August 7, 2020

Friday Forum is an All Hands meeting for the Levels team, where they discuss their progress and traction each week.


[00:00:00] Josh Clemente: All right, so, we’re gonna kick off. Welcome to Friday Forum, August 7th, 2020. Today I am grateful for, man, this is a tough one. Honestly, there are several things I’m grateful for at the moment. I think the biggest one is going to be time I spent this past week with my family. I have a grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and it’s always wonderful to spend time with her specifically, and then just around my family. I really appreciate them. They’re a huge part of my life. And came back with a renewed interest in solving the things we’re working to solve. I think I have a few things that run in my personal family, including Alzheimer’s, that I’m very concerned about. And I just don’t want to see anyone else go through what my grandmother going through. So I’m grateful for that understanding and just for having her now. So that’s not to bring the mood down, but that’s how I feel. All right, to kick off I want to welcome Jen Lou. She has an incredible background, and obviously, as you can tell, based on that picture, you can see that she’s done some really awesome stuff, too. I’m going to leave it to her to say a few quick words, but basically she came to us from Open Door. She’s got a background in theoretical particle physics which is something I cannot claim. So congratulations on an awesome career thus far, and we’re super excited to have you here on the data science and engineering team.

[00:01:13] Jen Lou: Hi. Yeah, I won’t read a slide but I have a pretty broad interest that I’m pretty excited to join a team. Talk to me about anything, really anything. But yeah.

[00:01:25] Josh Clemente: Awesome. Yeah, highly recommend everyone on the team should set up a call with her and dig into some deep topics. I’ve really enjoyed our conversations thus far, very wide ranging and love the perspectives that she brings. So I’m super excited to work together. And yeah, can’t say much more than that. It’s going to be fun. Thanks for joining. Okay. Is Molly on the call? There she is.

[00:01:48] Dr. Molly Maloof: Hi, I’m here.

[00:01:50] Josh Clemente: All right. I wanna intro Dr. Molly Maloof, she has joined us to help from a medical advisory perspective, to focus on regulatory strategy, brand representation, and clinical strategy. She’s got an extremely strong background in exactly the space that we’re focusing on. So basically extending health span, maximizing human potential, using health technology, and specifically personal health. And so I will hand it over to Dr. Molly to just say a few words.

[00:02:14] Dr. Molly: Hi everybody. I don’t know if you guys can see me or not. I can only see Levels. Did you want me to say hi visually or just talk?

[00:02:22] Josh Clemente: I think we, I can see you, yep.

[00:02:23] Dr. Molly: So I first put a CGM on like, at least 5 or 6 years ago, and it was like the beginning of what was called the quantified self-movement. And I discovered a long time ago that I actually was borderline pre-diabetic. And I was a physician working in the area of health optimization and I realized, “Oh my God, this is a huge issue.” And if I have a problem, then how many other people in the country have a problem? And so I started using it in my practice, and every single one of my clients who has ever had a CGM put on them has experienced dramatic insights and had life-changing ideas come from it. So I have worked with a few companies, at this point who been using CGM, most notably Sano Intelligence, where I was the director of clinical strategy. But thought about starting my own company in the space but decided to focus more on building my own personal brand and then building a bigger, a broader digital health clinic related to optimizing health and reducing mental health disturbances. So right now I’m really just excited to advise, because I see myself using Levels in my practice and with my brand and in my book and every other aspect of my career that I’m really promoting CGM and promoting blood sugar metabolism as that central tenant of health. I teach a course at Stanford, it starts in the spring, it’s a big part of my course. And that course is being turned into an online course, it’ll also be a big part of that course too. Hugely happy to be here, to be part of the team and helping you guys grow.

[00:03:51] Josh Clemente: Awesome, I really appreciate you sharing just thus far. We’ve gotten a ton of great interest. And I think our audiences are clearly perfectly aligned. So thanks, thanks for being a part of this. Any questions for Jen Lou or Molly?

