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by Dave Asprey

Levels tracks your blood glucose in real time, so you can optimize your diet, exercise, and recovery. Unlock your metabolic health and join Levels today.

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Levels is a non-negotiable part of my long-term anti-aging plan. Having real data at my fingertips makes it much easier to choose better foods every day.

Dave Asprey

“I’ve been tracking my blood glucose on and off since 1997, but it’s always been a real pain. I’ve never gained as much knowledge about my metabolism as I have since I started using Levels. Now I know how my body responds to every food I eat, fasting, exercise, and sleep.”

Dave Asprey

One body, multiple inputs.

Introducing Zone Scores.

Zone Scores show your body's reaction to food and exercise–so you can tune your diet to optimize your health.

Are you fueling correctly?

Metabolism is life.

Metabolism regulates our sleep, our appetite, our weight, and our energy levels.

Levels helps you maximize your metabolic health so you can live a longer, fuller, healthier life.

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Metabolic Basics

The ultimate guide to metabolic health

Monitor your metabolic health in real-time with the Levels program.



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Structured Analysis

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Along with real-time data, we’ll compile a comprehensive report each month, containing actionable steps for optimizing your health.

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Levels CGM

Your Levels continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a small, discreet device that you install painlessly on your arm. It measures your blood glucose in real-time.

Levels App

The Levels app is your intelligent metabolic coach. By studying your food and exercise, the Levels app can show you how your fitness and dietary choices affect your metabolism, and give you ways to improve your health.


As you go through the Levels program, you’ll get a comprehensive weekly and 28-day report. We’ll show you progress, best and worst foods, where you rank in the general population, and what to do next.

Your metabolism's heartbeat.

Everybody has fitness goals. Whether you’re tuning your diet, optimizing your exercise, or just trying to stay healthy, monitoring your glucose with Levels can help.


Your metabolism is unique. Your favorite “healthy” foods may be causing blood sugar spikes and mid-day energy crashes that hold you back from peak performance.


For peak athletic performance, fueling your body is everything.

Levels helps you eat the right foods at the right times to help you optimize your fitness performance, gains, recovery, and overall mental clarity.


Levels gives you a direct view into how your food and lifestyle affect your blood sugar so you can personalize your diet and optimize your metabolic health.

Levels helps you find your optimal diet.

With Levels, you can see exactly how your diet affects blood sugar, so you can tune what, when, and how much you eat to match your metabolism. By choosing foods that don’t cause large post-meal glucose spikes, you’ll be able to optimize your diet for better mental clarity and performance, greater fitness gains, and faster recovery.

I would have gone on eating steel cut oats forever, thinking I was being ‘healthy’, despite feeling terrible each morning: shaky hands, fatigue, lack of mental clarity. Thankfully, I was able to tap into the truth about what this was doing to me, and make the simple dietary change my body needed.

Sam, 36, is an entrepreneur. Each morning he ate a bowl of steel cut oats, widely considered a healthy breakfast. This would cause his insulin levels to spike, resulting in shaky hands and a feeling of tiredness and hunger.

By continually monitoring his glucose levels, Sam was able to quickly discover this food didn’t react well with his individual metabolism. Switching to lower insulin breakfast foods, like eggs, helped him feel clearer, more alert and more satiated.

Calories are your body’s energy currency.

With a Levels continuous glucose monitor (CGM), you can understand your metabolic flexibility by seeing your body’s glucose levels before, during and after a workout. By personalizing your fueling strategy, Levels can help you increase your metabolic flexiblity and help you find the foods that are right for you.

Before a run, I’d scarf down a protein bar or whatever was quick and easy. Some runs were great but on others I felt totally depleted. By learning what my diet was doing to my body, I’ve now optimized what I eat before and after runs, so I’m always getting the most out of my workout and at peak performance. I’ve even cut 20 seconds off my mile times.

Susan, 45, is a law firm partner, mother of 3, and 8-time marathon finisher. By continually monitoring her glucose levels with her pre-run and post-run meals, she was able to see how specific foods were affecting her body on a physiological level.

This helped her dial in her diet around workouts and avoid the energy depletion she was occasionally feeling. Susan recently hit a new personal best marathon time in Boston last year.

Get your body performing at its peak.

our glucose levels matter. Chronically elevated blood glucose levels and post-meal spikes in blood sugar increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, liver cirrhosis, obesity, cancer and more. By controlling your diet, you can control your blood sugar.

I always knew I needed to be healthier, to exercise and to eat better. But I never had the drive. Now I have hard numbers and real-time feedback to confirm whether what I’m eating is right or not. It’s incredibly helpful, and it’s even more motivating.

Dan, 62, is a business executive, slightly overweight and with high blood pressure that runs in his family. For years, he had been told by his doctors to eat better and exercise more. But diet always felt like an abstract concept detached from any of his health conditions.

Levels allowed him to immediately see the results of what his diet was doing to his body in real-time, empowering him to take control of his health and create a metabolic eating plan personalized to his body and life.

Get the most out of your body by knowing how to fuel it.

Levels is changing the
way people live their lives.

Meet the Levels founders.

Monitor your metabolic fitness and take control of your health.


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