The Perfect Iced Tea

Iced tea is a simple, refreshing soda alternative. Here is our favorite equipment and flavors of tea.


Iced tea is an excellent summer refresher alternative to soda and other sugary drinks. It’s simple to make in big batches, there are dozens of flavors to choose from, and some teas even have metabolic benefits. The key to getting the best iced tea is in the details: the equipment, temperature, and steep times can all noticeably impact the end flavor. Here’s our favorite approach to iced tea, courtesy of friend of Levels, Daniel Erem.

The Best Equipment

  • Large Format Diffuser: I recommend the Spice Filter, Stainless Steel. You can find it here.
  • Large Jug with Spigot: I find the 2-Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser works perfectly. You can purchase it here.

Preparation Steps

  1. Fill half of the diffuser with your chosen tea. Place it in the 2-gallon jug.
  2. Heat 2.4 liters of water to 160°F and pour it into the 2-gallon jug with the tea.
  3. Let steep for around 10 minutes. (Each tea has a different ideal steeping time, so experiment with longer or shorter times to suit your taste.)
  4. Fill the jug to the top with room-temperature water and place it in the fridge.

Tea Recommendations

My favorite teas for this recipe are rooibos, peppermint, and especially this peach hibiscus.