All right. Moving into the recent achievements for the week. So this has been, again, it’s always hard to down select for what to put on this slide, but our waitlist exceeded 25,000. We’ve been averaging over 300 signups a day this week, which is just huge, given that we’re basically doing no real marketing of any kind. You can see the biggest thing for me every week is just monitoring how is the social proof coming in and what are the lengths that beta customers are going to document their findings? And this was another amazing week where people would, they’ve created threads with all of the findings. This is not just one magic moment, it’s many in the period of time that they’re using the product. And so Ina and Andrea, both posted some really interesting, personal anecdotes about how they’re just learning, things that are in some cases, counterintuitive, but in all cases, I think people are seeing the scale of the advice that they’ve been receiving. So it’s kinda hard to describe it. Like when you can see a handful of berries versus a blended acai berry bowl and see that, like the degree of metabolic dysfunction that the variable produces versus the delicious and wholesome berries that you can just pop in your mouth. I think it drives home the point that we’re supposed to be eating whole foods and that the more processing we put into these things, it’s not that more is better. And then of course I love Andrea’s anecdote here with the skinny margarita which, “Skinny is just advertising language. Clearly, there’s really nothing skinny about this.”, this response she saw nearly 200 milligrams per deciliter. These sorts of anecdotes are amazing. They really drive home the value proposition to people who are following along on Twitter and it’s expanding our reach amazingly. So please engage on Twitter, reach out, share your own anecdotes with these people as they share theirs and let’s keep the conversations going.

We’re continuing to get amazing interests on the around from blue-chip funds. Like, this is increasing continuously and Sam will, I’m sure, update us in his segment. But suffice to say, we’re talking to the top funds and as we approach our September raise I’m feeling very positive about it. Dom D’Agostino, PhD., one of my personal heroes in the space, is in conversation to join our research team. So he’s been using the product, he’s been sharing a ton on Instagram in particular, and he can clearly see the future for what we’re building. So more to come on that.

We’ve had tier one podcasters, directors at Equinox, UFC athletes, all joining the beta this week. Kyle Kingsbury being one example, he’s the director of human performance at On It, and also UFC legend. And so just a lot of amazing traction coming in from all directions. It’s hard to keep track of.

Internally, we launched the page. So this is going to be a big move in the direction of more self-serve onboarding, we’re transitioning away from the email-based onboarding. Eventually most of this will move into the app, but this /start page, it’s behind a login wall so we can really deliver some directed, individualized help when people are trying to get started and make this a really smooth and exciting experience. I want to call out David, amazing work on the V1 insight cards internally. I’m really stoked to see this rollout.  It’s going to be a paradigm shift in the app experience. So it’s going to bring, it’s going to surface insights that can help both with education, getting started, and then also with the, sort of digestion of the information that we’re giving people through the app. So this is going to be, once it launches, it’s going to be an ongoing process for the future of the app. But getting that zeroed to 1 is going to be really awesome.

And then a couple of cool things – we broke 4,000 followers on Instagram. We secured @Levels for Twitter. We’re going to also try and do that on Instagram and then convert them both together.

And then we had some awesome, just totally organic shout outs. This Conduit Market Maps article that showed up this week called us out as “particularly standing out among the nutrition and diet focus cohort of the next wave of wearables”. And I personally totally agree. Couple other anecdotes in here, Ben Bickman, PhD., he teaches metabolism and physiology at BYU. He’s very, he’s using the program, very excited, wants to be a part of it. We’ve had some folks from the Olympic commission and the top Paralympic swimmer are also joining. And then we got really good feedback on our submission for the Marine Corps Force Recon Wellness program. So pretty awesome week overall. Any questions on this?

[00:08:14] Dr. Casey Means: Another fun tweet that I liked this week was someone tweeted @Apple and said, “You guys should buy @UnlockLevels.”

[00:08:21] Josh Clemente: Yeah, do it now before they threaten your business.

