beautiful area for camping and it’s really cheap. Yeah, so Hip Camp and I’m going to be doing that tomorrow night, just really enjoying doing a lot of biking. It’s definitely a new hobby, I got panniers for my bike this week. So I’m now like official, I’ve got the little salad bags.

[00:26:44] Jhon: Yeah, we just found a new kindergarten for our son. So we have been having classes in the old school, but school year is over and he’s really missing the virtual classes. So we just found a new kindergarten that is offering virtual classes. We are excited for that because  keeping him busy the whole day is a really hard. This way to give us some time and some fun for him. That’s it.

[00:27:15] Speaker 3: I’m just really excited, it’s been really annoying that, so 4th of July in Oakland is celebrated from basically May through the 4th of July. And it’s just been like, non-stop fireworks, starting about dusk going ’til about 2:00 AM. And I’m really excited that tonight everybody’s going to just launch their entire inventory off and then it’s going to be over. So I’m just really jazzed about that.

[00:27:39] Josh Clemente: Fair enough. Nick

[00:27:43] Nick: Sorry, we’re struggling with the unmute button. Things I’m excited about, professionally, yesterday was my sort of first, really deep dive into certain aspects of the data model and I actually enjoy that stuff so excited to dig in there. Personally, just excited to have a little bit of quiet this weekend and yeah, we bought a Vitamix,  so I’ve just been craving a fruit smoothie for very long time and I’m looking forward to having one this afternoon. So that’s  pretty much it for me.

[00:28:10] Dr. Casey Means: Mike just made a really funny face.

[00:28:12] Speaker 1: Make sure you have chia seeds in there.

[00:28:16] Tom: Yeah, the Levels front, it was just a great first week. It was awesome to just dive in head first and I had a great time just having phone calls with everyone on the team, really just motivated by and inspired by everyone who works on the Levels team. On the personal front, I made plans to see my niece for the first time since Christmas, in about two weeks from now. So really excited about that. They’re back in New Jersey. She’s 2 years old and has been requesting my presence via Face Time, more than my other brother, at a higher frequency then she requests my brother. So I’m excited about that.

[00:28:51] Josh Clemente: Yeah, for me personally, I am super excited to finally be moving. It’s starting, I’m packing, it’s annoying but it’s going to happen and I’m going to be at the beach for the summer and it’s going to be great. Professionally, I guess this is also personal, but yeah, Courtney Kardashian posted a story where she was picking her finger and checking glucose and ketones. And this is exciting to me because it demonstrates that this is not a niche interest. When you have somebody with that much social pull, who’s just literally, mainstream dead center and connected with probably the most famous family on the planet. It’s cool because it’s ratifying our claim, which is that this is not a biohacker tool. This is a tool that is mainstream it just hasn’t quite gotten there yet. And we are the ones pulling it there. That’s just like shockingly cool to see, it’s not some fringe thing happening. This is front and center in society right now.

[00:29:44] Mike: Yeah, so let me see if I can fit a bunch of things in 60 seconds. Levels, personal, it’s all together, I think, for all of us. But I’m excited about the progress we’re making on the operation side. There’s still work to do, I want to say a quick shout out to Sam, Andrew, Josh for the support and help there. Just excited about all the conversations we’re having. And I think last week, in my weekly update, I said that it’s becoming harder and harder pulling negative feedback out from our users. And it definitely wasn’t always like that. A lot of the calls that I’m having are more like, “Everything’s awesome. I just want to learn more and explore and learn more about this space.” So I’m not sure exactly when that kind of change happened, but just like a kudos to the team, like product, engineering, content, everybody. Like all of our hard work is really paying off. And personally, so everybody knows I was quarantined in California for 6 months. I haven’t seen my mom in 7 months and I just came down to see her, I wasn’t able to, she had viral meningitis and so it’s just nice to be back and to see her and just grateful.

[00:30:55] Sam Corcos: Yeah, it’s funny you say that cause talking about how much progress has been happening on the app, cause my call with Josh referenced that I had, I think on Tuesday, with Mike from Sequoia and he’s been tracking us for some time, he’s actually used Levels. And he asked me how many full-time engineers we have working on the app and I said, “Currently 1, Jhon is the 1.”, and he looked at me like I was crazy. No, that’s pretty much it. It’s just Jhon.

[00:31:23] Josh Clemente: Jhon’s a champ,

[00:31:24] Sam Corcos: He thought our team was at least 30, 40 people. So I don’t know how many engineers he thought we had working on the app, but definitely a lot more than one.

[00:31:35] Josh Clemente: I love it. All right. So jumping into the story of the day, this is just a fairly light, but it’s my recap from this past weekend. I love camping and I had an opportunity to do a paddle-in and paddle-out with a couple of friends. One of which, Chase Brown here in the background, is on our medical advisory team. And so we got into the Delaware, we drove about 60 miles north of where I live, loaded up into the Delaware river and canoed about 15 miles down the river and pulled into a beautiful camping zone. You can see the private beach and the sunset on the right side that we were camping on and just hung out here and cooked some amazing steaks. It rained a little bit but generally the weather was just beautiful and the water kept it really cool, super clear water, which is not the case, adjacent to Philly. So the Delaware is much clearer further upstream. So we were swimming and just hanging out and it was an awesome time. But actually, the highlight for me, of the weekend was after dark, right on this stretch of river there, like a cold front came through. So it was cloudy and then around midnight the clouds cleared out and there were, the bend in the river was perfectly formed so that you could see three planets on the planetary plane, so it was Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars were all like super bright. Essentially the brightest objects in the sky. And so I just basically laid on those rocks with a beer or 2 and just stared up at the planets and stars for awhile. And it was a really nice relaxing weekend. And then next day we paddled-out and that was that. Just a cool opportunity to get in some mental rehab and hang out with some good people. And yeah, highly recommend camping, this is something that, if you don’t love it yet, I think just give it another shot. You probably will eventually find the right location for you. Water camping, I enjoyed much more than I expected. Yeah, that’s it. Short and sweet this week.

So we’ve got a little time for Q&A, otherwise we intentionally wanted to get through this one fairly quickly since it is 4th of July observed, so everyone can get on with their weekends. And so yeah, if there’s any big questions, anything anyone wants to mention right now, topics for conversation, please bring them up. All right. I think we have one action item on Slack, so we’re talking about VIPs, but other than that go enjoy your weekends and thanks for joining today’s meeting.