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In March we focused on developing our dashboard redesign intended to create a new canvas for the qualitative experience of what’s important now for each member. This included initial versions of an in-app education journey and program guide.

We also started developing features that give members insight into how the context of their day affects their glucose response, with our new Metabolic Score and the start of sleep details. We launched our automated Stripe subscription billing and began migrating existing subscribers to the new system.

Our Net Promoter Score in March was 63 (326 responses) vs. 62 in February.

🌅 Dashboard v2

Last month, we built the foundation for the new dashboard, and this month, we developed the elements inside of the new Home page: the top glance card, and sections for a guided experience for metabolic education and the Levels program. Our intent is that this new canvas will orient members more easily on what to think about during each day of the program and what’s relevant each moment.


🎓 Education Journey v1

Levels’ aim is to help people succeed in better health by helping them understand how their food choices affect their glucose response. From our early members it has become clear that people want to understand more about metabolic health and what it means related to their goals. To that end, we’re trying a new structured approach to the foundational concepts that help people get up to speed and get the most out of Levels.


🚶‍♀️ Program Journey (In-app) v2

A common theme from feedback is that members want to understand the Levels program better. To date, the program guide has been an embedded PDF file in a card on the dashboard. With this project, we’re taking the first steps toward an in-app guided program where members can see where they are in the program and situate themselves in context of what’s come before and what’s ahead. This feature will be launching in April.


📅 Day Score v2

The eng team started implementing the frontend components for the new Day Score, which is designed to be explainable so that members have context on which factors and associated food choices contributed to their score. We’ll be testing the concept and getting feedback in April.


😴 Sleep Details Page

Outside of food choices, sleep is a key contributing factor to glucose response. Currently, members can import sleep from Apple Health and Google Fit and visualize sleep on the dashboard graph, but they can’t see a full night view or get sleep-specific glucose metrics. Members have been asking for these capabilities, so we’re experimenting with a new sleep details page, which will launch in April.