[00:08:24] Speaker 1: Yeah, that was crazy.

[00:08:26] Josh Clemente: Yeah, that’s funny. Cool. Quick milestones – roll out pre-orders, get launch ready with the app feature set and experience design, and then secure the next gen hardware partnership. All of these I see as critical and large chunks of work that have to happen to make them fall in place. The pre-orders thing, we’re doing this right now through our beta. So we have, actually a backlog of over 400 orders for the beta that we’re going to be distributing through August, September, probably into October. But we also want to formalize our pre-order plans so that we can continue bringing in additional orders and, effectively giving people the information they need to know when their reservation or delivery date will arrive and just to manage expectations through communications. So we are a partially, I would say partway, to the pre-orders phase here. And then we will drop that bullet point.

Weekly beta trends – put in about 100 orders this past week and 57, of which, have shipped. And a shout out Lori, thank you for helping us churn through this. We’ve had, we’re still working on getting our EHR launched, which will automate the process of order fulfillment, but on the back end of every customer that receives a Levels kit is a lot of manual work. Mike and Lori in particular, are doing the lion’s share of that. Thanks to you all for keeping this moving. And we continue to make progress on EHR. Thank you, Andrew, for pushing that with True Pill. And I honestly can’t say anything more than, I can’t wait for that to launch. Sam.

[00:09:50] Sam Corcos: Yeah. So we’re, I updated this slide a little bit too. We have 2 1/2 million in cash. We’re getting ready for our larger September round. We have a short list of a few funds and partners that we’ve had really good discussions with. We’re going to start moving the ball forward with those. I also added some roles that we’re hiring for on this slide. So, head-of-ops, head-of-growth, head-of-clinical are the big three hires that we really need to solve for. We have good candidates for most of these. Right now we have a job description for head-of-ops. We’re working on the job description for the others. So keep those in mind if really great people, you have people in network, we’ll be distributing the job descriptions when they’re ready.

[00:10:31]Josh Clemente: Any questions on the financial team, biz dev? All right.

[00:10:40] Sam Corcos: We’ve got a couple more. We exceeded our revenue goal by about double last month. Just great. This is recognized revenue as well. We were able to support a lot more people than we originally anticipated. So we’re now in August, we’re on track. We need to put together a new SQL query that projects revenue based on people that we have currently scheduled on standby, so we can do better projections for that. But I have some time blocked off on Saturday to do that. Next slide.

These are, this is basically just the cash that we took in, on any given week. Still doing super well for this week on cash. We’re gonna pass our goal probably, another, once again.

[00:11:24] Josh Clemente: Yeah, these are weekly cash numbers. And it’s funny, I was thinking back to end of May, when our target was to exceed 15,000 for the month of May. And as you can see, we’re doing more than that weekly now, which is pretty shocking. Cause that was only, I don’t know, some number of weeks ago. All right, Casey. Our favorite portion.

[00:11:48] Dr. Casey Means:  Oh, thanks. It’s hard to follow these updates. This is so exciting, I’m so amped. Yes, a little bit of an SEO content press update – so on the left, last week we talked a little bit how when we converted over to the new website in mid July, we took a little hit on some of our SEO factors for reasons that were totally understandable. Google was a little confused about our switch and does not seem to be confused anymore, which is great. So our average position has bumped right back up, our clicks have gone up again, our impressions are moving up again and our click-through rate is also improving. So basically, everything’s back on track and the graph went down a little bit, it’s going up again, so that’s awesome. And just a fun, more qualitative metric on the right side here, just bear with your EDM music freak co-worker here, so we are obviously trying to dominate the search term “levels” in the search rankings. And unfortunately, fortunately or unfortunately, Avici, his, one of his most famous songs is Levels, so we have been constantly competing with his search rankings, but we are now above his Levels Wikipedia page. And so really, just his music videos are above us at this point. So we are now the number 1 search ranking above the Wikipedia page for Levels on Google. So that’s pretty exciting. So if someone puts the word in, Levels in Google, they’re going to see us. Next slide.

