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Investor team,

April was an exciting month on a number of fronts. We pushed a number of substantial updates to our product and we’re starting to see meaningful traction with our content and SEO strategy. We see customers posting on social about their excitement with the Levels experience daily (check out @unlocklevels) and our waitlist continues to grow—exceeding 10k by the end of April.

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April was a big month for product improvements. We focused on providing a seamless user journey in which the user knows what action to take during the onboarding period (app setup and initial education about metabolism), making the app simple to understand (through a variety of visual affordances on the glucose charts and scores), and providing a valuable takeaway from the 28-day program through an in-app summary report (based on what we learned users loved from the early beta reports).

Zones: Lifestyle decisions don't happen in a vacuum; a snack, a nap, and a workout each have a metabolic effect on their own, but when these decisions happen close together their effects combine in ways that make the results hard to understand. Zone Scores are Levels' way of capturing and informing you of these multi-factor effects. By analyzing all logged activities that take place within proximity of one another, a Zone Score can provide a grade for the combined effect of your decisions. See more demos and full explanation in our release overview.


Activity Catalog: The place to see all your meals ranked and quickly find the best and worst ones. Think of it as your personal meal menu, showing what’s worked for you and what hasn’t across your meals logged with Levels. It’s the first step we’re taking toward giving users a tangible, valuable asset to take away from the Levels Metabolic Fitness Program, and there’s much more to come here in May with daily, weekly, and monthly reports.


Self-serve onboarding: We deployed the first iteration of a self-serve onboarding process, shifting from a mandatory video call to a getting started guide website and email that connects the journey from unboxing to website to getting started with the app. The initial pilot with customers was well received, and we’ll be continuing to improve the onboarding process in May further freeing up ops time and allowing us to scale our efforts.

Simplified scoring: Scores are now colored to indicate the relative goodness/badness at a glance, and scaled to 0-10 (instead of 0-100) to prevent confusion with glucose numbers.


Score explanation pages: We’ve received feedback that the scores and data values we’re providing are not intuitive and that we need to provide additional context for what the values mean. Users can now tap a score to see an explanation of what it means.


Chart coloring: We also received feedback that our app did not make it obvious enough what was “good” or “bad” on the primary glucose chart. We updated the glucose line color to indicate metabolic impact at a glance (red for higher values, blue for lower values) and it has been well received.


Copy past logs: Another commonly requested feature is to add the ability to copy past logs. Many customers eat the same thing on a regular basis and find it tedious to take a picture and annotate the same thing several times, so we added the ability to copy past logs within the camera view.