Metabolic Health

Metabolic HealthA Performance Dietitian’s perspective on CGM: a critical tool for dialing in sleep, exercise, nutrition, and energy

A Performance Dietician's experience using Levels: personal discoveries and takeaways for a coaching practice.

Metabolic HealthHow Levels Founder Josh Clemente mastered his energy levels with glucose tracking and CGM

Levels Founder Josh Clemente, a former SpaceX engineer, used engineering principles to understand and control his glucose levels. In this interview, he describes how improving his metabolic health with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) revolutionized his energy levels and wellbeing, and inspired him to start Levels.

Metabolic HealthHow sleep impacts metabolic health and glucose levels

Sleep quality and quantity both strongly impact glucose regulation. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) can help track how sleep impacts metabolic health, and highlight opportunities for optimization.

Metabolic HealthWhat does it mean if I had two glucose spikes after a meal? "Biphasic spikes" explained

Some individuals notice on their continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that they have two distinct glucose peaks after a meal. In this post, we discuss the science of these "biphasic spikes."

Metabolic HealthWhat should your glucose levels be? Here's the ultimate guide to healthy blood sugar ranges

It's difficult to find information about what glucose levels to strive. We scoured the research literature to determine "what's normal," and give further insights into what levels might be optimal for good health.

Metabolic HealthThe power of personalized data: a conversation with Todd Rose

Interview with Todd Rose, author of "The End of Average," Co-Founder of Populace, and Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Metabolic Health12 glucose lowering strategies to improve metabolic fitness

A review of 12 strategies that have been shown in research studies to improve glucose levels in the body. This article offers ideas to consider as you explore your personal data using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and Levels.

Metabolic HealthWhat alcohol does to glucose levels

How continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) can unlock insights into how alcohol affects your body and long term health goals.

Metabolic HealthWhat is Metabolic Fitness?

Introducing the little known prerequisite for achieving physical fitness and long term health.


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