Here’s just some other fun graphs that sort of, I tracked during the week. So I’m looking at flow through the website on the left, just to give a little picture of this, basically, we can assess how, if someone lands on particular pages, how likely they are to go to our sign-up page and actually sign up. And the metrics here are just looking really good. So the drop-off rate for people who land on our blog is like 50%. So 50% of people who land on the blog are going to continue to other pages on the site. So that’s, that is pretty cool. For some pages on websites, it’s 3 or 4% stay on and move to another page. So people who hit our blog landing page, pretty much 50% are going to go and explore more of the site. So that’s pretty cool. And of 919 who land on the blog, 104 are going to go to our signup page. So that’s really good ratios. So just to say that there’s really cool ways to track this and just looking at each page and seeing what your most effective from this standpoint, as we guide our content strategy and figure out where we should double down on. As expected, things like Ultimate Guide to Metabolic Fitness, Ultimate Guide to Normal Glucose Levels, and weight-loss, and athletic posts all seem to perform really well in getting people to want to sign up.

In terms of our channels of people coming to our website, it’s pretty split between organic search, social referral, emails. It’s really nice to see though, that organic search is a full 25% of the people who come to our page. And then on the bottom, just looking at active users over time, continuing to go up and the slope of the line is looking good. What’s that?

[00:14:33] David: Sorry, Sam, go ahead.

[00:14:34] Sam Corcos: What is referral? What does that mean? I don’t know what that means?

[00:14:38] Dr. Casey Means: Refers to a link that someone got that comes to our site, generally. David, do you have any?

[00:14:43] David: Yeah, it’d be like someone posted a blog post about us. So like the Eight Sleep blog or it could also be, I believe advertising would also fall in that bucket. It depends on how it’s structured.

[00:14:53] Tom: I’m curious about the email one though. Is that, how are people finding out about us through email? Is that the….

[00:14:58] Dr. Casey Means: Newsletter. But also if someone sends a link through email about Levels it will register us as email. Next slide.

Okay, so this slide I love, cause it’s getting crazy and basically, we need a bigger slide. So our podcast traction is insane. This is all, I had to take podcasts off from last week, that have either been, have aired, but this is basically all stuff that we currently have scheduled or have recorded and has not launched. The middle section here is all new podcasts that we’re booked this week. Some of which are like, top, tier-one podcasts. Like multi-thousand reviews on Apple podcasts. And then we had Josh’s 20-minute Fitness air this week. Some really cool stuff here. And we are just, get ready to hear Josh and I talk a lot about metabolic fitness over the next couple months. So pretty much all of these are happening in August and September and the pipeline is just on. We will continue to see a lot more of this. And it’s very exciting. And I think, speaking, I can probably speak for Josh on this as well, but like, when we talk to hosts about this stuff, like usually by the end of the podcast, they’re just like, “How do I get it? How do I do this? I can’t wait to get this on.” So the amped up nature by the end of these conversations is very exciting. And I think, very genuine excitement from the hosts. Yeah, we’ll just keep you guys updated on this.

[00:16:16] Josh Clemente: Yeah, special shout out to Alex Cunningham. If you’re listening to this Friday Forum, thank you for the help on this, the traction this week was killer. And he helped big time there.

[00:16:24] Dr. Casey Means: Yeah. Alex Cunningham is incredible. He’s made some really strong intros, just with really, such thoughtful nuanced connections, really appreciate that. And then of course, Tom Griffin and Nick from our team has just been so helpful in this. So major shout out to our network. This is like, such an amazing team effort. And we’re just really grateful, thank you.

[00:16:47] David: 20-minute Fitness podcast is awesome too. I was really well done.

[00:16:50] Dr. Casey Means: Really strong, yeah. So just some blog updates – we have really been leveraged, like really leaning in on and doubling down on user testimonials. On the left is a list of all our customers who have been willing to do interviews for us. We’ve completed those interviews and those are going to be rolled out on the blog basically, each week. Look forward to those. We’ve got a lot of great fitness content coming down the pipeline that’s been written and it’s going to be launching soon. We also just have a number of content collaboration and research conversations happening. A lot of organic inbound interests to partner with us for content and all of this can help with brand awareness and brand credibility, but also really help with our back linking. So, I’ve got a conversation with Forbes on Monday, we’re talking with Whoop, The Cusp, Lief Therapeutics about different projects. We’re being featured in Entreprenista. We have quite a few content opportunities in play with Spartan. We’re going to be featured in their site as the experts on glycaemic and all things glycaumic index for their content. And then we’re chatting with AI for Good, it’s a UN sub-division that’s going to be featuring us, as well. So lots of really exciting stuff. One fun thing on the Forbes and Lief Therapeutics thing here, so a Forbes writer, John Cumbers, he is a Levels customer and also an advisor for the company Lief. And he’s basically, put together 5 founders of different companies who all have Lief and Levels. And so, like the CEO of Casper, me, the CEO of Lief, and he’s basically going to be doing a piece on taking the data from all of our CGM and Lief data and doing an article about that. That’s a fun, cool thing that’ll be coming up. So yeah, any questions on any of those? Okay. On to David.

[00:18:39] David: I can’t wait to get my Lief, I ordered one myself.

[00:18:40] Dr. Casey Means: Oh, great. It’s interesting.

[00:18:43] David: All right. First up in new features this week I wanted to shout out, we got the new start page and Josh mentioned that earlier, but that’s a great step forward. Congratulations, Nick, on this. This is a huge improvement from what we had, and now users contextually, whether they have just ordered and don’t have their package yet, their packages arrived and they’re all excited, or they’ve already applied a sensor and ready to get started with Levels, can pick a path that fits them and get step-by-step instructions with animated videos on how to progress through the flow. It’s a big improvement, as well as a quick way to reach out for help if they need it. So you can check that out if you want at and we’re going to be continuing to improve this iteratively as we go. Next slide.

That’s supposed to be an animation, but I guess it didn’t load. Following up on our week over week scale 10 X efforts, we also launched the weekly report moving from calendar day, Monday, to being based on the week of “your week” in the Levels program. Based on you as a customer. So great work on that Jeremy. There’s a bunch of stuff that had to happen on the back end to make that go live but it’s pushed, it’s happening, and customers are getting their week-1 email, 8 days after they start. They’re week-2 email, 15 days etc…. so they can actually see the week over week changes, paired with our program guidance. The other big thing we were doing is trying to embrace the delays that we may face. If we say, take on 1000 new customers at once from Ben Greenfield, so making sure the app doesn’t feel broken as you go through it. And you’ll see here, the progression from the last 3 weeks, originally just the concept mock in Figma on the left, and then Jhon’s initial work, changing some of the underlying native libraries for charts, which are super hard to modify. And then, right now I’m testing an in-progress version of it that is super beautiful and is working very well. So hopefully later today you’ll all get a build push where you can try it out too. And then we can test it and if all goes well, launch it next week.

Let’s see, Hao’s been working on some improvements to our backend data sinking capabilities and I’m really looking forward to that. That’s going to be a huge win for our customers as well. And then a couple of things that are gonna be happening, next in this area, are automating the program emails that Mike sends. So Mike, Josh mentioned how heroic his and Lori’s efforts are around keeping the flywheel turning with customer ops. One of the big things is Mike manually sends all the customer program emails, like what to expect in week-2, what to expect in week-3. And Sam’s done some work on this, Jeremy is going to continue this effort I think, but to automate those emails that Mike is sending so that customers get, not only their weekly report, but their weekly program guidance, on time, when they expect it. And then finally, it’s been a long time coming, but we’re about to start work on the insights framework and shifting the app much more towards action oriented. Contextually relevant information that will help you close the loop on your behavior changes or give you the appropriate education that you need in the moment you need it to understand what you’re seeing. And that’s going to be a big change, both on the backend and front-end. We’ll have to re-work the way the front-end works. It’s going to be much more based on these cards and modules that are dynamic and based on a whole bunch of different states that we can prepare for you. And then on the backend, coming up with the system that will serve that, and then a pipeline for all these eligible insights, surfacing the best ones. So exciting to see that come about. Next slide.

Just previewing a bit of taste for this – it’s probably hard to read right now, but the first effort that will launch and be one for this inside framework is the education and program scenarios. These are a bit simpler because they’re going to be based on the day of your program, not dynamic based on some event that happens in your glucose data. So you can imagine, we predefined on day-1 you’ll get some basic education material, on day-7 you’ll get a card that says “here’s what to expect with week-2”, things like that. So we’re working through the details on what is the order of these cards? When do they change? When do they disappear? And if you want, you can dive into the whimsical link included here. Next slide.

I just wanted to call out one other cool thing that will be enabled with this backend driven cards framework, is that, we can come up with really relevant states. So you can imagine, if you don’t have glucose data and you didn’t yesterday, we might sense that maybe your sensor fell off. And so we could give you a card that says, “Hey, did your central fall off?” Reach out to us.” Or we could say, give you another card that says, “Would you like to go to your most recent day with glucose?” You can imagine, if you open up the Levels app 4 months after you started it or 4 months after you finished it, but you wanted to show your friends about it. Opening the Levels app today would be blank, tomorrow it could be “jump to your most recent day with glucose” so you quickly show your friends. Things like that. Next slide. I think that’s it actually. Yeah, that’s it from my side. Any questions?

[00:23:05] Josh Clemente: Exciting. Thanks everyone on eng and product.

[00:23:11] Andrew: I think most of this is reproduced. Yeah, calling out Gabriel starting on Monday, so everyone wish him a warm welcome and start. I’ll coordinate the greeting and stuff like that. I think, basically everything else has been covered and Evan sent a snazzy graph showing a glucose based on time of day. So we see like, nice little meal bumps and stuff like that. It’s pretty interesting. Yeah, I think that’s probably the most relevant stuff to cover.

[00:23:36] Josh Clemente: Man, look at that dawn effect, it’s a global pandemic of dawn effects. Cool. Any questions on any of the stuff we’ve just covered? Product, engineering, data. All right. It’s getting into the individual contribution section. We’re gonna try and make it through everyone this week. Just a heads up, in future weeks, as the team continues to grow, we want to make sure that this meeting moves quickly. So we might do a random selection week by week so we can still have more content to our shares. So I’m going to kick it over to Mike for something he’s excited about.

[00:24:10] Mike: Yeah, so definitely, so much to be excited about and just, the continued progress and the experience. I’m really excited for the educational insight cards. I definitely think that they’re going to be a huge value add to our users. And then, since I’m like the closest to the users, I do like to share some of the awesome conversations, briefly. Like one yesterday, speaking to someone, she’s been struggling with insulin resistance and has been using, like a nutritional coach. And she’s, “Yep, after my first week with Levels, I fired my nutrition coach because I now have insight that they could never have. And I now understand the changes that I need to make to live a better life.” So it’s pretty awesome to hear things like that.

[00:24:53] Josh Clemente: Definitely. That’s awesome. Hao.

[00:24:58] Hao: Yeah, personally, hockey is back. So I’ve been watching hockey for the past week. It’s pretty interesting to watch. Hockey is, like there are no crowds in the rink, so it’s pretty fun.

[00:25:13] Josh Clemente: How do you think the game play is? Is it better, worse, or the same?

[00:25:16] Hao: Yeah, I don’t see the difference actually. It’s just the same, I would say.

[00:25:21] Josh Clemente: [00:25:21] Okay, that’s good. Cool. Jhon.

[00:25:26] Jhon: Yeah, this week I had some issues with the, charting diagram we are using in the mobile app. And I spent more time than expected fixing some annoying performance issues. Luckily, I found the solution yesterday, so yeah, I’m happy. I’m happy for finding the solution and hopefully we will release this new feature too. Intel starts today, or next Monday. Personally, today is another holiday here, I keep getting amazed that there are so many holidays here. Today we aren’t doing anything special here at home so I will just work.

[00:26:02] Josh Clemente: Cool, enjoy. For myself, I was particularly excited by a few things that happened this week. First of all, I got my Whoop strap and I’ve started to really get in the groove of using that. And learning some cool stuff about my recovery that my Garmin watch wasn’t picking up. I definitely need to make some changes for my sleep to get that bumped up, but it’s cool to have the data. And then the interest from Ben Bikman and Dom D’Agostino is really fantastic, in my opinion, in particular. And I’m really hopeful that with all the attention, Molly joining, and these others potentially joining the research, we can start to publish from our data sets sooner than maybe otherwise expected and through very well published experts. And it’s, just awesome to see the traction with these types of people. Just simply by giving them the product, basically without any additional context, and then looping back in with them two weeks later, it’s sold itself essentially, and they can see the vision. That’s amazing. So I’m very excited for that. Casey.

[00:27:00] Dr. Casey Means: Yeah, oh, so much to be excited about. So I’m super excited about Jen Lou joining this week, and so happy about Molly joining as well. Just very exciting team growth. Also excited by how the tone of the podcast outreach conversations are changing over time. So, I feel like there was this, sort of inflection point this week, where like all of a sudden, it’s just becoming a lot easier to seal these deals on the podcast. Yeah, it’s one of those compounding interest things and I’m just, it’s very exciting. I am, personally, am going camping this weekend up in Washington state and super excited to get outdoors and sleep in a tent.

[00:27:40] Josh Clemente: Nice.

[00:27:41] Evan: So, on a personal note, I’m currently on day 4 of no power, which has been mostly extremely frustrating, but also has its surprising benefits. During the days I’ve been where I’m at right now, which is my brother’s fiance’s parent’s house. They’re currently out of town and I’m here alone, which is a little bit weird. But it’s been nice at night, just spending my nights, like in candlelight. And I’ve been doing a one hour walk every night after dinner, and then I get to bed at 09:30. So, I think my Whoop score is a bit intimidating, Josh and Mike, a  little bit, to be totally honest. So I’m sorry about that. But there’s been a lot of up-side there.

[00:28:17] Josh Clemente: Yeah, it’s been, the recovery score, it’s been devastating for my self-esteem.

[00:28:23] Tom: Mid 90’s today. I’m sure you guys saw that. And then professionally, just quickly, as Casey mentioned earlier, that Alex Cunningham or Josh had made a bunch of introductions and it’s just been really cool to work with him pretty closely on a week to week basis and just figure out how we can most strategically help one another. He’s certainly been helping me more than I’ve helped him, but helping him as well. And it’s just been cool to watch this sort of network of generosity and reciprocity grow. We’re part of building that community in the health and fitness space, which has been exciting.

[00:28:53] Josh Clemente: Totally awesome. Lori, are you on the call? Okay, I don’t think so. Sam.

[00:29:01] Sam Corcos: Yeah, I was, I had one prepared, but I’m gonna have to change it. The fact that 25% of our traffic now is coming from organic search is pretty extraordinary. That’s, we’ve only been doing, we’ve only been really pushing SEO and content for a few months now. And we’re already seeing, like world-class level inbound from organic, which is pretty awesome. We’re catching up very quickly to people who’ve been doing this for many years. The thing I was originally going to say is, I got this new app Clubhouse, which is the hot new, like a social app. A lot of VCs and other founders are on it. And I was just like randomly jumping through channels and so far, already twice this week, they were talking about Levels when I got into the room and they’re like, “Oh man, the CEO just joined. We need to bump up to a speaker.” And they started asking me questions about, like business model, “Okay, sure.” So yeah, people are talking about us, it’s pretty exciting.

[00:29:55] Dr. Casey Means: Also SEO, one thing I just, I was realizing after I finished talking, was that there are 2 green wedges on that little search thing and the, so this might’ve been confusing. The big green wedge is direct traffic, 25. Email is only 0.63%. So that’s like this fine, like this minute little wedge in there. So, since that was a little bit confusing, just thought I’d throw that in there.

[00:30:20] Josh Clemente: Nice. Nick.

[00:30:21] Nick: Yeah. Hi, happy Friday everyone. Professionally, bunch of stuff. One thing is, pushing, which is one of the first things I spent time on. Now that we actually are pushing it, we’re pushing the redesigned cards, we’re getting ready to push the, getting ready for Levels’ email series. Which I think takes the science and really distills it to something that a very interested amateur could understand very intuitively, that the basics of metabolic science. And now starting to push the improved comms flow, that’s been, I think we have a 26 page Google doc now, that’s going to actually be able to move that into postmarked. That’s going to be really exciting because it just, from end to end, from the experience of signing up for the wait list, all the way through installing the app and using it, and then, ultimately, getting into the wonderful improvements we’ve made to the app. I’m really excited to see what that does for the customer experience. And obviously, since that’s at the beginning of the journey, it’s going to be really tough to know for several weeks, the effect of that. But I’m excited, because I think, it’s a material improvement over what we had before, which was a webpage telling people to check their email and cards with a lot of information on it and all that. So really pumped that this is going to create a really graceful on-ramp onto the product. Also excited about the fact, that after a lot of very late nights with WordPress contractors, with mixed quality, found someone who I like. Going to be handing that off to David after this. And lastly, excited about all the progress Tom and I have made with getting the affiliate stuff up and running and looking forward to finally selecting a vendor and preparing the materials for that. On a personal note, tonight I’m having Shabbat dinner with my parents and my girlfriend’s parents. So that’s going to really nice, ordering from a deli around here, I’m pretty pumped about that. So, should be really good and should be a really fun weekend. And that’s my update.

[00:31:57] Sam Corcos: Nick, you’re forgetting about the news with Philo. Is that not going to come up?

[00:32:01] Nick: Oh, yeah. I co-founded a company after college, we announced this week that we have 750,000 subscribers paying us 20 bucks a month. And everything, those numbers have been very closely held secrets, so every time somebody asks me how’s Philo doing, I have to smile and give a dubious answer. But yeah, I feel pretty good about the company my buddy and I started after college.

[00:32:25] Josh Clemente: That’s awesome. Congratulations.

[00:32:27] Nick: And you should all subscribe, $20 bucks for a phenomenal package. I think the 750,000 plus, 15 give or take, you could really move the needle here, guys.

[00:32:38] Josh Clemente: That’s awesome. Congrats.

[00:32:39] Nick: Free 7-day trial, I think no credit card required.

[00:32:43] Evan: What is it?

[00:32:44] Nick: Oh, P H O, I guess it’s not available in Canada. It’s an online streaming service for television channels. And its low cost because it doesn’t have sports or broadcast. So, for the 50% of people or so don’t care about sports or broadcast, it’s the best value in television.

[00:32:59] Evan: Oh, interesting.

[00:33:01] Dr. Casey Means: I’m your target customer. That’s perfect.

[00:33:03] Nick: Let me know what you think.

[00:33:05] Josh Clemente: Always be selling always. Nice. Very cool. Any last minute questions before we call it?

[00:33:15] Dr. Casey Means: Meeting is always the height of the week. Thank you so much, Josh, for leading. This is fabulous.

[00:33:20] Josh Clemente: Thanks everybody for contributing and for killing it this week. And yeah, have a great rest of your Friday and weekend and we’ll be in touch.